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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Night in Dublin

and I'm hanging out in a hallway to use the internet. The building in which I am staying is a new addition to this hotel and does not have wifi. But here in the basement of the main hotel there is access. Luckily here in the basement there is also a chair. 
It's become a bit of a game because this hallway is designed to save energy. So when you walk down it, the lights will switch on and then off after you've passed. So sometimes I'm sitting in the dark answering emails and I try to see how much I can type without triggering the motion sensors again. It's also fun to surprise unsuspecting hotel guests who pop out the elevator and see someone typing in the dark corner. And then he ends up being "Hurley."


TheUnity (Siv) said...

Always keen to start blogging! Haha, keep it up!

I live in London, quite far from Dublin..Loool. Oh well, have a great time there dude!

maven said...

I think I would definitely scream for both: Seeing someone where I did not expect it and seeing Hurley! LOL

Just Julie said...

I'd probably pee my pants.

Wegg said...

Ha! I still think of you as "that funny bugger from Becker!" Not that that would soften the shock any. :-)

James Hernandez said...


I was thinking it would be awesome if one of the people who was at the hotel was Hugh Grant. You could surprise him and say "I'm Hurley and this is what's happened since you left me".

Lisa-Maladylis said...

I wish I would come around the corner to meet Hurly. sounds like your having fun but it must be getting old by now. have fun !!

Tony Killen said...

I'd be worse if it was 'Locke'..

Tony Killen said...

*It'd be worse... Apologies.

NOlo said...

Hey, I did that also! somewhere in Europe too btw...

But I had to sit in the carpet since no chair was available :(

Cefenix said...

What would really make 'em lose their poo is when they get off the elevator, just start chanting "The Numbers" softly while rocking back and forth in the glow of your monitor. Heh.

Debra said...

That whole double surprise thing is potentially the best thing ever. :)

tony killen, I'll see your Locke, and I'll raise you a Ben! In such a situation, they might as well order me a hearse in advance. ;)

Rachel Snyder said...

LOL I can just imagine that. Of course, if it was me I'd probably assume it was just someone who looked like you.

And Tony and Deb, you know what would be the creepiest? If it was John Terry sitting in the dark, and--if he really wanted to spook people--jumping up suddenly and saying, "You can go now." Eek!

Unknown said...

Hi! You're so lucky to be in Ireland. I hope to get there some day to look up my family. Haunted castle-awesome!! Figure on roof at night- Jacob, dude! Have fun!!

uncle soupy said...

great fun...thanks jorge.

BillyPilgrim said...

you is funny.

redelf said...

lol that would be funny, people screaming HURLEY!!!!

Me....I would scream and then smack you in the shoulder for scaring me.

Steph said...

Oh man, "Hurley" or not, if I turned the corner and realized there was someone there, I'd die of fright. I am that jumpy.

Anonymous said...

If I didnt expect anyone when I came out the elevator - I would def scream my lungs out... and when Id realize it was you... I actually think Id ask if you were typing the numbers, LOL. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Apex Zombie said...

If you spoke Korean and were wearing the Mr. Cluck's chicken suit, that'd be a slightly bigger freak out.

Miss Scarlett said...

After clutching my throat in terror, I hope I would have the good sense to say: Keep enterin' those numbahs brutha

Then I'd be blogging about you blogging.
The circle continues.

Liz said...

Last night in Dublin! Nooooo! I haven't run into you yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,
what you experienced in that corner of the hallway is called
movement-sensitive lighting!
It is usually more used for outside lighting and very common in Europe, but as a hallway lightning rather unusually.
How good the Hatch hadn't had such an outside lightning, perhaps the Aliens wouldn't have understand that mess of morse code then?!
Hope you enjoyed you 108-typing in that mysterical corner of an Irish Hotel!
Have fun and have a great summer!

FinoBlogger said...

Jorge, You'll have to come to Spain!!!!!!


bye bye!!!!!

Mara said...

jajaja yo me hubiera vuelto loca :p hubiera flipado :p besitos!

Jodi said...

I would be so happy to see "Hurley". If it was "Jacob" then that would be a whole other story!

Hope you & your girlfriend are having a WONDERFUL time Jorge! Safe travels to you!

chefmom said...

Your too funny. I bet the guests got a kick out of it though!

Topanga said...

I have to say how much I appreciate how dedicated you are to your blog and to us that you take the time to make entries while on vacation. Jorge, the simple every day things that you share with us makes it feel like this is more a friend/friend relationship than a celebrity/fan relationship and I think the down-to-earthedness you exhibit in your posts speaks volumes as to the gentleness and warmth of your character.

A wave and "thanks" from Nova Scotia, across the Atlantic to Ireland as you continue your tour. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge, How long are you in Dublin for! I have been living here all my life, will you be heading out to the penninsula of Howth at all.

~Karen~ said...

In that kind of atmosphere, I'd have to ask if Mr. Eko is nearby!


www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Oh why don't you stay I'm going to go to Ireland in 2 weeks =(
I won't see you ='( *Crying*

Hope you had a good time over there =)

Big kisses from France, Eva

elainemarieg said...

It's also fun to surprise unsuspecting hotel guests who pop out the elevator and see someone typing in the dark corner. And then he ends up being "Hurley."

I love your sense of humor!

bignivanut said...

@ topanga
Well said!

I totally agree! Love your blog.

PJSander said...

Just discovered the blog and must say that I haven't chuckled this much in one sitting at my computer in... well probably forever. Thanks! I will be checking back in.

: ) P

Dolphin Boy said...

Aloha Jorge...

Drink a "pure" Guinness for me! or two!


Anonymous said...

hi Jorge
Hope you loved London, did you see any shows in the West End? I was there in April to see Hairspray with Michael Ball, fantastic.
Please let us know what you saw while there and any photos???
Missing you and all the Lost gang, feel like all my friends left town, hehe.

Terrence Paquet said...

"Last night in Dublin" sounds like it'd be a great title for a book or U2 CD.

Funny stuff.

Eldrich Stewspoon said...

OHMYGOSHICLES! I love your work! you are sooo amazing! check out my blog! im a singer that gonna be famous soon!

pink said...

I didnt know this about you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjgzk1L-UZg
you are great dude!
Have fun around the world!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Bahahahaaaa that is funny

Betsy said...

That's brilliant, Jorge. The image you described made my day- thanks! :)

Nicole said...

This is probably the closest I'll ever to get ya Jorge!

I'm down in Tipp (about 3 hours away from Dublin)

Hope you're having a great time :)

Plumeria Web Design said...

LMAO, I bet you scare the "daylights" out of them ;)

paul in vegas said...

are you already in las vegas?
i woke up to two text messages that you were outside of mirage around 2:00am local time.
i can hook you up with show tickets. let me know.
-paul in vegas

Ray Faughnan said...

That's so cool you were in Dublin My neck of the woods hope you enjoyed it i finally Found your blog after hearing all about it I'm a huge Fan of the show and your my fave in it nice to be here I've started a blog myself my inspiration was nicki Clyne ( Cally Battlestar ) also a huge fan of that show well I bet it was Funny for people walking down the hall and to find Hurley there kinda cool

LaSk said...

Hi, Jorge, I could not consider myself a fan if I didn't know about your blog :S
Now the thing will be different
I'll going to revising your page to read your news.
I hope you're ok! I love Lost, and your character I think is the BEST of all...

PD: I also think you should write some post in spanish, at less to give us the satisfation xD

Ray Faughnan said...

Do come here again there is so much to see here I'm a Dublin Local and its a great place to visit would be cool to be in that hotel walk down the hall way and bump in to Jorge that would be some story to tell people of all people to See in a hallway in the dark Kinda spooky as well well please look up my blog's my youtube's and other web stuff youtube search bobzombiefilms & Grizmo006

paula said...

I Loove You jorge!!^^
and i love hugo too..!! =P

do you speak spanish??
espero que sii,, !

bueno.. me encaanta lost, y me encantaron las fotos del blog!!^^

soy de argentina, hace poco vinieron Domminic y Evangeline,
y esperamos verte a vos tambien por aca algun dia.. =D

-and..if i found you in a hotel ..I probably would die!! LOL

saludos y besos..

Nico Mank said...

Jorge: Hi. Greetings from Argentina. Plase prepare for a non intelligent comment:

I don't know if you saw this, but apparently there is a guy very similar to you here!
check it out below:


Dominic and Evangeline where in buenos aires, last week! :P


PS: are you chilean related?

seebrock3r said...

hi jorge! u're the actor i like the most in lost, because you have a face that brings happiness to every situation... please let me know if you happen to hang around Venice, i live around there and i'd love to meet you :)

john (not lennon) said...

Fáilte go hÉirinn!

You should head north for about 40 mins and check out the Jumping Church in Ardee! :)

Give me a shout I'll give you the tour.

Is Terry O'Quinn still around in the West? He was in Dublin last week.

Shame you guys aren't getting good weather while you're here.

Enjoy your stay.

Lynn Faruque said...

I'm so jealous!! Ireland is on my list of must-see countries some day.

I'd probably pee my pants too!!

Enjoy for me!!

Love ya much~~


Urs said...

Hiya just want to say I love the show ye are all excellent and I look forward to it every week!! Hope Ireland was good to you, it's a nice place but the weather can be terrible! Bit spooky too!!! Any plans to return? Keep up the good work! (God I'm such a teacher)

Urs said...

Hiya just want to say I love the show ye are all excellent and I look forward to it every week!! Hope Ireland was good to you, it's a nice place but the weather can be terrible! Bit spooky too!!! Any plans to return? Keep up the good work! (God I'm such a teacher)

Anonymous said...

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