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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Okay I couldn't leave you with that. So here are pics of my trip to Kauai.

First off. We explored these caves. This cave has a pool of water our not supposed to swim in or you may get leptospirosis. (I think that what it was.)

So instead I set up the camera to take a picture.

Damn! Missed it!

Damn again! So close!



Luis said...

jeje divertido

elainemarieg said...

You are the greatest!! I have really missed you!

Cheryl said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging! You were missed. Great pics - thanks for sharing them.

oh pook said...

Thanks for sharing with us again!

You have been a subject of conversation in our house this week... Our 14 year old has just started watching LOST :) Our 6 year old thinks that "full guy" is cool!!!! (btw, he farts all the time without any acknowledgement of doing so... LOL)

Please Type Legibly said...

Cute....and leptospirosis trumps cellulitis, any day. :o)

Good to see you blogging again. I was beginning to worry that the bees had mounted a counterattack, and the horseradish guy from Baker's Square couldn't get there in time. (Did I hit on enough of your holiday blog topics? Not for lack of trying). Take care of you.

Ali said...

I went in that exact cave this summer!! A rock almost fell on my head from really high above when I was leaving. Luckily I saw the sign that said "watch for falling rocks."

Capcom said...

Leptospirosis?? That's like Ren and Stimpy's "Beaver Fever"!

Nice pix. :-)

Carolina Martínez said...

HI!!! I am a fan of lost, I am all too good an actor to continue well
Your blog is very well cost me a little while to translate my language.

A kiss from Spain.

Luis said...

Carolina,no eres la unica que ve Lost desde España jeje

Unknown said...

wena giorge!tocayo xD
saludos desde chile !!!
bye ;)

Colleen Oakes said...

I almost died of happiness reading your blog today - I've sat on that exact rock in the same cave when we vacationed in Kauai last year!!

It was not full of water then...and it looked a little scary - so I just took pictures.

redelf said...

Wowoooo that looks like its gorgeous there!

lol I love the progress photos. Whenever my husband and I try to have a photo with just the two of us, we usually try and have one of the kids take a picture...so all the pics with us have fingers in them. At least you dont have a finger.

Candurria said...

Heyyyyy!! How are you doin? I am writing again from Argentina, i just wanted to tell you that we are all looking forward for the begging of the 4th season!!! We know that it will start on the 31st but it wont be available in Argentina until October 2008!!! so we are trying to see how we can get it before!!! We love you all!!

piojito said...


Romy said...

hola,estoycontando los dias para que mepiece lost!

saludos desde chile

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