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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Milwaukee the final blog.

I had heard about Sprecher root beer and I was looking forward to trying it at the brewery. And more times I saw it offered at almost EVERY restaurant I went to, I got more and more excited in the anticipation of trying it. But I wanted to wait. To "save myself" for the brewery so to speak. My plan was simple try the root beer and then try it in a float. (I actually had seen people enjoy root floats with Sprecher root beer on TV.) And then maybe even take in a tour if we felt inclined.

We headed to Sprecher and arrived around 1:45 or something. And just our luck we missed the previous tour and the next tour wasn't until 4. Damn. But worse. You can't try the stuff unless you've gone though the tour. I think you can't have a drink until you've given the respect to the brewery and the brewing process. I guess if you could people would just go in for free samples all of the time.

But we weren't interested in the beer. We were interested in the root beer. And we also wanted it with ice cream. Then we found out that they don't even have ice cream back there, behind the closed doors of the "beer tent."
So this brewery visit was disappointing. I never thought I'd leave the brewery thirsty.
This is me disappointed in the gift shop.

And then outside because I knew I was going to share this with you guys.

So we asked them "If not here, where can you get a root beer float with Sprecher root beer." They pointed us down the street to Solly's. A place I was not familiar with at all but when I got there I was intrigued.
Solly's is a classic counter burger joint. (Those of you in LA may be familiar with The Apple Pan or Pie 'N' Burger. )
And it is credited with creating the "butter burger." A butter burger is a burger with a pat of butter (or is it a pad?).
But apparently a "pat" (I'm just going with pat.) is not a standardized measurement.
At Solly's they take it the extreme. This is the butter that ran off my burger onto my plate.

I think the funniest moment for me was a woman at the counter commenting on the decadence of a special burger that our friend Jocko ordered.

Because as she was doing it, she was dipping her burger into the pooled butter at the bottom of her plate.
Here's my theory. Wisconsin is dairy country. So when they were figuring what else to put on a burger they went dairy. Now the burger already had cheese. That left what? They weren't going to pour milk all over it were they?

And then the root beer. The magic of ordering a Sprecher float at Solly's

is that you get a small glass on the side of the root beer. So first a taste.

Okay Sprecher is a damn fine root beer. And it makes a great float.


Scott said...

Nice. I love root beer. First episode was awesome by the way... great start to the new season. Great work in this one Jorge.

Blake and Lucinda said...

butter burgers? Huh. I thought it was really odd the first time I saw an egg on a burger, but the butter has made it's way to the top of "Weird things to put on burgers" list I started compiling since the egg thing. Although, at McDonald's here in Japan, they actually put shrimp in the meat patty itself. That's sort of strange, too.

Honeybell said...

Now I'm hungry. And I want root beer . . . .

I'm with Mr.Ralph, fantastic episode, great work, and definitely worth the wait.

Unknown said...

Nice, hahahahahaha.
I love your pics,dude.

btw, its nice to see you on screen again :)


Ali said...

you were AMAZING in tonight's episode!!!!! absolutely fantastic! you had me in tears. it's so nice to see Lost again. it's like taking a breath of fresh air. stupendous job!

dreamer124 said...

I LOVED the much anticipated start of the season tonight! Thank you for giving us such a full and creative character that is only you! I wanted to ccry for your character, yoiu were so believable.

My daughters previous boss lived in Wisconsin, and she had to take a trip back there with them and could not get over the really unique street names...Wastucna?? She could barely get around that area. But the root Beer Float...to die for!! Looking forward to the rest of this season!

novashep said...

Amazing Hurley-centric episode tonight, Jorge! You completely covered the range of emotions and took us along for the entire ride. Fantastic work.

Vincent Madison said...

Jorge, I know I've said it before, but I love your blog. You are such a breath of fresh air from all the celebrity nonsense. Don't ever change man... :)

p.s. - nice job tonite...

Rasmenia said...

A butter burger?!

I thought that they did some strange things to burgers over here in France, but I don't know if I've ever had anything that compares to the dairy madness that is a butter burger.

I have to say that it sounds intriguing, though. Hmm...

elainemarieg said...

I love the true contented look on your face after the root beer!

Your cannonball was terrific! This episode was very good.

Merry Karma said...

I just heard about your blog tonight and started reading it before the new epi of [i]Lost[/b]. I loved the new episode - loved the cannonball - loved Hurley's loyalty to Charlie.

Anyway - your blog is good. Keep it up!

Dr. Fortyseven said...

I wanted to chime in and give praise for your performance on the show last night. Stellar work, sir. :)

keri marion said...

You are correct re: pat vs. pad; it is a "pat" of butter, which just means a slice of butter. Again, you are correct that the size of a pat is left up to judgment of the person slicing, but usually it's a slice of butter off a commercial stick that is about scant 1/4" thick or approximately 1/2 a tablespoon.

It's what you might get with your pancakes.

(the discrepancies in pat sizes is relevant to the size of the stick from which the pat is cut. [that.. uh.. sounded bad?] some butter loaves are much bigger than others and even commercial butter sticks come in either long or short depending on brand)

a half pat of butter might be like one of those little foil packets that they give you in cheap restaurants to go with your dinner rolls.

this is more information about butter than I even knew I had.

DocX said...

I absolutely love me some root beer floats! Is there any better concoction?

Now, on my next trip to Canada (I live in Kentucky), I'll have to go through Wisconsin to get me a root beer float at Solly's. haha

I might have to skip the pat of butter on the burger though.... Seems a bit...artery-clogging? haha

Love your work, Jorge.

FETTS said...

Just wanted to say you were great in the new episode!!!

I don't know what I will do if I have to wait until 2009 for more Hurley after the 8 episodes!

PoNCh said...

Hey Jorge,

Just finished watching tonight's episode. I just wanted to thank you. Thank you because you made chills run up and down my body. Thank you because your acting, your energy and your strength made me feel that 8 months were worth the wait. Not just that, but in a time that hard things are going on in my life, you just made me happy. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to.

I also think you should be grateful. To JJ, to Damon and to God because you get to play this fantastic character, have fun doing it and getting paid for it. That's something to be proud of... I hope you are.


Mexico City

bertas said...

I love my butter (mind you not those wannabe butters that taste absolutely foul) but that does look a tad bit excessive even for my taste :)

Nicotine Jones said...

welcome back to TV land! Great show and great work from you and the rest. Oh, and by the way, I enjoy your blog. Your love of life is contagious (in a good way)

Chindota said...

you are the best!!

i love your pictures,
but now i'm hungry!!!!!


Please Type Legibly said...

I didn't think there were any guys out there anymore who saved themselves for the brewery anymore..they usually just rush right in for the float, and it's wham, bam, oh you get the idea...LOL

I caught the first season four episode last night, and you were great. It's nice to see Hurley going from from just the likable guy to a real person with some teeth behind the role. Good work.

Please Type Legibly said...

Oh, btw, butter on a burger - yuck, but not the worst I've heard. My best friend in high school ate hot dogs with butter and grape jelly. EWWWWW.

oh pook said...

I've put a little butter and my burger before... but nothing like THAT!!! Wow!!!!

Last night's episode was great. You are so very talented. I expect you'll have a lot of fan mail to answer in the near future!!

Public Aversion said...

Oh, butter burgers. We certainly do everything bigger and better in the midwest.

Speaking of weird burgers, we have a burger at a restaurant here in town that comes with peanut butter, egg, and cheese on it, among other things. My friends SWEAR by it - apparently the peanut butter only adds a slight, rich taste to the burger.

Oh, and congrats on a spectacular episode last night. Your acting was amazing, and I think it was probably my favorite Hurley-centric episode to date. Can't wait to see the next seven episodes!

redelf said...

Okay a butter burger sounds really disgusting. lol I like butter but I am unsure about it on my burger..but hell I will try anything once!!
But the root beer...mmmmmm...I havent had a root beer float in ages!! My Dad use to take us to A & W drive thru's for floats when I was a kid.

AND I loved the episode last night!! You made me cry!!!

Jason said...

gotta love good rootbeer

Unknown said...

Hmmm Beer, Hmmmm Burger

chefmom said...

Awesome job last night on the premiere!! I loved seeing so much of your character and your performance was fantastic. As for the butter burger...YUM!!If it was that much butter, chances are good it was from a whole pound block of butter. In restaurants we really don't use sticks. 1 pat of that is equal to 4 Tablespoons from a stick. And there's nothing like a good Root Beer float. It ranks up there with New York Egg creams.
Awesome Cannonball... the look on your face was priceless!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a brazilian fan of yours and you were awesome yesterday. I love Hurley episodes!

What a great episode. Congrats!

Unknown said...

Awesome Dude! Rootbeer Floats are the bomb! Anyway hope you have time to post in the future dude.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Butter... on a burger? Interesting. Then again, I thought it was weird to put butter on a peanut butter sandwich till I tried it.

I'm so not a root beer fan. *shudder*

By the way, the show last night was amazing!!!!! Hurley broke my heart...

Vintage LOST - pure perfection.

kookie said...

I believe there is a place around here where they put your pickles on the outside of the burger...just sitting around on the bun. ??!!

I think we Midwesterners are just looking for ways to be different.

PS-I really enjoyed the season premiere. You made me cry. :)

groovymom said...

These pictures have been SUCH a blast for all of us. LOVED the diving cows - the sausage shaped like a beer bottle and the hunters beer can. Thanks so much!!

When I was small we went to the Milwaukee zoo & a gorilla named Samson ran up to the glass & banged on it - I was sure it was going to break & he would kill us all. I ran from the building & had nightmares for about a year. If you have friends from Mil. - ask them about Samson. SCARY boy!!

Great season opener - we kicked the phone off the hook & had a celebratory party. Big fun!!

Topanga said...

Incredible episode last night. *Finally*.. something good to watch on TV again. And cripes, you scared the ever-lovin' crap out of me when you were peeping in Jacob's cabin. Thank you for that! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I saw that you had a blog here from a news site on "Lost". So I checked it out and I am pleasantly surprised that you are exactly how I thought you would be in real life, outside of "Lost", which is my FAVORITE show btw.

I started a blog on here too thinking that it would be a fun way of keeping in touch with others in this growing internet-generation.

I forget which post it was, but I remember seeing that you made a Life List for yourself and at least three of the things on it (going to Hawaii, etc.) came true!

I am a believer in 'The Secret' and writing down what you want will make it happen because you are solidifying the idea.

Well one of my life list numbers was to be on 'Lost'. I swear it was on there before reading this. But I have more faith now that it can come true, because I saw how your dreams came true as well.

Well, I dont want to bore you with silly things, but I just wanted to show my appreciation.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you go on to great things!


Annabella said...

Jorge, Outstanding job last night! Your work made the long wait so worthwhile! Love this blog, too.

yogahz said...

Hi Jorge! That was a great show last night.

I'm gobsmacked that the people at the brewery wouldn't just give you a private tour. Didn't they recognize you? How could they not! I guess you didn't pull the "Don't you know who I am!?" trick that Hurley did. Well, good on ya for that.

Some butter on the bun is good - pats of butter on the meat sounds so wrong. Not kosher for sure :)

Plumeria Web Design said...

While you're here, be sure to try Spotted Cow beer, it's excellent!

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge. I live in Madison. When you live in "The Dairy State", you also live in "The Beer State". I've made a personal pledge to myself to sample all the breweries. I went through Sprecher last summer and A) loved the root beer, but B) couldn't believe how many free beer tickets were laying around in the little German beer garden thingy post-tour. Drinking a 6-pack of Sprecher's root beer for free was unreal.

The Miller Tour, by the way, is a total trip. More propaganda than a 50s war ad. Because, if you didn't know already, it's *always* "Miller Time".

Capmaster said...

I don't know about Sprecher, but the next time you're in the Chicago area Jorge, you gotta try Dad's Root Beer. I'll bet it gives Sprecher a run for its money as the best float root beer. I grew up on the stuff and was disappointed when I moved to New Mexico and discovered it's a regional root beer.

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

great blog...very fun stuff!
now I want root beer floats.
Great job in the episode last night!! Someone needs to write you a role so you can play Belushi.

Flor said...

Love your blog, so cool !!
I´ve already finished the beginnig of the end, sooo freakingg cool!

Paula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paula Ebiru said...

Este es verdaderamente el blog de Jorge García?

Llegué con la magia de internet.

Saludos desde Chile,


Chris Oatley said...

Just finished the s4 premiere, Jorge... You rocked the Casbah. Your scene with Emilie was remarkable.

Great work.


Matias Ortiz_Camila Jiménez said...

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hugs from CHILE your second country

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Matias Ortiz_Camila Jiménez said...

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V.A. Jeffrey said...

I'm wondering, have you ever tried a stout float? If not some advice:

It's best to try a stout float with rich, dark chocolate ice cream. Vanilla is OK but doesn't quite hold it's own. Love rootbeer floats, BTW. Glad you guys are back on TV!


Jennifer said...

Just want to say that you were amazing in yesterday's episode. Hurley episodes are always some of my favorites and I think it was an ideal way to start of the new season and the new 'flash foward' world of Lost. You made me bawl when Hurley had to tell Claire that Charlie was gone. Definitely send this episode in for Emmy consideration!!

Kyle8 said...

What do you mean the final Blog? Are you going to stop doign this? Nice work last night- Hope to see you around, maybe at Cali Rockin Sushi

Bianca said...

Yay, Jorge! You did such a great job last night. And its so neat how accessible you make yourself to your fans. How many shows in the history of television are like Lost and you selflessly enhance our enjoyment and experience of it by inviting us into your life. That's so awesome - thanks for that.

Yuck with the butter burger - but back home in Australia they like to put fried eggs on burgers so I guess it's all relative to what you're used to.

Unknown said...

Great job on last night's episode! It was so awesome that Hurley was the focus of the first show back and you did an awesome job. You made me love Hurley even more!

Iberostar said...

Lost was incredible last night - you were awesome - just wanted you to know Hurley really got to me last night - freaky about the cabin in the jungle...of course now I want some root beer after reading this.

maven said...

Just want to tell you what a fabulous job you did as Hurley last night on the show. You must have loved to use your acting chops...Hurley went through so many emotions! Be proud of that episode.

Unknown said...

Hello dude!!

You make me cry Jorge!!!
I loved your centric episode!!

Lost Rules!!!

From Chile

Yessi G said...

Just came by to tell you that you were amazing last night on Lost. I was crying so much. Great job Jorge.

Unknown said...

Hello Jorge!

Just want to add here that you were fabulous on the premiere.

Congratulations, Hurley is the definitely the best!

Camila Fraiz, from Brazil.


Brokenblogger said...

do you think you can get drunk by drinking too much root beer?

Capcom said...

Butter burger, wow. Have to try that some time!

RB floats are the best, for sure.

It was great to start out the new season with a Hurley ep. You are great in it, and very touching.

manu said...

Hablas español??
decirte que estoy enganchado a la serie, lastima que tengamos que esperar mucho para que la pongan en español, pero por lo menos la puedo ver en ingles con subtitulos....
Muy bueno tu pilotaje del coche en el primer capitulo! :)
un saludo

Anonymous said...

Hi people, I think Jorge don't really want to talk about LOST. This blog is about his histories, not about Lost.

Jorge, I would like to eat a special burguer like your friend xD

Chelsea said...

Wow, that's a heart attack on a plate. Definitely worse than Paula Deen's recipe for Fried Butter Balls. Then again, Ruth's Chris serves their steaks sizzling in a pool of butter and I don't complain when I'm eating there.

masaru said...



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Katie said...

If you're ever in Michigan, be sure to sample any beer from Bell's Brewery (located in Kalamazoo, but sold state-wide, I believe). Oberon is the best (summertime only) but their Winter Ale is also excellent.

You're making me hungry for a root beer float, something I haven't had since my childhood (what a tragedy).

You were stellar in the season premiere. Perhaps my favorite Lost episode to date, and mostly because of Hurley and your amazing performance. Chills!

Ashley C. said...

I love root beer, so If I'm ever over in Milwaukee, now I have something to look for =)

I know you've been hearing this like crazy, but you were amazing in the premiere.

mary therese burns said...

Hola Jorge,

Don't stop the blog, please, we live to hear news of you, we understand that you can't talk about th program, but so many people have felt so touched b you and want to express to you their joy at seeing you and hearing about your life. May you always have somebody there for you when you need it, and may life smile at you, Jorge, than you for all you have given us with your work and zany real life. I agree with another blogger, you could serve up the utmost Belushi performance in the future... I hope they offer you one and you accept.I lived in Maui, too, for some time, back in the 80's and couldn't stand the isolated feeling, had to escape back to civilization after the novelty wore off,after many papaya breakfasts and swims in secluded pools, seeing shaka signs passed on road -side and sweeping ants out of my house,well, just missed the big city as I felt too lost out there in he middle of nowhere.I think it takes a special person to stay there....just make sure you come back after the program is done, we all love to see more of you in the future. We're far behind here season-wise in Rome, hopefully they'll start showing this season this year, we'll have to see. Hope you got to get to chicago to see it if you didn't know the city yet, even if it's under a blanket of dandruff, the city is so energetic, and gothic as could be, with special lighting right out of Batman flicks, a ghostly haunting city, with such creativity, no wonder Second City bloomed there and produced the first Saturday Night Live crew. you seem from he same stock, Jorge, you're a Big One, larger than life, like John Candy and John Belushi, you're destined to that same greatness, just take care of your health, we want to see much more of you for years to come! With great amity, best of wishes for you, Mary in Rome

Carla said...

love the new episde! love your work on it!!!

i'm gettiing lost!!!

Carla :)

Carlos said...

me ha gustado mucho el blog!!!!

felicidades y saludos desde las islas canarias!!!!


drewberri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drewberri said...

Mmmm root beer floats! I'm jealous!

Jorge, you totally made me cry on Thursday. Absolutely fantastic episode! Hurley has always been my favorite character on the show! I love what you do soo...keep doin' it! haha :)

Unknown said...

jorge definitivamente tu actuacion en el primer capitulo fue genial!!!
la mejor de todas, este fue tu capitulo hombre!!!
y ademas estuvo muy bueno!!
ya lo vi seis veces y no me aburro
sigue asi, que tu lo haces todo mas divertido!!

que se acabe la huelga de guionistas please!!!

Ali said...

because of this blog, yesterday i decided to go out and find myself a sprecher root beer. I did! and it was great. then i had a root beer float with it, and that was great too.

Tiffany Noélli said...

Hi Jorge! I am of the brazil and I have a lot of affection for you.. Here you have millions of fans! It is very dear... I liked its blog and its photos! Everything of good for you, and 1000 kisses!!!!! =)

AlexG said...

Hola, Jorge
Hace una semana estuve en Hawii. Que lastima que se cancelo la premier en Waikiki :-(
Te escribo para contarte que tengo una idea, yo creo que es una GRAN IDEA que me gustaria contartela, pero no aqui.
Existe alguna manera de enviarte un mensaje privado?
Te prometo, es un idea que puede traer muuuuuchos beneficios.

Loca xq sí said...

if you want to taste really good beers, you should come here, to Argentina; we have... I don't know... a lot of varietys to taste...

Anonymous said...

jorge -

hey man i just wanted to drop a comment on your blog about the lost premiere this week.

all i can say is WOW!! what a great episode! and i was thrilled to see hurley showcased, as i've always said that he is the heart and soul of lost.

your performance was fantastic! you made me laugh, you made me bawl, and most of all you helped remind everyone who lost is such a phenomenon.

i hope you'll consider submitting those scenes for your emmy reels, cause you carried that episode on your back. great job!

now, goddess willing, the strike will end this week and you guys can finish off the season as it was intended.


Eileen said...

I just found your blog and enjoyed reading through it. I think its great that you have goals, and I'm sure one day you'll be an actor.

Only kidding!!! I'm in awe how your life is matching your want list. Very very cool!

And, I totally loved the season's first show. You really delivered. Really really really really delivered!!!
I am satisfied yet still desperately craving more.
Thank you for that wonderful performance! :-)

Ricardo said...

Hola Jorge!
Somos de regionvisual.com, un sitio web Chileno y queremos ver la posibilidad de realizarte una pequeña entrevista, si es que tienes tiempo. Somos una web sin fines de lucro.
Saludos Desde Chile!

Orel said...

Hi, Jorge!

Excuse my english level.

I'm a Spanish guy who likes a lot your character (Hugo, Hurley) at LOST.

I see you tasted root beer... Do you know the videogame "The Secret of Monkey Island"?
I love it, and the root beer is very important on that game.

It's very "freak" to see you with the root beer (in Spain we don't know that drink).

( Do you speak spanish? )

Congratulations for your blog!!!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

all these years I thought Culvers invented the butter burger. you learn something new everyday I guess

Ernesto Daniel said...

Jorge: Genio!!! sos un genio!!! muy buen actor!!! te deseo todos los exitos del mundo!!



Daddyconan said...

LOL, and you were surprised you gained 8 pounds!

SWAW Samantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raggamuffinchild said...

I know this post is a year old, but I just starting reading your blog. I was excited to see all the landmarks from my hometown, Glendale, WI!...Kopp's, Solly's, Sprecher.

There is actually a chain of restaurants (Culver's) in Wisconsin that are known for butter burgers. Their slogan for awhile was "A better brand of beef makes a butter burger better.".....gross.

I think I became a vegetarian as a direct result of living in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

As a Milwaukee guy, I appreciate your open-minded approach to Milwaukee. Ein ... zwei ... drei .... zufe!!!
Also, you were sublime in Lost, truly a highlight. Your acting was great. I think I believe this because it seemed like other actors were playing off of you. Matt Fox included. Your presence seemed so authentic ... others seemed to follow you?

Your blog is funny, too. That doesn't hurt?

Have fun stormin' da castle!