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Monday, January 28, 2008

Forgot about my phone

My first pictures of Wisconsin were taken on my phone. I totally forgot.
From this distance Milwaukee looks like it's in black and white.

The first night we met up with people at this bar that really loved antlers.

Especially as chandeliers.


Jenny said...

Hey Jorge! I would love to know what you made of the new lost mobisode? It was awesome and I'm so excited!

Mobisode 13

Also you should play poker with darkufo hes a professional poker player from england!

I really really love your blog and all your photos. Thanks for sharing them with your many fans

Patty said...

Hi Jorge! You are a very funny guy and I just wanted to tell you that Italy loves you and your character Hurley is one of the best!

Hugs from Italy (oh, if you see Jack/Foxy, tell him that Italy loves him too!!) ;-)

Celeste said...

Hello Jorge! It seems that you are out on the road, sightseeing, a little time off?? Hope you are enjoying it! it's good to get some rest! ^-^
You're totally adorable Jorge! I like the way you treat the fans of the show, and it's also good to see fame hasn't made you change who you seem to be; a totally nice fellow!

pleeease, don't ever change! ^_^
Huge hugs from Argentina!!!

LisiBee said...

Good Lord, when you think of how many poor defenseless animals had to die so that bar could have lighting...the mind boggles. ;)

Thanks for sharing photos of your trip with us, Jorge!

eXistenZ said...

Hi Jorge,
It is great to have this kind of contact with one of the losties ... but I have a strange request from you and I hope you can answer in some way. It would be possible to have in some way the address of production of the show to send my resume? I am an assistant director and my dream ... my dream...uhm..
you certainly understand!?
Hugs from Italy,
Sorry for my English

maven said...

Jorge: You must have some thoughts you can share with us about the latest mobisode with Vincent! Please...share!

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Are you still in Milwaukee? hope you got out sledding today. it was warm and the snow was perfect. Tomorrow they are saying single digits with "possible blizzard conditions". Get out and enjoy it while you can. :)

Love that you are near.
All the best :)

Wiconsin Gardener said...

...forgot to mention potato pancakes. If you are around long enough to hit a fish fry, potato pancakes are one of those local things you have to try. I'm not saying they will ever become one of your favorite foods, but, you know, it's a german heritage thing. And there is definitely a difference between good potato pancakes and not so good. The good ones are very thin, almost like a crape. Add a very thin layer of maple syrup or applesauce, roll it up, pick it up and eat it with your fingers. Very good, very local, and definitely worth a try while you are here. :)

Hope you are having fun.

Norberto Sánchez, el Sandro de Laferrère said...

It's great to read you and see your photos, Jorge. You have a warm way to share this things, it adds a lot. And thanks for taking the time that you take for all of your fans.

Greetings from Argentina (9 comments, 2 from Italy, 2 from Argentina... seems like you're read from everywhere ^^)

elainemarieg said...

I like that picture of you in the bar - it's creepy.

Captain Billy said...

Nice picture of Milwaukee? I wondered if its from a plane or a tall building? Its a little chilly on Oahu too. Not snowing though.

Sue Wacvet said...

Why does reading your blog bring me so much joy? Maybe I need to get out more.

bertas said...

Add one more reader/viewer from Europe :)

Love the pics, although I saw it somewhere or read it somewhere that antlers are supposed to be a symbol of fertility?! :) Anyhow it cannot hurt as long as they dont fall on top of your head... no pun intended... :)

Looking forward to new season of Lost, you better get some more airtime this time around or I'll be writing to the network to complain... :)

Denise said...






Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge the last pictures look familare German, bavarian ambience!
In the background of the picture where you sit at the round table like a lonesome knight of the King Arthur, it is written, is means translated: In this room (Stube) you'll get Bitburger beer! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hola Jorge.

Wow, this antler is very creepy. And the chandelliers, (is write right?), mmm I don't like it. You could make a terror movie there haha, or of gangsters, haha.

Saludos :o)

Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...


Cliff Ravenscraft here from the Weekly Lost Podcast. I don't know of a better way to reach you. Would you be willing to do an interview with Stephanie and I?

If so, send me an email at Cliff@gspn.tv

Eris said...

Hi JOrge!! those bar-pics were too creepy! the others are great :P and all your "adventures" haha, thanks for sharing that with us!!!


Anonymous said...

heyy Jorge!
I would love talk with you!
I am from Argentina!
if yu would add me please!

see you :)
and sorry for my english

redelf said...

I dont know if you have ever seen Disney's Beauty and the Beast...the the antler place looks like Gaston's tavern. lol

Please Type Legibly said...

Milwaukee looks like it was having a power outage!

jotate said...

Hi Jorge

hello From chile

my name is juan.

you are so funny.

in chile you tv show is very popular.

Im waiting for the 4th season.

tank you!!!...

tell someting about chile at yours partners in the tv show
sorry for my inglish

ROSA said...

If you're on hollidays, you're invited to spain, to my home!

Lucas Riera said...

hola jorge como andas, hablas español???

Lucas Riera said...

hola jorge como andas, hablas español???

Lucas Riera said...

hola jorge como andas, hablas español???

Hugo Córdoba said...

Jorge sos lo mas grande que hay, sos el mejor de la serie, te dedico lo mejor desde Argentina.
Pd: Tengo un amigo que es igual a vos..

Loca xq sí said...

Milwaukee from the air looks like a patch blanket!

Unknown said...

you know that scene in beauty and the beast where gaston sings in a bar and he goes "i use antlers in all of my dec-or-ating!"
that's what this reminds me of.