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Thursday, December 6, 2007

That ain't right

Today was trash day at my parents'. They have three bins. Each for one of three different kinds of trash: recyclables, green waste, and trash.

Now I've been feeling very "green" this week. I broke down all of the cardboard boxes that I had shipped my christmas gifts in. And put them in the bin. When I was running errands I picked up a bunch of energy star bulbs to start switching their lights.

Returning home I found that I had left my house key in the car. As I went back to retrieve it, I saw a trash truck back into the street. And I watched it as the driver proceeded to dump all three bins into the same truck.

What's up with that?!
Now I know it was robotic arm. And robotic arms do some very sophisticated work. But I can't imagine the arm on that truck is sophisticated enough to dump the bins into specialized compartments in one truck.

Someone's not doing their part.

So I did something I haven't in ages. I told on him. I told my mom. She said usually three trucks come by. She was pretty pissed. But it didn't go any further than that.


Joe Russo said...

yeah, what's up with that? that would totally bother me too... enjoy your stay man!

Unknown said...

robotic arm!!!


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

You should call the sanitation department and tell them they're accidentally (I hope) taking the recyclables, too!

Use your snitching powers to best of your ability, man! ;)

Leslies_a_Bitchin_Name said...

Yeah man - same thing goes in offices. In most offices now they have a blue or green "side-bin" that latches onto your actual cubicle trash can. That's where you put printed documents, you know, so that they can be properly recycled, and keep it nicely separated from your used tissues and banana peels.

So anyways, I stay late one night doing work, the trash lady comes in...and dumps both canisters all into one mega-trashcan. Blew me away.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Not that I'm going to stop, but its a little disheartening to see the public work so hard to recycle only to have the next person in the chain snap.

Santiago Mansilla said...

Jorge sos un actor impresionante, con mi chica admiramos mucho tu trabajo.
Saludos y un abrazo desde Argentina.

wjl (Wolfgang Lonien) said...

Hi Jorge,

first let me say - because that is my first comment on your site - that I'm (we are) huge fans of yours. Just saw Season 3 of Lost, and it was great!

To the trash problem: the same happened to me when we moved up north to Bremen, Germany some 6 years ago. My former boss there told us that we are supposed to put the trash into 5 different bins, but they still all end up being burnt in the same facility. How stupid could that be?

Anyway, greetings from Germany, where you also have big fans.

All the best,

Javier said...

In Argentina we just dump the trash and that's it. No division in 3 cans and no robotic arms. Then the trash goes to a very large yard full of lots and lots of trash all mixed up no matter what kind it may be.

But it was allways like that, people just don't bother, and that's fucked up.

Bye man

Apex Zombie said...

Well it sounds like they normally do a good job, just that one day they screwed up. Maybe they were short staffed, maybe the other two drivers decided to shaft the other dude by making him drive the route alone and he's all like, "Where are my route buddies?" But they were never really buddies.

We as people are so quick to blame and so slow to forgive.

oh pook said...

I too had that happen:(

Now I bring my recycleables to the recycling center while my daughter is at the ortho (so as not to waste gas on a special trip)

My 6 y/o loves separating the colors of glass and throwing the bottles in to hear them break!!

Please Type Legibly said...

I heard on a radio show that they really don't sort out the recyclable stuff you put in the recycle can, anyway. I would hope that's not true, but it wouldn't surprise me. Sigh. But I'm with Heather. Call the sanitation department anyway. At least you will have done all you could. It will have to be good enough. Take care of you.

Scoutpost said...

Well they won't mess with you anymore! Hopefully it was a one time thing.
I've been feeling very green lately too (but then there is a stomach flu going around- hmmm.) :)

D S said...


Don't I know your pain! Man I absolutely HATE when they do that. The local government spent all this money to institute recycling programs here and then 3 years later the profit didn't materialize and suddenly the trash truck is putting both bins into one truck. I complained to our city council and the council canceled the contract with the trash hauling company. Now the new company, 5 years later, seems to be doing the same thing.

Indeed there is a major disconnect between what we THINK people should be doing with recyclable aluminum and the kind of money these people actually make. After all, it takes energy to move that truck down your alley and that costs money and the money they get from recyclable cardboard doesn't make up for it.

This reminds me of a friend who used recyclable clothes as insulation and then got an infestation of carpet beetles in her walls because they feed on wool. ARGH! That's not how it's supposed to work!

I feel for ya man, I'm going through the EXACT SAME angst.

Solcito25 said...

Hola !!! Como estas ??? Te escribo desde argentina !!! Me encanta la serie perdidos !!! Aca estoy trabajando con mucho calor, por que aca es verano, y esperando la navidad.
Saludos y exitos !!

Capcom said...

Exactly, in our office too. You go to the trouble of separating things, and then the night cleaning crew comes around and chucks it all into one dumpster. :-D

groovymom said...

First off - Excellent job switching the bulbs!!! We are almost done switching our house over, and I can already see a small difference in the amount of power used.

Second - Do call the company. They will want to know, and since you're famous - you could even call the newspaper or a magazine. Shame them ito making it right!!!

Irishcoda said...

I'm with Heather although I have also heard the same thing Pam did...that they don't really resort. And if they don't, why do they say they do?

Please Type Legibly said...

Irish - they probably say they do for PR and political correctness. I hope I'm wrong. I hate being cynical. But when money is the bottom line, businesses usually don't opt to do the right thing, do they?

Which reminds me...my son needs to take the trash out...

Candurria said...

Hello Hugo!!!
I am writing from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA!!
I am a big big big fan of you all!! We are all waiting for the next season!!!
I started watching "lost" because that was the only conversation theme at my work!! So I had to watch it because if not i was going to be left out of the conversations!! LOL
You make me laugh a lot, you are so so funny!!
I hope you read this, U are lovely!

Candurria said...

Q curioso, parece q somos mayoría de Argentina...



MOCHI said...

que buena onda saber que tienes blog..
saludos men..

desde chile


Cool_Freeze said...

your the new HERO? haha

yeahyeah LOST lost..anyway..im waiting for a release date of the video game..LOST...


Pruna said...

Me encanta tu personaje en Lost, saludos desde España.

BTTero said...

Here in Spain, almost in my town, they usually do the same shit!!! One truck for all the three kinds of trash :/

This is a bit discouraging for me but I continue doing my part religiously.

Un abrazo Jorge y sigue así. Me encanta tu blog.

Lyon said...

Hello Jorge, my name is Octavio Tomas and i'm writing you from Newsweek Argentina. We want an interview with you if it's possible. Via mail would be ok.
My email adress is oltomas@hotmail.com

Tammy said...

In Chile we can´t put the trash in different bins...for a lot of reasons, but is a very very good option...
Enjoy the time with your family!
And good luck with the trash!


AIBI said...

too bad,
at least there
the people have the Conscience
of Separate the garbage
here in chile Not everyone has that mentality of recycling.
well now i go to see Heroes jajajaja just kidding

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

at least norm isn't filling them with his yard rubbish.

it's norm right? crap i hope so. i called him that when i was walking the loop yesterday.

sitgesTIMBALADA2007 said...

El mejor de la serie!
Por ahí dicen que tu personaje desaparecerá al inicio de la quarta temporada... esperemos que no!!!!! Lost no sería lo mismo sin ti!
Saludos desde Sitges (Barcelona)

Leo said...

jorge garcia tiene blog?
:O my god!
saludos desde chile jorge... por qué no me cuentas que sigue en la cuarta temporada, ya estoy desesperado... jajaja

okay why are you goingto visit Chile so we all fans of the show could meet you. you rock man.

im sorry if my post is not about your text but, to write here for you is awesome.

im sorry also if I made any mistake in my writing you know here we speak spanish!


Leo said...

its when are you gonig to visit Chile not why
:P im sorry

Sugarplum's Mom said...

You should check out Penn & Teller's Bullshit. It's a show that runs on Showtime where they actually do their homework about stuff. They did an episode on recycling in the second season and you can find it in three parts on Youtube.

ギウリヤ said...

Hi Jorge!
I'm a big fan of yours from Milano, Italy... :) I just wanted to tell you that reading your blog really makes my days! You have such a nice way of making anything funny and interesting... and your halloween costume still makes giggle! lol
Have a nice stay home!

ROSA said...

We've to do this things naturaly. But not ONLY this things. Have you planted your tree?

soni2 said...

Hola jorge

soy fanatico de lost estoy esperando febrero para que comienze la 4ta temporada espero verte mas en accion jejeje
Boris Bascuñan

dcantrell said...

Don't believe all that you see. Remember that some areas collect all recycling and sort later. It depends on what ends up being cheapest for the municipality because what they really want to do is sort out the material so they can sell it bulk to a recycling company. That's really the motivation, which is fine because the material does eventually get recycled.

San Francisco is sort of interesting because they not only collect recycling, but they also sort trash for material that can be recycled as well. Not many cities do that.

Here in Hawaii we seem to get the shaft. You pay 5+1 cents per container and then you have to hunt for a redemption center that is actually open (I live in Waikiki, so maybe that's why it's difficult for me). Honestly, I don't really care about getting back my 6 cents, I just want the material to be recycled. Of course, on the island, we have to ship things back to the mainland so there is a cost associated.

Anyways, it can be discouraging at times, but keep at it. I found the following site really interesting to read:

Basic recycling information, but it also talks about how to recycle other things.

Lynn Faruque said...

Hey hon~~~~I've caught up with your posts and you know you are too funny. :-) You are the kind of guy that would be cool to hang with.

I'm so glad you are home with family, though you would think you were "big time" enough to warrant a king size bed~~~~not with Mom and grandmom, huh? Nah, they remember when they were changing those diapers at one time!! That kinda takes the "big time" factor out, I suppose.

By the way, "Wallace", I saw Deck the Halls last night~~~too funny.

My response to a post on another site with the question "Would you date Jorge?"~~

"Of course~~~~I'm older than he is and he has a girlfriend, so he probably wouldn't be interested in me!!

But in answer to the question of course I would. Not just because I love Hurley, but because I've had the pleasure of reading his blogs and receiving some emails from him when he had his My Space site.

Not only do I love him for giving us Hurley, I've found him to be a loving, interesting, compassionate man that seems to love his family a great deal, and is a man that takes care of his own.

He has also gone out of his way to create a genuine presence for his fans and never once appeared snotty or unreal~~~even though some of those fans didn't deserve that effort.

And another thing?? The man is funny!! I love a man that can make me laugh!!

I am tenalynn/ms-sherlock."

By the way, hope all is well with your grandfather and that Nunu is well. Besitos~~~

L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fanny said...

hi !

i am a girl french, so excuse my english which is so bad ! :/

i am 18 and i study spanish...

I like so much to visit your blog ! you're so funny in lost ! :D i am a fan of lost, but when i am saying "fan " it's really fan ! lol

So i would like to know where i can write to actors of LOST, for instance Elizabeth Mitchell to have an autograph... and you too !! PLEASE !! can you give me an answer !!!

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge! I was pleasantly suprised to see you in "Deck the Halls". My mother had a Office Christmas party at her house this weekend and I thought, well that looks like a fun watch. Low and behold there you were. Was happy to get a dose of Garcia during the Holidays.

Wahhhmbulance said...

Wanted to comment and say that I feel ya about the trash guy.

It's so wack when you've done what you felt you've needed to do regarding the sorting of your trash, then some jackass comes along and eff's it all up.

Good luck with the day-bed thing man.

felipe_cab said...

Cara, eu sou seu fã! I'm from Brazil.

biba_46 said...

I love Hurley, he's my favourite character. Your work is awesome, you're the best actor ever (I cried when Hugo manages to make the Dharma van work). I can't wait to see the new Lost season.
Lots of love from Spain,

Canu said...

hurley is my favourite character
you are the best
im from a country maybe you dont know...
jaja kisses bye

Xim_Self said...

Hi Jorge!! I'm happy for visit your blog!!! your caracter is one of my favourite, you rules!!
and I only wait for the four season... :D

Saludos nuevamente!! and Merry Christmas!!!

Ximena, de Santiago, Chile

Agus said...

Saludos desde Argentina!!! Tu trabajo es impresionante!

Antonella said...

Hi Jorge
i am Antonella from italy.
Iam so glad you have a blog,it is so funny that an actor communicates with his fans. I appreciate the fact that you speak to you, and your life;it is good to see yours photos.I am pleased to see pictures of cats, because i have 12 cats, and it is good to see people who appreciate animals.For all these things i love yu and your character in LOST. I hope one day to make a picture with you, because when you came in Rome i have not had this good fortune to meet you.I saw that in Rome you take a picture with one of yours fans who had shirt of DHARMA.Wich actor asks a photo with his fans??!!!This is another point FOR YOU... sorry for my english... Big kisses from ANTONELLA.

Antonella said...

what can i do to have a photo of you with autograph?

Sawyer5665 said...

So, Jorge........Rumor has it that the season four premiere of Lost is going to be Hurley-centric....Can you confirm that, brutha?

Sawyer5665 said...

BTW....I really hope that it is. Who wants ANOTHER premiere with it being Jack-centric?

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