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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lunch at Mom's

This December I will be spending most of the month at my parent's house in Orange County. Lost is done for now until further strike-related notice. So it's Mom, Dad, Grandma, and me all under one roof. My lack of seniority puts me on the day bed in the living room.

By the way Hawaii has ruined me for California winters and thus winters almost anywhere else. My girlfriend is from Milwaukee and I've made it quite clear that the only window in the year that I will even consider visiting her home town is during the months that don't end in BER or ARY.

My mom is the sole caregiver for both my father and my grandmother. This is no easy task. I know this because during my stays at home I take on some of the responsibilities as well as do things that she has been saving for my eventual return. (Like move furniture and hang Christmas lights.)

So when lunch comes around it's got it's own routine. Once we get the food ready to serve. Mom summons Abuela while I bring my dad downstairs. (This is only because I am here; it is too difficult for her to bring him down everyday for a half hour lunch.)

She serves them on what I like to call "cafeteria" plates. They are large plastic plates which are compartmentalized into three sections, one half and two quarters. I serve myself on what I like to call a "normal" plate and sat down with everyone to eat. That is when I made a discovery. The "cafeteria" plate is the best choice for this system because if the meal should not require a knife (in this case salmon) a "normal" plate does not provide an adequate surface for which to push your vegetable medley against to get it on your fork. A "cafeteria" plate is full of surfaces to push stuff against.

Now this is where a "normal" person would get up and grab a knife. Of course this is also where another "normal" person will just push the kernels onto his fork with his finger. If you find that gross I'll have you know that I saw my grandma do the same thing today when she was served on a "normal" plate. This wasn't a joke I was playing on my grandmother I couldn't find a clean "cafeteria" plate, but don't worry I got it all squared away and all "cafeteria" plates are present and accounted for.

You see folks, it's all about cutting the right corners. A knife-less lunch means less time spent washing dishes. A "cafeteria" plate means less time spent washing hands.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge!!!!!
I'm your fan dude!!!!!hahahahahahaha.....
I'm from Brasil and i like the tv show (but i'm losted in every episode......hahahahah...[joke]...)

here is my e-mail:


see ya dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@TedLannister said...

What'd ya eat?

Whatever it was, it can't hold a lit candle to grilled cheese.

Or maybe it can...the bar's set pretty low over in my house :)

christa said...

well... continue to enjoy your holidays then.

there's a pretty big void now that all of you left.

hopefully we'll see you in january.........

Anonymous said...

Janeiro tá chegandoooo.....e meu aniversário também!!!!!


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Please. I have a friend who, when we were teens, would actually finish her meal and then LICK the plate to get whatever it was she couldn't get with utensils.

So what's it like to be back living at home for awhile? Is your girlfriend staying with you?

Incidentally, you can't say a damn thing about Cali winters till you've been here in Boston during the cold months. :-P

elainemarieg said...

Jorge, I love the way you describe things! You are a very nice son! I have four sons, ranging in age from 6 to 27 (and one daughter)! Thank you for writing your thoughts down!

kanahina said...

We miss you back "home" in Hawaii!

I hope the strike gets resolved soon and you and the rest of the gang will be back to work!

Big Mama said...

I didn't know you were such a madre's boy.

That's awesome.

I love that fame hasn't changed you.
WE ALL understand getting demoted during the holidays....in my parent's house I get the couch :(


Whenever this strike gets handled give me a call....I am SAG and ready to roll...

EVERYBODY and their mother says that I should play your girlfriend on the show.....not sure how we would explain it...

Maybe I floated over on a Del Taco wrapper?

At any rate. We would kill....

LOST= "Jorge and Big Mama Show"

Whatcha think?

oh pook said...

Jorge!! Thanks for sharing your stories... they are "make me smile-ers"

Definitely a big fan of using fingers for lack of edges on the plate!! *smilefaceguy*

What a wonderful family you have (to have resulted in such a wonderful person as you!)

freckles said...

My kids love those cafeteria plates. They think it is a special treat to eat on them.

Please Type Legibly said...

After "Lost" is over and done with, you might consider doing some freelance writing between acting jobs. You have a way of making small things interesting.

I've lived in Southern California for awhile now, but originally came from the South/Midwest. California doesn't have winter; it has a rainy season. And while I don't miss driving on ice, I do miss the snow and seasons changing. But this is home.

I'm glad to hear you're getting to spend some time with your family, especially around the holidays. Your mom will really appreciate the help, too. So what do you want from Santa this year?

Anonymous said...

Jorge...I love this peek into your world. You have a great heart...and I'm glad you get to share it with your family this Christmas.

hugs from England (only 9 days left!! eek)~~

Shirley (aka "the wordy girl" from myspace)

Scoutpost said...

Hey Jorge-

I know what the caregiver role is like, and good for you helping your mom/dad/grandma out like that. Get those Christmas lights up!!

MMMMM salmon for lunch...beats my peanut butter and jelly!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Jorge
That's the first time for me reading your blog. I'm writing from Italy where LOST 3rd season just ended. So now I feel a bit...LOST!!!
You're the key, man! I will defeat lonelyness with your posts!!!!
Take care man.
My e mail address:
Whenever you want to send me any comments I will put my wife through.
She loves you...dude!!!!

D S said...

Once again Jorge the pathos you describe in this blog should really be combined into a one man show that is part stand up (which I'm told you were pretty good at) and part sympathetic portrayal of your life (think off-broadway monologue). If you take this scene and expand on it, I swear you really do have some very interesting stuff here that would seriously make for some entertaining scenes.

It's unfortunate that without myspace this has turned into a sort of one way discussion, but I know you had many good reasons for doing that. I really want to encourage you to look at these stories of your life as a goldmine of material. The pathos you explored in the cemetery scene in Season 3 was so good that I know you have the ability to reach into the complex feelings of being an adult, of taking care of older relatives, and find some universal truth that we all know.

My father spent 6 months as a semi-invalid before he pulled himself out (plus he had 4 major surgeries). I was there. I did what you did. I was 33 and sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. I know these stories. What you're writing is resonating.

Lyn said...

I actually saw you on the 4th at Costco. I couldn't believe my eyes. I came here looking to find info about whether or not you're really in the OC and here you are.

Welcome home for Christmas.

Capcom said...

Aw, what a great story. And you're so awesome to help out at home. God bless ya, and your family. :o)

Irishcoda said...

Well, one silver lining in all this is that you can help your mom out with your dad, I know she must really appreciate it. She's got a lot on her shoulders caring for two seniors. My brother and I have aging parents who are becoming more frail and less independent and it's tough when you've got families and other responsibilities as well. Your mom will need lots of breaks for her own health. Thanks for sharing your life, it's a weird comfort to know that everyone, no matter who, deal with these human issues.

il bocia said...

GOD.. this D took you really serious..

come on mate! Hurley is home like once every 4 months, i bet he will try to help a bit! :D

I live in Finland and that of the ARY and the BER is really nice! :)

By the way, how many episodes did you shoot? just 8?

ROSA said...

Tomorrow... i've a family lunch... and i'm so terrified...

soni2 said...

Hola jorge

soy fanatico de lost estoy esperando febrero para que comienze la 4ta temporada espero verte mas en accion jejeje
Boris Bascuñan

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