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Friday, March 21, 2008

Awwwww how sweet!

And it's not even Valentine's Day. (Hey did I mention I'm scared of spiders.)


Desmond said...

i'm too scared of spiders :(

kornikabrosalvaje said...

I hate too much the fucking spiders!!!

kornikabrosalvaje said...

I hate too much the fucking spiders!!!

kanahina said...

Not a fan of spiders either, although I prefer them to Hawaii's B52 roaches!

I can't believe we have to wait until April 24 for more LOST! But, then again, at least the strike ended so that we could get more LOST!

oh pook said...

OMGosh~ Jorge
THAT is terrifying looking! Ewwww! yuck!

litlnemo said...

Yikes, scared of spiders. That is one flaw to Hawaii -- there are some serious BUGS there!

Ashley C. said...

First thing in the morning, I step out of the shower and there was a HUGE spider blocking my path.

and now this?

my anxiety is going to be up today!

bertas said...

Itsy bitsy spiders I can handle... those giant hairy ones scare the crap out of me... ever since that bleeding Harry Potter giant spider thingy...tsss

Please Type Legibly said...

OK, let's review the rules here. If they're small, I'll take care of them. But if they're big enough to crunch when you squash them, it's the man's job (yuck, btw). Jorge, you're on your own....LOL (And yes, I know it's dead already).

chefmom said...

HOLY Spider, Batman!!! My husband would freak!! One year, I hide these huge, real looking spiders in the gutters when he was cleaning out the leaves on the roof. I know, sounds like I was trying to kill him, but we live in a ranch so he wouldn't have had far to fall. Anyway, he FREAKED and was throwing leaves and fake spiders everywhere. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. I like your girlfriends sense of humor!!

redelf said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! That is a huge freaking spider!!!!
I hate spiders with a passion..and I do the typical girl thing of squealing which gives my kids no end of delight.
My damn husband has a HUGE Taranula as a pet too. I hate that freaking spider!!!! You would think after living with the creep thing for eight years I would be over it...but no I still hate spiders.

Nino Divine said...

Hey Jorge, first time I post (from Denmark)..

Just wanted to say that she seems like a keeper ;)

groovymom said...

OK - can't be 100% sure - due to your location. But it looks like a Wolf spider to me. They are SO scary looking & so big, but basically harmless. If you come across another one, get a broom/dust mop, put it close by it and see if you can get it to climb up it, or put a glass over it & slide a piece of paper under it. Then you can take it outside.

I've had success w. both methods - but I do a pretty funny looking "screamy jog" as I work my way to the back door with the dust mop. If I'm very lucky - someone else is home to open that door for me!!!

You might want to do a google check to make sure it's a Wolf spider - vs. something dangerous.

Mary said...

I think you should name it Paolo. ;-)

Shawn said...

So lets review...Nipple on your pork belly, plush warship, giant freakn' spider...You've had a very interesting past few days....:)

gjulleen said...

My brother once put his *live* pet tarantula in my shoe. I hate spiders.

James Hernandez said...


Better you than me. I hate spiders. I had a gargantuan jumping spider in my apartment a few weeks back. I think they are called jumping spiders for how high I jumped when I saw it. Geez... small ones I can deal with, the bigger ones I give an urgent burial at sea!

Jennifer said...

Eek! I don't "do" spiders. I have a bug vacuum, so they get vacuumed up, and then flushed down the toilet. If I ever meet one too big for the bug-vac... I don't know. I guess I'll just pass out and let it eat me.

Topanga said...

I like spiders in my house. I figure they eat dust mites and other yuckier critters and whatnot. Here's an entry I made on my photoblog last week.


Britt said...

Looks like it would make a fine brooch. Just run a pin through it and attach it to your favorite shirt.

Unknown said...

jogre tu blog me gusta mucho!!!
saludos de colombia

Honeybell said...

At least he was dead? *shudders*

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Is that real?

Who's the female in this relationship?? LOL

Is it sync'd yet? said...

That looks like good eat'n dude.


elainemarieg said...

That is really sweet! That spider is adorable! ;)

Lynn Faruque said...

That one looks like it'd hurt like crap~~~~.

Ok, now listen~~~after that episode last night I gotta wait till April 24?!

How am I supposed to be calm enough to do THAT after seeing you in the preview saying "We're all gonna die." Huh? Did I ever tell you how addicted to the show that I am? lol


Hoku said...

It is a common cane spider, probably a young adult, as I have seen many that are larger! I even was bit by one on the back of the hand once. My hand swelled up like yours did when you were stung by the bee. It hurt, but it is nowhere near as bad as a centipede bite! Be careful cuz they like to get into cars. Several times I stopped in traffic and jumped out when I saw one in my car! Here are some pics and some info on them:


Ali said...

i would leave the country if i found that in my house

Unknown said...

Holy cow - when I saw that picture I got dizzy and a little nauseous. Ewwwwww... I suspect the little woman is trying to kill you by giving you an aneurysm or something.

Just Julie said...

Oh no...NO NO NO! I would freak the hell out if I saw that in my house.

Lissa101 said...

Sooo sweeeeet! ...guess you better watch your back around there! LOL! ;o)

Actually, it's hard to find anything freaky after that pork belly nipple! Ewwwwwww!

Tiffany Noélli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany Noélli said...

Hi, Dear Jorgeeeee... "Happy Easter" Desejo tudo de melhor a você, e sua família nessa data! Achei bem divertido seu post... rsrsrs... Você sempre escreve coisas com muito bom humor aqui! Entra no meu myspace: (www.myspace.com/tiffanynoelli) Vai ser legal ter você lá!Kissessssssssssss do brazil... =)

Chase Squires said...

OFF TOPIC: Dude, you ever watch Hulu.com?

It's pretty cool. It used to be beta, and you had to get an invite (took me for-ever) but anyway, now it's wide open ... Mimai Vice reurns, plus new stuff ... You should watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, if you don't already, it's right up your alley, I met those guys at the TCA stuff a few years ago, (I met you too, dude, you're much, much taller than I thought) ... anyway.

There's that. I'm not a TV critic any more.

And other dudes, check out Hulu ... way excellent.

Plumeria Web Design said...

OMG I think I would pass out from the fear.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Hey Jorge!

UGH!!! I hate spiders too, if I found this spider in my house you would hear me screaming in Hawaii ! ^^

Fortunately, we don't have spiders like that in France...I hope so... xD

Bye, Eva

PS: Last episode of Lost was awesome <3 Don't want to wait =(

Miss Scarlett said...

What a nightmare!

I just took kids on a field trip to the Aquarium and there was a palm sized spider crawling up the outside of the glass. I quickly averted my eyes and ushered the kids out of there before they could see it.

Turns out there is a full on eco-system at work there and the spider is one of many that roam free in the tropical section. Harmless they told me.

Tell that to my racing heart complete with palpitations!


kornikabrosalvaje said...

Jorge, you never write in your comments?

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice to find that there...not (shudder) I am a-scairt of spiders too!yohuss54

Anonymous said...

Haha wow that is amazing! I hate spiders as well. She's so sweet! :-D

Razz said...

Jorge, hablás español? Qué bueno que tengas un blog que te aleje de la isla y te acerque a "esta isla" :)
Que sigan los buenos augurios.
Desde Argentina!

Kris said...

If I saw someting like that in my house, I'd have a panic/heart attack.

morgane said...

I love the series, I love your character, sayd and Mr echo...my 3 favourites.... by the way i am from portugal, have you been here???
best regards and a nice easter

Rosemary Bats said...

Oh, man. I normally don't mind spiders, but if I saw that thing crawling around my house, I would probably freak out a little.

SO, SO glad to see Cynthia Watros back on Lost...now I'm hoping you and she will have a scene together. I'm not sure how that would work, because of the whole dead vs. alive thing seperating your characters, but it would be a shame if it didn't happen somehow. You guys have the best chemistry, and Libby and Hurley will always be my two favorite characters.

I won't ask you about it, though, because you obviously wouldn't be allowed to answer. ;) And Lost comes back just a tiny bit after my 21st birthday, so I'll be looking forward to a watching party with friends.

Stay awesome, man.

VeggieMeg said...

I woke up to one of those crawling on my arm one morning, I have never jumped out of bed so quickly. My God, I HATE spiders....I want to puke just thinking about them.

Anonymous said...

ewww, I hate creepy-crawlies! I woke up once with a huge spider crawling on me. It got away before someone (of course not me!) could take care of it and I didn't sleep good for a few days. I could feel it crawling on me haha

PoNCh said...

Hey Jorge, did you watch Conan last Friday?? He made a pretty funny image of you being on a postal stamp as one of the Celebrity Members of the Blue Man Group.

I don't know how to post images in a comment so I just uploaded it to my own blog. I hope you take a look and maybe post it yourself!

Here's the link again:

Dave said...

Spiders suck. But then again, I'd take that over all of the scorpion here in Arizona. :-(

I really REALLY don't like those.

Anonymous said...

Hola!!! de pura pasada que voy llegando a este blog, saludos desde mexicou

jen said...

Holy crap.. I leap on a chair when I see a particularly large or animated piece of lint, so that would freak me right the hell out.

(Though at the same time, I have to kind of applaud the awesomeness of that joke. ;D)

Mara said...

Hi Jorge, I'm from Brasil and I love LOST!! Hurley is one of my favorite character and I was so happy when I saw the season premiere and Hurley is one of the Oceanic Six!! I loved your blog!! It's nice to see an actor that has so much respect to the fans. Huges and kisses to you!!

Eris said...

No! OMG! I'm so afraid of spiders.. hehe.

Kisses from Mexico!

marcia said...

Jeniffer said: "I have a bug vacuum, so they get vacuumed up, and then flushed down the toilet."

I definetely need one like this...
I'm Brazilian, I can face a snake, but not a spider...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge
I'm a new fan of your blog, just been reading it for a couple of weeks but think you are a riot and wish you had more time to spend on the blog.
If I found that spider on the floor of MY house you would have a note saying I had MOVED elsewhere!!! Your girlfriend is VERY brave.

Los Angeles
Enjoying some summer at the moment.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

that was your v-day present. sorry it was so late.

Kathi said...

Where's Dom when you need him, anyway?
Anyway, that's not a spider- THIS is a spider:


Kathi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sonia said...

is that... REAL?!?!?!?! *shudder* I am never coming to hawaii again.

sushineko said...

What if that spider was only molting...?

Yovanna said...

ROFL My husband would have wet his pants if he saw that. He screams like a girl at the tiny ones. LOL He's terrified of spiders. I, however, was the goofy kid who used to play with bugs growing up, including spiders, so they don't "bug me" as much. Needless to say, I'm in charge of spider control at home.

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