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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sometimes I impress myself

So I'm doing fan mail. Trying to catch up on things while I have some free time on my hands. And as I tossed a postcard into the trash. It landed exactly like this:

Perfectly balanced on the back of a wire chair. I thought it was so cool I had to tell somebody, but then I realized,"Wait a minute. I can tell EVERYBODY."

Also while I have your attention:

Melanie Wagner of Hamburg? I'm sorry but your letter was returned to me with this:
Empfanger/Firma unter der angegebenen Anschrift nicht zu ermitteln
Which is odd because you wrote the address yourself. So I'm sorry I could not respond.

I just wanted to let her know that I didn't ignore her letter. And just to let people know that you have to be careful and clear how you write your return addresses. Because if you write it own yourself, I have to trust that. Often if I can't read it, I have to guess. Or I even have cut out return address from envelopes and taped them to the new envelopes. But if I can't read it chances are other can't either.


redelf said...

The magic postcard!!

I grade papers as a Graduate Assistant...sometimes people have the worse handwriting!!! If I can't read it, I don't grade it.

Man I am so pumped for tomorrow!!! I just finished watching season 3 of Lost last week. I loved it when your character saved them all with a VW bus. That so rocked!!!

Carla said...

Hello!! I'm Carla from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love your caracter in Lost, you are so funny!!! Last week I watch a couple of sneek peeks and I have to say that you made me cry... they were so sad! you talking about charlie...
I hope you visit my blog!
Kisses from Argentina!
Carla :)

danesparza said...

Hey -- so if we wanted to write to you, where do we write to?

Dan Esparza
Phoenix, AZ

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Pretty slick shot there! Recently, someone tossed a piece of mail at me and it flew over my head and embedded itself in the drapes behind me. We left it there for over a day, we were so impressed.

Unknown said...

lol, i love when stuff like that happens, my friend once threw a dart at a dart board, but his second shot landed exactly on the back of the stuck dart, wtf, couldn't happen in a billion years, the size of a dart point, and it stuck, we fell around the place laughing, of course no one believed us, but its true !! lol

Apex Zombie said...

Holy crap. That is pretty damn cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge!

Just wanted to tell you that I find it pretty cool that a) you blog :) and b) you care so much about your fans. That's really amazing. So.. what does it take to get a (short) hand written letter from you? A good friend of mine loves your character on Lost and she would freak out if I could give her this letter. I won't sell it on ebay, I swear! ;)

Unknown said...

hey Jorge !

You are really amazing wiht your fans ! Thats sooooo cute ! I'm from Brazil, and I would like to write you ! So, where do I write to ? You are awesome dude, xoxo.

Lynn Faruque said...

So how can I write a fan letter? :-) I've been writing for a while on your My Space and in your blog anyway.

I can't wait till tomorrow~~~~I know you have been doing season four for a while now but I can't wait!!

How are you, besides being talented with balancing fan mail? lol



Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i can't wait to not have a job so that i can be around for these impressive feats

Ociel Rubilar said...

Hi man im chilean...
te escribire en español,
man eres muy buen actor y excelente que seas chileno, un abraso desde esta patria alejada "del mundo"

Cuidate mucho man, en nuestro país esperamos la 4ta temporada de LOST...


Please Type Legibly said...

The postcard landing like that reminds me of that "Twilight Zone" episode where the coin lands on its side and the guy can read minds all day. What were the odds?

I think it's cool that you go out of your way to answer your fan mail. It says a lot about you as a person. You've just gone up about five rungs on the evolutionary scale, Jorge! LOL Take care.

Amy said...

I can't believe they killed Hurley off in this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEIp0qPBbEI

bertas said...

Your shot reminded me of my high school gym class... we were supposed to score a free shot for a grade and this guy showed me how to do it... being somewhat short I was not expecting much (there is not much demand for short basketball players) but in the end I managed to get the best grade out of all the girls... and some lads as well :) I guess I was in the zone or something... :)

Anyhow, its Thursday yay! And yay again!

And can I just say its sweet of you to actually reply to your fan's mail? The only other person I have heard of who still does that is Stephen Fry but he, like you, is a category in itself :)

Chindota said...

i can`t believe this!!

Hello, i'm Cindy from Chile,
and i'm very impressed!!
my english is not very good so, i just want to tell you that you are the best!!!
i'm really happy to know a little more about your life..



Flika said...

Hi..! where do we write to you would be good..at least I don´t know how much would be pay from Czech Republic.. I thought that you might could do a email for fans, if you want to write them back, you know?:).. Today is lost, I can´t still believe it, it´s awesome!! I am just sad, that is only eight episode.. And Jorge, I wish you very luck..There is so much people, who loves you from Czech Republic!! Have a good day..

Unknown said...

This reminds me of the time I was playing ping-pong with my sister, and she looked down, and accidentally caught the ball with her chin/neck area. We could try 100 times and never recreate it, I'm sure.

(I just found your blog today, and it rocks!)

sunny said...

Thats so funny. I just blogged about something similar to that.

Its like when you make a noise that sounds like a fart, but you can never recreate the same sound no matter how hard you try....

you can read the whole thing if you want.. its really short. http://sunshineconspiracy.blogspot.com/

Wawa said...

That is hilarious. I just started a blog myself.

I can't wait to see you back again tonight on ABC.

Are you ready to get back to work yet??

drahcir said...

Dude, your missives kick ass. You have a great outlook on everything, and it's catchy.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.

Jennifer said...

This is the first time I've commented, but I've been enjoying your blog for awhile.

I have such major LOST fever, waiting for tonight's season premiere! Hey, instead of a fan letter... can I ask you some questions right here on your blog? Sort of like an "ask Jorge" segment?

While waiting (impatiently!) for Season 4 to begin, I went back and re-watched seasons 1 - 3 on DVD. I have a few episodes that are my absolute favorites, and I've wondered... Which episode has been *your* favorite? Is there a specific moment, line, or scene of Hurley's that is a particularly favorite of yours? Which of your fellow actors is the most fun to work with? Which other actor do you admire most, as far as their acting craft? Which is harder, filming in extreme heat and humidity, or those soggy rain scenes? :)

Hopefully none of these questions are spoiler-inducing! Thanks for indulging me with all of these questions. Keep up the blogging!!

Madre Cabrona said...


ANDREA (chileangirl)

Columbus Cheap Chick said...

You're such a sweeheart! So devoted to the fans! Thank you for that!

Blake and Lucinda said...

haha Jorge, you rock! Your magical postcard reminded me of a story from when I was a kid. We were driving through Canada up to Alaska and were at a rest stop eating lunch. I decided to feed the birds the last bit of my bread. I tossed the bread up in the air as high as I could and it came straight down and landed in my dad's shirt pocket. With a shot like that, you'd think I could rock at basketball, but I totally don't. And now you know ;)

adm said...

Hey dude

I have a horrible handwriting and all my teachers had problems to understand what a hell I had written.

I'm anxious by the 4th season. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until March or April to watch it here in Brazil - yes, you have fans here (lots - ok, the girls prefer Jack or Sawyer, but they like you too). By the way, any good news about the writers strike?


João Vicente

Sauce said...

Hey! Just wanted to say I'm excited about LOST tonight, good to see you kids back on TV.

Hope you and the writers get back to work soon!


Anonymous said...

Very funny.. I guess I met you when you were sending out your fan mail, felt like a clown but I had to say something!
I got into the show last season while living with my sister in law while my husband was deployed, love your character.. although you look much better in real life!
Thanks for the ridiculous amount of hours of entertainment! Gabby :)

Cheryl said...

So I am forming a group - People who think Jorge Garcia deserves an Emmy for his performance in tonight's episode. Welcome back to TV Jorge - you have been missed. Excellent work on the episode tonight.

Irishcoda said...

Cool picture!

Just saw the season premiere & thought you were so awesome...the scene where Hurley breaks the news to Claire really hit me and I was crying to. BTW, the scene with you and Dominic Monaghan was hilarious, loved it. You guys are great!

And I love your blog!

Lynn Faruque said...

HUGO!!!!!! You have NO idea how happy I am to have the show and Hugo back!!!

Great episode for you!! Great episode, period. I don't have any show that I am loyal to or watch the way I watch Lost.

I've been writing to you for a long time now~~~~thank you for giving us Hugo tonight. :-)

Much love,

Tena Lynn

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful performance you gave in the premiere. Emmy-worthy to say the least. Can't wait to see what lies ahead this season for Hurley. Hears hoping everyone can return to work soon and the season isn't screwed up.

Iain McEwan said...


Dude - this is totally unrelated to your post. Just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I loved the show tonight. Hurley episodes count among our favorites, and I'm loving how your character is starting to come into his own and is exerting an influence on the choices other characters are making. Can't wait for the rest of the season, man.

bella said...

Umm. I love postcards. Actually, I love them so much that I have my picture prints made into postcards and I send them to people. A geeky gesture, I guess.
Holy heck.. I just watched the premiere (with a glass of wine, sorry for the typos). You made me cry. xo

Melissa McEwan said...

Jorge -- Amazing episode tonight. Your cannonball is one of my favorite Lost moments of all time. You embodied beauty, and the scene was incredibly moving.

Thanks for giving us Hurley, dude.


Colleen Oakes said...

Season Premiere tonight...you rocked it!

Missa said...

Now I get your much earlier post about going "cowboy" in a rain scene! I laughed as soon as I saw it raining in the episode tonight!

veebre said...

Great Job in the LOST premiere! I'm was thoroughly surprised and delighted that Hurley got the first episode of the season. You did awesome! Looking forward to the rest of the season

LeanderMB said...

Dear Jorge,

Nice work tonight on LOST! You were pretty awesome. My friend and I are both opera singers currently on a gig in Indianapolis, and we decided to post on your blog since you only had 36 posts thus far, and deserve more kudos... and we're delaying learning new music for our gig as long as humanly possible. And still mulling over how good the premiere was! You kind of rocked, congrats.
The Opera Girls

Christina said...

Congrats--on the cool postcard trick AND on starting off the season with an episode about your character! You rock! :)

novashep said...

Amazing Hurley-centric episode tonight, Jorge! You completely covered the range of emotions and took us along for the entire ride. Fantastic work.

Unknown said...

Jorge - you were fabulous last night! Kudos to you and the rest of the cast!

Kevin said...

Jorge, you've got mad postcard tossing skills!!

And I absolutely loved last night's episode of LOST. Your scenes were great, especially the confrontation with Jack in the jungle talking about Charlie. That was so moving. You impressed me man. Can't wait to find out what Hurley has to do to help the others!!

Jennifer said...

LOVED the Hurley-focused premiere last night!! My favorite moment was that look of pure joy on your face underwater after the cannonball... one last little moment of happiness before the news about Charlie was about to hit. I was moved to tears when Hurley told the group "I'm going to listen to my friend. I'm going to listen to Charlie."

Can't wait for next week!!

Kev. said...

Hey Jorge,

Just wanted to congratulate you on a spectacularly awesome episode last night. I think this was one of your finest performances to date. There seems to be a real shift happening with Hurley on the island, and it's coming across beautifully. I'm looking forward to the next 7 episodes (and hopefully another 8 after that) in this season.

Stellar job last night.


Doug said...

I once had a penpal from Spain who kept writing me, but my letters were always returned because I just could not get the address right. Every time she'd write "Why no write to me. Does it do too much cold there?" She got angrier and angrier with every single letter, which is sort of amusing now that I think about it.

I tracked her down years later on MSN, but she wouldn't talk to me.

Capcom said...

Very good trick!

And that looks like a sweet vintage Bertoia chair that you have got there. If it's in good condition, it's worth a lot, hang on to it.

Tahnks for your funny posts. :-)

spawny said...

Hello Jorge

SWEET FANCY MOSES, that root-beer shake looks redonkulous!!

I know your getting this alot, but Im gonna add another shrimp on the barbie. You seriously rocked the shiz-nakle out of the season premiere man. If you ever have an inkling of a thought that your stuck playing the same old character, or limiting your range as an actor... THINK AGAIN!!! Its crazy man, your getting so good at your craft, and it shows more and more with every contribution you make. You continue to develop your skills as an actor, and were loving every minute.
You make 16 million +people VERY HAPPY with your work, and I just want to remind you of this, and say thanks Jorge. And the fact that you seem like such a chill, down to earth guy is an inspiration to us all(as cheezy as it sounds) keep on keepin on brotha mang!
PS: I caught 'Little Athens' on IFC a few weeks ago, and it was dope. You did a great job in that, it's a tight lil' flick! All your fans should check it out if they havent already.

Karma said...

Pues yo he de admitir que me acabo de enganchar ahora a perdidos. Me resistía. Me suelen gustar más otro tipo de series. Pero ahí estoy. Viendo 2 capítulos diarios. Todavía estoy empezando la segunda. Así que no hago ni caso a la que ponen aquí en España en la tele, la cuarta, pero parece que por la huelga de guionistas se quedará un poco escasa no? Qué putada!
Bueno, un abrazo fuerte desde Iberia.

mary therese burns said...

This world is so much a better place thinking of you existing in it, thank you for all you give everyone, Jorge, I envy your family, getting to see so much of you, they are so lucky to have a gem like you. I wish that I would be so lucky...A la vida, què la vida habìa cura de te....no me olvidare de te , jamàs, eres un justo y cuando volverè vivir a Los Angeles un dìa, espero encontrarte por caso por la calle y cambiar dos palabras simpaticos contigo. Què te vaya bien la vida , Jorge, un saludo muy caloroso de Roma, Italia- M. Burns

Elyse said...

amazing episode!!!!

ROSA said...

Sometimes, I impress myself too... writting on a blog who never says nothing in my blog...

Darragha! said...

So, Jorge...what the Hell is your address? I'll send you one of my books. It'll rock your world. :)

Rocky (Racquel) said...

you read your fan mail? dude, you're hot. :-)

Edu said...

Yes, the postcard on the wire chair is pretty cool.
Once I left a mop and it just stay standing on the floor, amazin, ah? but I had no photo camera at this moment...