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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Man I have lots to blog about. Went to Monte Carlo, then London, now I'm in Ireland going all over. Last night we stayed in a castle. It was pretty cool. 
This is their bar it's full of dog statues. 
Apparently it's a bar joke. If you can tell him how many dogs there are you win a drink. But the bartender told us a story about a time the lights were doing tricks in the cellar. When he told another employee, the employee told him that "it happens on occasion, they were just saying, 'hello.'" Now that guys doesn't go down there after 11. After that story we walked around the outside of the castle and totally thought this was a guy on the roof: 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

brown bread! i bet you're going to have an entire blog dedicated to it. mmmmmmm.

elainemarieg said...

Hi guys! Glad you had fun. So in the daytime was it really a guy on the roof, or something else?

bertas said...

Oh I love Ireland :) If you are in Dublin do check out the Dame tavern (its a bit off Temple Bar), they have the best craic, its a bit small but the music and company is great... and if there is a very old guy with a dicky bow sitting at the bar tell him I said hi :)

Mara said...

It really looks like a person... uhhh! jeje Besitos!

Anonymous said...

That really looks like a person on the roof - so what did it look like in daylight ?? Ive always wanted to go to Ireland, but never had the chance yet...

wjl (Wolfgang Lonien) said...

Oh man, should you ever - ever - come around to Germany, you're happily invited (I live in the south of it, near Munich airport).

And yes, Scotland is great. And the people there are great. I really love it. And the more north you'll get, the poorer and nicer the people are.

Don't you just love that way of pronounicing (I'm hesitant to call it an "accent", because Scottish is way more beautiful than English IMHO)? Doesn't it remind you of Henry (Desmond)? I really love his "See ya in another life, brotha"...

Enjoy your trip, Dude...

wjl (Wolfgang Lonien) said...

Oh my - you're in Ireland, not Scotland. I was caught and misplaced by a donkey wheel as it seems...

Avinash said...

Think that's scary? When in London, visit Streatham at night.

I once fell asleep in a drunken state on a bus and awoke in Streatham. I would have given a million pounds to have been in a haunted castle instead.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

beautiful photos and great looking castle. did you ever figure out if that was someone standing on top ? have fun !!

Vegana da Serra said...

I would love to go there. God damn it, i really need some real vacations!

You´re a lucky man!

Betsy said...

Count me in wanting to know whether that was an *actual* person on the rooftop at night! Looks like there are a couple human-like-folk on the roof during the day in a similar place judging from the first photo... second shift watch tower guard?

I also look forward to brown bread posts.

Crystalia said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! I love the pics, keep em coming! :)

redelf said...

My mom's family is Irish, every last one of them...but I have never been to Ireland! lol

I have heard that every Castle has a ghost, its a requirement I think.

Topanga said...

Hamlet's dad!!!

I carry almost 100% Scottish blood. There's a castle in Peebles, Scotland that use to belong to my mother's clan. It's a spa now. If you end up in Scotland maybe you'll see it. I've never been to Scotland. I should go check it out. It costs less for me to fly from Halifax to London than Halifax to Montreal.

MattNud said...

I'm Irish, I live in Rathfarnham in Dublin.
Where abouts in Ireland are you?
Are you going to Dublin? and if so when are you going?
Terry O'Quinn is also in Dublin, I saw him on a chat show on rte on saturday, is their like a thing with Lost actors coming to Ireland in Summer??=D

Sorry for the large amount of questions

Unknown said...

ah man, dromoland castle is 5 minutes from where i live, i'm in ennis, clare, just down the road, would of love to met ya for a pint !!
next time, drmo;lands lovely, nice golf course !!

Honeybell said...

You should totally join TAPS on Ghost Hunters, Jason and Grant could use a little Latin flava!

Awesome, I love the UK, and very glad there wasn't a big scary ghost on the castle

(I scrolled up.)

James Hernandez said...


I double dog dare you to say to some of your Irish hosts "I thiink it would be cool to time travel and meet William III of the House of Orange-Nassau. He was awesome for Ireland" :-)

Rodrigo said...

In Chilito we are hoping to enjoy a few Completitos and some empanaditas ...

Jodi said...

That castle looks beautiful! I so want to go to Ireland. My being a travel agent should help matters but it doesn't LOL!

Enjoy & have a safe journey home!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Sooooo how many dogs were there?

Terrence Paquet said...

Hey Jorge.

Maybe it was Jacob??

Terrence Paquet

Terrence Paquet said...

BTW, Nice to have you back and blogging!

Terrence Paquet

DemonKidz said...

Awesome castles!
Love the travel posts, keep them coming!!

Kristen said...

Oh, I'm very envious. I really look forward to going to Ireland one day. So what did it wind up being on the roof?

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

maven said...

Glad to see you're able to blog again. We were wondering where you were! LOL You probably do have a zillion stories to tell, you see the world in such a different way! Can't wait for the brown bread story Bethany alluded to!

Did you count the dogs?

Boyhowdy said...

I guess all places have their tales of superstition...here on O'ahu, it's bad luck to transport pork over the Pali Highway. Never tried it...why tempt fate, right?

Julia said...

Hi Jorge :D I'm so glad that you're keeping a blog! No one else of the LOST cast is doing that, right?

Nice pictures and I'm glad you're having fun.
I'm from Sweden but since last summer I've been living here in Kilkenny in Ireland so it's really cool to hear that you are here!
Kilkenny is in the south-east I think, about 1-2 hours from Dublin by car.
I wish you could come here and visit Kilkenny, since I'd love to meet you :P There's a castle here as well, hehe.

Do you like it here in Ireland? Where about are you, and where did you go? Have you been here before? Sorry about all of the questions, but this is the nearest I've ever been to talk to someone famous and I can't help it but going all crazy.

Haha, did you count the dogs? Did he tell you how many there were? XD

maure said...

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You´ll have fun with the quotes.
And take a look of this article, it´s you in Argentina. http://www.codigogeek.com/2008/05/21/hurley-de-lost-viaja-en-colectivo-en-la-argentina/
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Capmaster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Capmaster said...

Sounds like a fun time, Jorge. Get any good souvenirs?

Anne said...

If you get lost don't give the cabbie the address, just give them the closest pub. Works like a charm! Run up the coast to Tara. Mystical and So beautiful it'll make you cry!

computa-says-noo said...

I live 20 mins from there! I love it! Come back to Ireland Jorge!

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