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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tips for Surviving Cold Winters

Wear thermals. Especially bottoms. Wind chill blows right through the jeans.

Don't leave water bottles in the car. They will freeze.

Snuggle up to something furry.

If you can do it indoors? Even better.


Honeybell said...

LOL--love the thermals!! As a born and bred Kansas girl though . . . I can honestly say I've NEVER wanted to snuggle with a cow.

STeelerJosh said...

Thanks for the chuckle, always look forward to reading your posts....never know what I am going to get! I really appreciate your sense of humor. All the best.


Tiffani said...

I grew up in Wyoming and had approximately 50,000 pairs of thermals. :) I exaggerate, slightly, but it's really cold there. Your face in the picture with the cow is priceless. Is she telling you a secret?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,

Do you speak spanish? I'm from Spain, and I only want to salute you. I like Lost, your character is very funny; I like Kate too ;)

ROSA said...

Water or ice?

Kaileigh Blue said...

Is that a llama? You got that close to one of those evil things? :O They're always planning their next attack.

As for the cold: Always bring blankets.

Meteorismo galáctico said...

Hey dude! How do you do?

I’m so glad to be able to communicate directly with the great Hugo.

Un saludo desde España.

E. Rivera said...

I love the tone of your blog.
Whenever I'm about to post something, I read your blog first to inspire me tone-wise.

Irishcoda said...

LOL...I remember snow! And yes those thermals are a must outdoors! I just love your posts, they make my day :)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

see! did you read that kaileigh's post? i had every reason to be scared of that thing.

you're the llama whisperer though, so it was cool with you.

Hoku said...

WOW Jorge posing in his undies! I love it. Are those the 2 piece kind, or do you have that cartoonish flap on the back? ha ha ha I love your humor!

Bianca said...

Jorge I thought you said you'd never go to Wisconsin in a month that ended in -ary or -ber... you must really be in love ;)

dan.hunterx said...


y laught to much!! xD!!

Jorge.....here in chile the weather.....ufff its strange >.<

in Coihaique....South of our country....36º degrees of hot!! sun...at shadow >.<

In Santiago 27º-29º

Anonymous said...

You are going to wear something OVER those thermals when you leave the house right? lol

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Are you still in Milwaukee? If so, you are about 20 minutes from me. Oh how I so wish I could come and give you a hug.

Hope you have a lot of fun, here. If you are in the mood for kid type fun, be sure to check out discovery world and the aquarium down by the lakefront. It's a lot of fun, but again, you must be in the mood for kid type fun. :)

And don't forget to visit the domes. It's the only chance to get any resemblance of warmth here, this time of year...unless, of course, you head to the dells. Indoor waterpark, extravaganza. :)

So glad you are near. Hope you enjoy all the wonderful things we have to offer.

Have fun... :)

Javier Beres said...

Hello Jorge,

Excuse me for my bad english

Im from Seville, Spain.

He pleases me to dream that you read these words. I he like your work in lost. I he like lost. You will be bored to read the same thing thousand times.

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Please, looks the video that have in my blog, is my way to understand the life and I want to share it with you! The video is called Sunscreen http://javierberes.blogspot.com/

Thanks by being there and to enjoy us each day.

I like your blog!

Please Type Legibly said...

Anyone that can get a positive reaction from a llama must be a good person, that's all I'm saying...LOL That pic was my favorite, btw. Thanks for giving me something to smile about at work today.

redelf said...

You forgot HOT COCA!! We just got some with chili powder in it. MMM...good for the snow.

My kids leave bottles in the car all the time just so they will freeze....my youngest is hoping for an explosion someday.

Unknown said...

LOL...glad you enjoyed your taste of real winter weather! If you are ever going to by in the Syracuse, NY area in winter - don't forget those thermals! As we say here, the weather is great...only 2 months of bad skiing. Still, its beautiful here, especially in the fall. Love the blog and love your character!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Kaileigh Blue!
Beware of the llamas! One of those evil animals (funnily named Sinbad) hocked a huge spit wad at me back when I was a kid... Once you get a face/mouth full of spit and grass you are never the same haha I rather freeze than cuddle with one LOL

James Hernandez said...

The llama was giving you the eyes. I think you connected dude.

john (not lennon) said...

Awe, so sweet the picture of you and the llama, it's even nicer thean the one above where you say it tried to kiss you, it looks like she's smiling at you.

Anonymous said...

He's got the cow in a headlock.