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Friday, January 25, 2008

What else I did in Milwaukee

Went to the Mars Cheese Castle. Which has no castle (except on the brochure) and no martians.
But I did find cheese in the shape of Wisconsin and sausage in the shape of a bottle of beer.

I saw the All Cow Diving Team.

Recreated the Krazy Glue ad.

Man they really love their frozen custard here.

This is more like it. Here I am trying frozen custard on the coldest day of the trip.


Unknown said...

Jorge, If you're still in milwaukee on saturday you have to go to Bella's Fat Cat on Oakland! It's Custard!!! ha yes we do love custard, custard capital of the world in fact!

maven said...

Jorge: Looks like you're having a fabulous time! Thanks for posting all the pic! A picture is worth a thousand words! LOL

jcnemecek said...

Gotta love Wisconsin--the one place you can buy cheese in the shape of anything: cows, footballs, boots, the letter W, etc. :)

Joe Russo said...

Hey Jorge!

Glad to see that your enjoying your stay in Wisconsin... It's pretty cold here too, in Michigan!

I've got a question for ya! and if you don't have time to respond, that's cool too because I know you can be busy... but I recently saw the video of you playing on the TV Game show, 'Russian Roulette' on youtube! I remember that show, it was so much fun while it lasted.

My question to you is, when you fell down that hole, where did you go? Did you fall in a net or balls? did it hurt?? I've always wondered what happened to the contestants after they fell! It looks so freaky because you seriously appear to drop so fast into a free fall. Nonetheless, it was cool watching you play!

Anyway, have yourself a great weekend and enjoy the snow! -if you haven't gotten sick of it yet.. haha


Marcelo Lillo said...

Hi Jorge
nice photos? here in Chile im start to melt because the heat!
Q. I know you're chilean, what relationship exist with your native country??? speak spanish, (chilean, hehehe)

Annaca said...

Jorge: I totally understand how snow can be so exciting! Here in St. George (UT) we get a snow flurry about every 3 years and it never amounts to much.

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful, and touching work you do that effects people around the world like me. You are wonderful at what you do. On top of that you seem so down to earth and humble, which is completely refreshing. So thanks and enjoy the snow!


ROSA said...

Holidays.... envy you...

Catrusqui, Horacio said...

You should come to argentina! there is nothing to do! all u can do is.....(?) well we have the best asado or "barbaque" w/e im staring my holidays on february =(

Please Type Legibly said...

Only in the Midwest can you do all those things. See what you've been missing? LOL

Eris said...

Hahaha, the recreation of the Krazy Glue ad was great! well, all of your pics are :P thanks for sharing that with us! And your first winter! woow great! I've never had the oportunity of seeing snow and all that.. hopefully I will some day!

Kisses from Mexico!!!

Colleen Oakes said...

MMmmm...giant spoon and cherry...must mean there is giant sundae somewhere...Mmmm..MMmmm..

Anonymous said...

Makes the mind boggle - what else could ya make out of sausage???

Sauce said...

Mars Cheese Castle?! I haven't thought about that place in ages. I loved it though. Although I was disappointed that there wasn't a more Extraterrestrial theme. But, hey, no complaints. They make a mean Cheddar.

elainemarieg said...

The All Cow Diving Team. rofl

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Hey Jorge!

You are so lucky as I can see you are on holiday! I'm not now I have to work for a Big Big test at school called Brevet, but it's just a training fortunatly, the real one is on june "^^ But it counts in our report!

So have a good time and think 'bout the workers ;D xD

Big kisses from France, where there isn't snow =(


Allama said...

Living in Racine, relativly close to the mars cheese castle I've always thought it looked a little shady so I've never actually gone there. But clearly I need to cuz who can live without beer shaped sausage!

redelf said...

Oh my gosh I love your photos!!!

Okay the sausage beer scares me. You should visit Springfield, IL. I was just up there today and you can buy Lincoln heads!!

Anonymous said...

mmm (sausage) beer! I'm sure Homer Simpson would love that!

Megan said...

Jorge, it's nice to see you are/were in Milwaukee -- how did/do you like it? If you are still here, you should try the butter burger at Solly's, kind of near Kopps, on Pt. Washington Road.

And, by the way, I love your blog!!

Dianna said...

Mars Cheese Castle is the BEST!!!!

I have purchased the exact same "sausage in shape of beer bottle" in the past!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

OMG the Mars Cheese Castle - wouldn't that be something if THAT showed up on the island???

Chrissy said...

OMG. WHY is it when *I* go to the Mars Cheese Castle, you aren't there? My husband is obsessed with the place, we go there frequently.
I can't believe I just admitted that.

Anonymous said...

When you can walk the gauntlet of white cows, you will be a holy man.

Unknown said...

Ha ha, Kopp's on port Washington!! Mac users in the Milwaukee area, here's a Dashboard widget that my buddy created to show your the Kopp's flavor of the day.

Unknown said...

I, too, have been to the Mars Cheese Castle (and eaten of the famed beer-shaped sausage) -- on my way to Bong Recreation Area!

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