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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ah. Home.

Man I was out for a month! I've been looking at all of my pictures. I want to stay in chronological order. But it looks like I have material for a while. 
First up was my trip to Disneyland and California Adventure.
The Submarine ride is now the Finding Nemo ride. 
I kinda miss my Submarine ride though.


Cool Dad said...

Welcome home, Jorge! Enjoy it! Looking forward to your pictures.

Kevin said...

Great pictures Jorge! I especially like the one with the rock formation. Kudos!

maven said...

Is that how big the bugs are in Hawaii? LOL

Welcome back. Look forward to you posting more now!

Amie R. said...

I miss Disneyland. Awesome pictures!

Jenninhawaii said...

Welcome home! Hope you had a great trip. I have enjoyed your pictures.

Please Type Legibly said...

I liked the submarine ride, too. Sure, it wasn't exciting or anything, but there was something nostalgic about it, nonetheless. Thanks for posting the pictures.

lostinphilly said...

Welcome home, Jorge. Looking forward to all your writing for this summer. Can't wait to see your pictures. There's no place like home,Right?

lostinphilly said...
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lostinphilly said...
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redelf said...

lol Those are great! Give the rock a kiss for me too! Last time I was at Disneyland I was still in pigtails.

john (not lennon) said...

looking forward to seeing your photos from your trip, you have a great eye for the comedic and strange :)

shame you missed the Jumping Church - next time!


James Hernandez said...


Is that the same rock that I thought was a turtles head, but turned out to be another sort of rock (in a manner of speaking).

Miss Scarlett said...

I love the middle picture.

Which of you won the arm wrestling match?
Evil bugs are pretty strong -- evil sarcastic bugs are dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Ive never been to Disneyland.. :o( But I dream of taking my kids there some day (when Im rich, LOL). Im looking forward to all your blogs and pics - good to have you back !!

Audra said...

We actually saw you guys after the Play Parade in California Adventures, we were there for my birthday, and seeing you made it so memorable!

Larkin said...

Pfft... DisneyLand? Disney World's better. Just sayin'.

Kristen said...

I felt a little let-down by the Finding Nemo ride. The way they were advertising it, it was made to sound much more exciting. *shrug* Great picture with the CA Adventure rock thing. (I know there's a name for it, but my brain's shot lol)

disneyland_grandma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
disneyland_grandma said...

It's called Grizzly Peak...

Terrence Paquet said...

OMG... And I thought the ants here were BIG!
Great pictures Jorge!

Terrence Paquet
Author of My Penis & other short pieces.

jen said...

It breaks my hear a little bit when they revamp classic Disney rides to coincide with more current films. I get why they do it, but still.. :/

Stufsocker said...

That's an awesome wolfie kiss. And you got your own Disney slave? Sweet! Thanks for the pics. :)

~Karen~ said...

I remember when that submarine ride was 20,000 leagues under the sea, in Disney World.

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