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Monday, January 21, 2008

My first winter

Now I was born in Omaha, Nebraska. But I moved to California when I was almost two years old. I don't remember anything about Nebraska. And I have once gone skiing on man-made snow. But I have never really experienced winter weather until last week when I visited the Milwaukee area.
I got to experience snow. The real stuff falling from the sky.

I was able to catch it on my tongue.

I was very impressed by how they looked.

They really were "snowflake shaped." I mean I've seen snowflake pictures. And as a child I did cut snow flakes out of paper. But it wasn't until this week that I had first hand knowledge that this was the case. When I got to see one up close.

This is not unlike the first time I went to London and I could see the cars driving on the left as the plane was landing. I had always heard this was what they did. And I had seen it on TV and in movies but you never really know until you see it for yourself.


Jonesy said...
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Unknown said...

Oh man!!! I live in milwaukee! Right on the east side by the College Campus!!! CRAZY! ha. Go into Jimmy John's oh man! ha. But the one on the East side! Hope you enjoyed our snowstorm today! It looked like fake Movie Snow!

IslandLaurel said...

That's so cool, I love that picture of the snowflake! Being a SoCal gal myself, I've never experienced snow falling. Just have been to the mountains after the fact. :)

elainemarieg said...

Hi Island! You beat me!

That is so cool that you got to see snow! You are adorable!

Amy said...

You would have loved Sundance/Park City this morning...we had a huge snow storm. Beautiful, but cold!!! Luckily there are shuttles to the films & most everything is within walking distance. I can't imagine all the Californians, not used to driving in snow, trying to drive in it :-0

Anonymous said...

Oh! That is so very cute! Seriously cute! I want to meet snow now too.

adRift said...

it's the man from milwaukee!! when I was young I loved the Hanson brothers.
From London I like the crosswalks "look left", "look right" hehehe it's really usefull!

Cheryl said...

welcome to the midwest where one minute it snows and the next minute could be a heat wave. looking forward to LOST returning this week!

Please Type Legibly said...

:o) Enjoy the snow for me. My mom sent me pictures of the house and yard covered in it so I could remember what it was like. Please note: Snow is good. Ice is NOT. You'll see...

Here's another thing that will sound foreign to you - Mom lives on TWO ACRES of land. My sister up the street sits on half an acre. No looking out your bathroom window into your neighbor's bathroom - wow! LOL

Bethany said...

Upstate NY represent. You're welcome to some of our snow, Jorge :)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

and then grandma shady jumped onto that snowflake and rode it home.

she's "little teense" for sure.

Legrange Silverload said...

Hey I'm from Omaha, I didnt know you were born here. I'd imagine those were the best two years of your life!....HA!

Unknown said...

You mean it doesn't snow in Hawaii? Weird.

Daniel Arce said...
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Daniel Arce said...

Holaaa perro... soy Chileno.¿Sabes hablar español? Que magnifico poder saludarte por este medio. Te deseo gran Éxito en tu vida, en tu carrera y por lo pronto en la 4ta temporada de Lost.

Candurria said...

Here I am again! How are you doing? I am getting crazy waiting for the fourth season!! I am in Argentina, and we are figuring out how will we be able to watch it since it will not be available here until October! You are the best!!!
Kind regards!!!!

Honeybell said...

The snow loses it's novelty after like, an hour. Sooner if you're driving in it.

I've been spending the last few days watching my 3 seasons of Lost DVD's in preparation for the new (albeit shorter) season. Watching the show is a joy. As always, enjoying your work.

ROSA said...

Enjoy it... now with climate change...

Jan said...

You oughta see these snowflake photographs! (I was actually impressed by yours! Good job!)


Jan said...
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Peggy said...

Even though I (personally) would prefer you were spending your winter in Hawaii (filming)...I'm thrilled you got to have this experience. Cold is not really so bad. There is nothing more beautiful then a bright sunny day, against the backdrop of fresh fallen snow. Thanks for sharing your first impressions here.

Mike said...

Hi Jorge! the snow is amazing, in my city never snow coz i live in the south of spain =(

The pic of the snowflakes is cool,

See youuu ~

kittenry said...

that's correct, dude. the first time i went to colorado about four years ago, i was sort of startled by mountains, and the image of them is yet burned onto my retinae. it is ever interesting to see a completely new place for the first time.

also, and unrelated, i was told a few months back you'd written a bit on fan-art, and that you'd linked one of mine. i've made tons more since then; hurley has become a central, unifying figure for me in lost, and you've done a great job in developing the character. if you ever want a print or two, shout at me and we'll see what we can do to get them to you.


all best from both cold and windy chicago. keep it as real as you can,

melvin pena

Julia said...

And now, after 8 inches of the white stuff, how you enjoying it now? DOn't worry, it'll get better. Tomorrow it's supposed to be around 15 degrees too.

Sue Wacvet said...

I had a similar reaction when I saw huge snowflakes falling in Germany. I was visiting one of "Crazy Louie's" castles. I had seen snow before, but never saw "snowflake-shaped" snowflakes. It was amazing.

Thomas said...

cmon up to Michigan, then you'll see some REAL snow!

Look forward to the new season in 9 days!

Hope you can get back to work soon!


Mandi said...

You want snow, come to New England!! We've had too much snow already this winter!! It's so pretty though. And cozy as long as you don't have to go anywhere.

Irishcoda said...

What cool pictures! So glad you got to experience catching snow on your tongue, that was so much fun when I was a kid! Now I wonder if the snow has acid in it like rain does :P I so love your blog!

groovymom said...

So happy that you had a little snow fun, but I'm kind of sad for you that you have never experienced the joy that is a "Snow Day".

You go to bed at night, sure you've got school the next morning. Then - overnight a miracle appears - a moderate to huge mountain of snow. In the morning - you wait by the TV or (my 1970's childhood method) leaning toward the radio in the kitchen, waiting for those magic words. Then - YES - you won the lottery- OH BLISS - NO SCHOOL!!!!!! It's time to snuggle down on the couch and stay in your jammies most of the morning. Then you put on 73 layers of clothes and tromp out into the white stuff - flinging yourself down to make snow angels, and slog to the nearest hill, with a thermos of hot chocolate under one arm and your sled under the other. You're freezing and you can't feel your fingers or your nose - but life really doesn't get much better than this!!

Kaileigh Blue said...

Oh man. I recently spent some time In North Dakota and all the people up there made fun of me for thinking negative temperature was cold. I'm from the south. I've seen snow but never enough to make an igloo.

@TedLannister said...

Snow is a fun first experience, or occasional experience.

Much different from having to scrape an inch of ice off your windshield and dig your car out on a daily basis!

Glad you got to see it :)

@TedLannister said...


moc815 said...


Now you're talkin'!

If you really liked cutting out snowflakes as a kid... you'll get a kick out of this...


It's making virtual snowflakes. Look out... it's addictive.


Scarecrow1971 said...

Jorge, when you were in England did you notice that we also walk on the left???

León said...


Avinash said...

You crazy Americans driving on the right... RULE BRITANNIA :P

halfbride said...

You've now made everyone in and around Milwaukee sad that they missed you! I don't know how advisable it was to eat Wisconsin snow... I speak from experience! ;)

Butterfly said...

Jorge, I moved to Minnesota from Arizona a year ago - first of all I left Arizona it was 80 degrees and when the plane touched down it was negative 10.. I was like holy crud numbers get negative..but yes when it snowed I was outside doing the very same thing looking at them up close on my black jacket going HOLY cow they look like real snow flakes or like the cut outs from school LOL.. so I know the amazement glad you had fun

Colleen Oakes said...

Omaha...I love Omaha! I'm from Colorado, but there is just something cool about people from Nebraska. Thats why I married one!

That must be why you are so cool as well.

redelf said...

My son has that same coat!! lol Okay well it looks a lot like that one. Enjoy the snow!! We got sprinkled last night here in Illinois.

Fun Box Boards said...

It wasn't until I moved to Northeast PA from NYC to relize how winter can become real harsh.

I give anything to wake up each morning in Santa Cruz. Grab a paper, my dog and board and head to Derby Park :)

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