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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Kauai

Here's what else I did in Kauai. Found a street called "pee."

Tested a couple hanging bridges.

And saw the statue of Captain Cook. That's bird poop on his pants right. Even if it isn't bird poop tell me its bird poop.

Not depicted:
According to the signs along the road, all towns in Kauai are "historic."
And I hit a chicken. Or rather it hit me. Thank goodness I had my car to protect me.
Actually I think it might have been a suicide. I mean why else would a chicken fly directly into my windshield?
(P.S. if you rent a car, get the coverage. The peace of mind is worth it.)


Avinash said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To crap on a statue and then be killed by Jorge Garcia.

Unknown said...

it seems like you're making a habit out of roadkill. remember the season finale? :P

Apex Zombie said...

This is the Lost geek in me coming out (but hey, we're all Lost geeks here, right?), but the bridge photo reminded me of when Hurley went looking for Daniel and he and Charlie crossed that bridge.

christa said...

suicidal chickens on kauai is NOT a myth! i've heard about this happening before and i'm not even kidding.

glad to see you're back in the islands jorge!

kanahina said...

love the pics, Jorge! You are the greatest!

I had a chicken cross the road in front of my car just yesterday! I had to slow down to avoid it. This was in Ewa though, not Kauai!

Hope you guys can get back to work soon...

Please Type Legibly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Please Type Legibly said...

"Pee Street"? Seriously? Because Pee Street and the statue are a bad combination...LOL

The hanging bridge reminded me of a rope bridge we had to cross on a cave trip when we were living in Georgia. (At least, I remember the caves as being in Georgia, but I was a little girl, and it could have been someplace else we visited when I was living there). Anyway, there was this rope bridge that we had to cross, and it seemed to me like it was eleventy billion feet up. It took some raw guts for me to cross it; I felt like it was going to tip over any moment.

Anyway, poor chicken...though I've heard they can really be pests over there.

Honeybell said...

I'm thinking of the Jack Johnson video "Taylor", with Ben Stiller hitting the chicken . . . those things must run rampant in Hawaii!

*still giggling at "Pee Rd"*

Lynn Faruque said...

Man, I miss Hugo!!!! Jorge, I am beginning to have withdrawals here, I need a Lost fix! I saw you looking all sad in front of that cross.

So the chicken committed suicide? Poor chicken.

If you get time I have a question, PLEASE, email faruque@1scom.net. :-)

cmblite said...

just saw where the first epd is one for hurly.....good job mate.

isellseals said...

i had a bird fly right into my windshield once. head on. it's beak totally cracked my windshield. uncool! but not very messy. hope yours didn't have too much mess associated with it...

Unknown said...

Were you by any chance with Malcom Kelley? =P

TakesaVillage said...

He was a sacrifice The Island demanded.
Thanks for sharing a little of your life with your fans.

Unknown said...

Woo! Welcome back, Jorge!

Hope Pee Street had a public toilet somewhere. There might be problems otherwise.

León said...

hooola, hablas español o no??
como estás!!

Please Type Legibly said...

LOL, takes a village. Wish I would have thought of that!

P. said...

I didn't know anything about Kauai, so I googled it.
Now I know that there's something related to Lilo and Stitch's movie (I didn't watch it, so I don't know exactly what it is) and Elvis was there in 1961 shooting Blue Hawaii.
It seems to be a very pleasant place.

Regina Falangi said...


you´re so funny!!

nice trip, but poor chiken!!....same thing hapen to me once i was in the car and a rabbit jump to the front window!!!

this animals are terrorists.....

saludos desde Chile

campetin said...

Hi Jorge! I don't think colliding with a chicken canbeat the Dharma-van-moment on last season finale thatwas epic! And your part on the trailer of season 4 was so moving...
BTW, some fellow LOST fans and I created a Virtual Island of Lost in Second Life, you can check out the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h5jgKh2jNA . We also have a new website SL-LOST.com that combines information about our virtual fan site as well as the show LOST. If you have a few minutes and would be willing we would like to send you a short interview to post on our site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge. I like to read your blog, is happy and fun, your pictures are interesting, funnys, a lot of things.


redelf said...

I love your pictures.

LOL The poor chicken!! I have not had a lot of birds try and commit suicide but a lot of suicidal squirrels live around here.

groovymom said...

Thanks for the pictures - looks like you're having a good time on a photo safari! (Find a street and a statue that illustrage a bodily function......)

The bridge ones won't load for us (tried 2 browsers) - Bummer!!

Sorry about the chicken - poor chicken - poor you.

Just watched the abc clips for LOST. Can't wait for the season - totally on edge about what's coming!!! The build up is great!!!!

adRift said...

Pretty sideburns!! You look like Curro Jimenez hehehe
Well, you probably don't know who is, but anyway, they're similar!!

ROSA said...

Hey, I'll go to Hawai next summer... what must i see?

redelf said...

lol suicidal chickens. lol We have squirrels here that like to play chicken with the cars. My eldest son keeps yelling at them. "We had a deal!!" lol he loves Senfield.

I love the pictures, especially the bridge ones.

twisby said...

hey jorge,
re: captain cook statue--
the reason it's lighter near his crotch area is because the sort of finish they use on statues to make them that color changes color when someone's hand oils get on it. what i'm trying to say is, people rub his crotch, and it made those marks on the statue. still pretty hilarious.

i <3 you!

Fun Box Boards said...

How awesome would it have been if "Pee" street was at the corner of "Poop" street?

Anonymous said...

I grew up near a "High St."

Netanya Carmi said...

My friend lives on Penis Street. Ok, it's spelled "Pines" in English, but it's pronounced "Penis." It's a pretty common surname in Israel, but she has a hard time answering people when they ask her where she lives.

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