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Monday, July 6, 2009

I've got my work cut out for me

Man I leave for a month and the garden grows like crazy.
So do weeds apparently.
This cucumber vine grew through the protective netting.
One of the cucumbers tried to squeeze through the trellis.

They were huge. But they didn't have much flavor. Well the bent one didn't. The yellow one was gross inside. (I think a bug got in.)


AlYaGotADo said...

I love when you blog! It always makes me smile! The pic of you with the cucumber mustache made me laugh! Thanks Jorge! You Rock Dude!

Erin said...

Love the cuke mustache! :D

Anthea said...

I imagine that giant green grin is brought on by my eminent demise by cuke lightsaber. I can think of worse ways to go....

Derek Brink said...

...so pretty much you spend ALL of your time in one jungle or another, huh? :)

Rachel said...

nice garden : )

stasiface said...

ya know, i find the small cukes (as they're called here in brooklyn, new 'yawk' a kirby cuke) to be much sweeter (but not sickeningly sweet, just right sweet) than the bigger ones. i think the bigger the cuke, the less flavor. it's like with the 'elephant garlic' as opposed to the regular size.. i find the smaller one to have much MORE flavor! YUMMMM!!!
jorge before i forget, or as my sweet husband neal says, "while the thoughts in my skull," i must say, i taped jimmy fallon earlier tonite. it was a repeat broadcast, but i missed it the 1st time. it was HILRAIROUS!!! duuude? dude! DUUUUUDE!!!! i like the 'falling in love dude' the best! you did great! God bless & love, stasiface in ny

Eugen Caitaz said...

These cucumbers seems like on the baseball bat.

Try to play with BEth in Baseball!

VIVEROS said...

Pic nÂș 1 really looked a lot like the island lolol
Cool Blog Mate

nobody said...

Honestly, dude, I'm afraid of the cucumber that tried to make a break for it through the protective trellis. Can you say Invasion of the Body Snatchers vegetable patch? I knew you could. Yikes!

And you held it up to your face! How do we know it's the real Jorge posting here now and not some alien spawned from a killer cucumber?

Kiraa said...

Hey, Jorge, I was wondering how your tomatoes were doing. You posted pics of your regular tomatoes & the ones you had in the Topsy turvy planters. How did they do?

B.R said...

Damn! That's one big cucumbie.
Are you sure you're not making a sci-fi movie, like a 50's sci-fi movie?
We can call it "Attack of the Giant Cucumber"
But then again, you don't live in a farm, and farmers are ALWAYS the ones that see paranormal stuff in the 50's.

Freak said...

How nice, how everything grows... It is amazing. And the fact you can eat what grows athome... I wish I had a garden with orange, lemon and almond trees.
I realy like visting your blog.

OurWanderingAdventures said...

hahaha, my cucumbers are always growing through the netting. Right now I have a vine wrapping itself up my balcony!

Capcom said...

Your garden looks like the overgrown Orchid station. :o)

LOL, Mrs.Dean.

nollyposh said...

Man you need a gardener!

Carin McKenna said...

Wait...you mean that's *not* the set for the Orchid Station?

MissBeaHaven said...

Here in the state of Misery (Missouri) if you were to leave the garden for a month. you would have to just give up the ghost for that year. Just want you to know I would come and weed for you if your needed it. LOL For a garden in Hawaii or one in Missouri, thats not to hard to choose.

James Hernandez said...


You should enter your cucumbers in a fair for largest legume! Are you sure you didn't get the pickling kind?

Goof said...

Just call the biggest cucumber Larry Boy and make sure you name a tomato Bob. ;)

redelf said...

Dirty cucumbers!!!

yellowdoggranny said...

I live in the heart of texas..my garden grew just big enough to die horrible deaths in the texas sun. I remember Hawaii as being a calm serene paradise when I was a kid and lived there..but that was over 50 years ago...

randi said...

Ha ha reminds me of the hot peppers I grew last year...not one of them was hot.

JennY. said...

Why are you wearing gloves...? Just curious :)
p.s. That's one determined cucumber. Amazing how life grows, ain't it?!

Tammy said...

hehehhhhhehhhehhhe, love the pic!
I left for 6 days and my tomato plants have doubled in size and are bearing 3 fruits already-Crazy!

Christina Bauer said...

OMG that last picture literally made me laugh out loud! Oh, how I love you and your blogs, Jorge!!! Just too funny! And good luck with the garden...

Serguma said...

So, You need to order a gardener right now!!!

Stacey B said...

Nice garden! We did one in our yard this year but so far only have yellow squash and a couple peppers. I'm waiting patiently for the tomatoes to turn red.....I hope they hurry...I'm getting impatient just writing this post!

Tales of Whimsy said...

WOW. Those are monstrous and cool! Congrats.

Tonya said...

What does the sign say over the entrance to your garden?

It looks like B****Town Is it BeanTown?

Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters.Net said...

was the cuke trying to escape?

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