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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go tarts and cakesters.

Hey. It's been nine days. Sorry, working a lot. On set, I saw something on the craft service tale I've never seen before. "Go Tarts" it's a PoP Tart for those on the "go." Now I thought Pop Tarts were already for those on the go. It's like someone said, I like Pop Tarts but is there any way we can make them more phallic?

I tried it. The icing to dough to filling ratio totally off. The dough part totally over powers the bar. The jelly is now bunched up together in a tube form hitting you hard with it's fruitiness. And they skimped in the icing, the best part. If you're going to change the shape of something we like at least make it taste the same.

Like OREO. Personally I think they've gotten a little carried away with the Oreo cookie varieties. C'mon "dulce de leche?"
* By the way I want to put a stop to something. Dulce de leche is pronounce DOOL-seh deh LAY-cheh. NOT DOOL-cheh. The word is in Spanish. DOOL-cheh would make it Italian. If it was italian it would be spelled dOlce. Everytime I hear someone say, "DulCHE de Leche" it hurts my ears. I'm like Steve Martin in "My Blue Heaven" when Rick Moranis says "capeese."

But I digress. What I really wanted to talk about was the Oreo Cakester. Which is both wonderful and scary at the same time. Like unprotected sex. (Oh man. I'm sorry. That was totally uncalled for. USE A CONDOM!!!!! I SWEAR!!!! YOU WILL DIE!!!!!)

Somehow Oreo took the flavors we have loved forever: Chocolate Oreo Cookie and Oreo Cream Filling and "fluffed them up" into lovely miniature cream-filled cake sandwiches. BUT THE TASTE IS EXACTLY THE SAME. Familiar. Comforting. Same taste. Different texture. They are awesome. However I don't understand how they can do that. How do they match the flavor exactly?!! This is the scary part. There can be one answer, really...chemistry. Because if I learned anything from Fast Food Nation it's that the people making the stuff that we like the taste of, are not cooks anymore, but food chemists.

So try them. But then, put the box down. (It's harder than you know.)


ROSA said...

Oreo with Dharma logo?

Katie said...

It hurts my ears when people say expresso.

moc815 said...

You know... I've had my eyes on both the tube tarts and the cakesters. I'm not a fan of pop tarts to begin with due to the frosting dilemma... but if I have to I'll break it in half and eat it from the inside out. But I don't even buy pop tarts. Probably so I won't eat them. ok, it's so my kids won't eat them, but whatever.

Now the cakesters... I'll just have to run right out and get me some!

superduperkc said...

If you do a comedy tour next summer, I'll by tickets.

And also, I saw your thing about fanart. Now, you can't put THIS in a scrapbook. But I think it's pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

I love the sense of humor your have in relaying your observations. It's like Seinfeld on anti-depressants. You make my day!

D S said...

Dude, if you kept your myspace page, I'd have my wife, the food chemist, explain exactly how Nabisco did it via something not as public as these blog comments. C'est La Vie, even though you're probably happier not to get dozens of emails a day from myspace. If I can get around to it, I'll have her write it up and print it out. Great blog post though. You know I've been itching to ask about "Hawaiian food oddities" like their use of spam. More Craft Services Table posts.

D S said...

oh, and though us gabachos mean no offense, pronouncing Dulce as "dolche" is no different from us pronouncing Tor-nahhh-do as tor-nay-do or Cor-do-BA as Cor-DO-ba or burro with rolled Rs as bur-ro with plain Rs. We take the foreign language words as our own. Wait until a Londoner talks about Taa-cos or tay-cos or fillet-o-fish with a hard "t." But then again I have a neighbor who grew up speaking Catalan in Barcelona, I mean, Barthelona, and refuses to pronounce Latin American words in Spanish and instead uses Catalan. Freaky.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Personally I think you are making a big mistake with the stodgy cake chemical mix.. Try eating just fruit instead.. It'll prolong your life and bring you more happiness..


panke815 said...

heeeey!!!! I'm not first... not even the 108th... i don't care.... HEYYY JORGE!!!... I don't know if you're gonna read this but what the hell... I'm from Argentina and I LOOOOOOOVEEE LOST... and your character I think is the best character ever... I don't think anyone but you can't play it that well.... duuude... in the past 5 months I've been telling everyone i meet to watch lost, they started to think i was really sick... insane... but once they see it they can't get enough... and now all of us can't wait to see season 4... I hate people that write sooooooo much, but what the hell, JORGE WE LOOVEEE YOU..... PLEASEEE DON'T DIEEEE ON LOST (OR THE REAL LIFE EITHER)...if you think the writers are going to kill you, just get on the dharma van and try to turn the key....


Hurleyrules said...

Haha yeah ive heard those cakesters kick some serious ass still have yet to try em though. I keep forgetting to pick em up til im putting all the groceries in the car. Glad to see a new post from ya and even better to hear your workin alot, last year didnt have you in it nearly enough will be good seeing more hurley in the show in feb.

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge , first time comment this is, huge fan of yours as we all are.

You crack me up in every post you do, i so much look forward to dispatches from the island. Ashame you cant talk about S4 without producers sweating over it.

But I love you anyway.

Hoku said...

Ah "D" mentioned Hawaiian Food Oddities! So I am wondering, what is your take on our local treats? Like spam musubi, malasadas, plate lunches, cuttlefish, crack seed? I am sure they have local style food available on set. The film crew would revolt if they didn't! Or are you eating the oreo cakes (yes they are good) cuz you have not developed a taste for local cuisine? LOL

christa said...

go tarts sounds SO GOOD. oh man

JORGE! it was so nice to see you at the lost symphony. holy cow that music blew me away. i put up my lurk video of that on my supercw.com site. check it out?


Memo Rojas said...

I'm eating a pop tart right now... I'm so weak!!!

pichuneke said...

Write this blog for yourself, not for us. (I had a blog).

And if you like writing, perhaps is a good idea to write notes of the production of Lost, with anecdotes and the funny things that happened while filming. You could write a book, sure.

Just give me 5% of the benefits, for giving you the idea :-D

No.. it's a joke.

(Forgive my spanglish)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Kinda off topic, but I remember being in high school advanced english and the kids reading out loud saying monotony "mono-tone-e" and wanting to hurt them.

Миљан Давид Танић said...

Oh, your blog gets better and better :)
But as for unsafe sex - in a marriage you kinda have to do it if you want kids... :D

oceanicairline said...

hey Jorge! You are the best thanks for the blog! Do you know how long you are in production this season? I am coming to oahu in mid march next year and i would like to visit the set! I already tried it last year and met Carlton, Damon and Terry. I watched a scene from the finale. the one where everyone leaves the camp. that was the best moment in my life. So cool. i heared that there was a party at the end of last season with fans also. so i wanted to know how to get invited to this party. I am coming from germany, thats a long long way...but it would be so cool!!! thanks for the blog!

Taylor said...

Lol I love your sense of humor. In my opion with stuff like this if it ain't broke don't fix! Why do they have to change things! The stuff in Spanish drives me nuts too! I live in Spain and when I go to the states to visit my parents it drives me nuts to hear how people speak spanish and here the spainish speaking english is worse.

La Femme Chef said...

Hey Jorge!!! Dulce de Leche is a spanish word but not a spanish invention. It comes from Argentina, like I do and its amazing!! You have to tried it but not in an oreo cookie... you can't appreciate the real taste there.
Come to my country and I'll take you to a "dulce de leche tour" that you wont ever forget in your life..
By the way, we make the best barbecue too, with the best meat :P

sorry for my terrible english
I love you!!!!

2costa said...

the oreo cakester is indeed one on mankinds SUPERFOODS!

Fargalaxigirl said...

I cringe everytime I hear people pronounce 'cioppino' (fish stew) as SEE-O-Pini...it should be CHA-PINO.Ususally it's the same people that say EYE-talian.

I want to hear about the whole Kraft service table, you must have some great choices.With all the variety of local influences here you must have some 'onolicious' options...yes...no?

pocket said...

how cute! i hadn't heard of the oreo cakester. it's like alfajores!

Steven said...

Ooo... Oreos. Why did you have to talk about oreos? I think Strawberry Creme is the best of all of those, er, spin offs, I guess. What else do you call them?

Teacher Talk said...

Hey Jorge:
Really appreciate your blog but I also missed the great candid pics on ur myspace page. I love junk food too! I just think that we are so blessed to live in a day and age where we have delicious junk foody alternatives that are low-fat/low-cal. (I'm a weight watchers believer) I love the Dryers Loaded Ice Cream - full of junk but thanks to chemistry (i'm sure) its low cal and low fat. The hostess hoho 100 calorie packs are great too. I just can't give up junk food but am blessed that we are in a day and age where healthier junky alternatives are availble. Keep up the great work and tell Michael E. hey for us in SA Texas. Have a great weekend
BTW: Married unprotected sex still a little scary too.

Lynn Faruque said...

I swear I am really beginning to be scared of food!

The Oreo thing? I wonder what is being put in food these days, ya' know?

I was in an Extreme Makeover meeting not long ago and to make a point, we were shown a bag of McDonald's french fries and cheeseburger~~~~that had been sitting in the back of a truck, in the Texas heat for two months. Ok, so you sit there and wonder what you are gonna see when it comes out of the bag, right? You wonder if it will even resemble the cheeseburger and fries that is started out to be.

Well, guess what? It looked EXACTLY the SAME!!!! If that is not enough to scare the bejesus out of you I don't know what is. You have GOT to wonder how it could possibly look the same~~~and what we are putting in our bodies, what chemicals they added to do that. I dunno, but I don't think I want it.

And give me my Oreos unadulterated~~~I want to do the twist thing to get to the cream inside. Only way to eat them!!

Don't work too hard, Jorge. So~~~how many people call you Hor Jay instead of Hor Hay?? LOL!! Bet you get that a lot.

david alandí said...

yo hice un pastel de Oreo una vez, no estaba muy bueno pero me lo comí entero. Nunca más volví a comprar xD

Alééh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alééh said...

The Oreo's cookies are wonderful, so tasty yay!

Hey i'm from Chile ;D
when you will come here? with the others actors..i mean the world isn't just USA and UK or, or i don't know .... is not so bad come here, you know?
Take care!!

A hug :DDD


Cristhian C. Soto said...

Jorge dedicanos un post en español a toda la comunidad latina de LOST, esperamos nos dejes un saludo en español, desde hace mucho que lo esperamos.



Cristhian C. Soto said...

Jorge dedicanos un Tema/post/entrada en español, especialmente a la comunidad latina de LOST, desde hace mucho que estamos esperando un comentario o saludo tuyo en español. Exitos!


McHartnigan said...

Lo secundo.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I don't like the oreos, for me are bore, I don't know why, here in Chile have only with cream, the competition is Triton cookie, do you know? more sweet and the cream is more creamy, have in chocolate, orange and vanilla. Is the same, if you see is the same oreo, more big and different, mmm, marca? I don't remember the word, oreo is oreo, haha, triton is nestle I think.
Well, saludos para ti.

Woodeene said...

Hi Jorge!
I know you can't talk about anything that would be even the least bit spoilerish, but are you allowed to talk at all about your routine? Like what time do you get on the set? How much time is in make-up etc. If you have a night shot, what time do you have to be on set the next day? How often are the clothes you wear washed? That sort of general, non-spoilery thing. I'm sure those of us who read your blog would love to know.

Ferrus said...

Jorge tio, tirate el rollo y habla en castellano!!!


Capcom said...

Dolce far niente! :o)

jenne said...

now that i have read this, i *really* want some Cakesters!

i think Go Tarts are the dumbest invention EVER. and they taste like butt!

but Jorge, you rock. :)

kookie said...

Okay, man. If Jorge Garcia says Oreo Cakesters rock, I'm giving them a try. From your lips to God's ear, my friend. :P

oh pook said...

Now this is precisely the kind of blog i LOVE!!!!!

I'm in full agreement about the pop-tart to go thing... ration is wrong... I too have found the ration off with the different Reese's Peanut Butter cup variety shapes (like the bells at Christmas time)

Thanks for the thyumbs up on the Oreos... *adds them to grocery list*

You Can't Scare Me said...

Jorge, I've tried the Oreo Cakesters as well, and I wholeheartedly agree! It's an Oreo for those of us who prefer our desserts soft and chewy. Like cake, but with the delectable yet mysterious oreo filling. The only way it would be better is if they added ice cream. (I will write Nabisco about that right now!)

I am looking forward to some more wonderful Hurley epis in S4. BTW, have you guys thought about painting the Hurleybus orange? Think about it . . .

Gi said...

Dulce de leche roooooocks!!!!!

i loved the tips for working in rain scenes!

Unknown said...

hey Jorge! saying hi form the capital of Dulce de Leche...that's right, i'm from Argentina. And that's one of the few things that make me a proud Argentine, if not the only one :p. Anyway, I have four weaknesses: Cajun nuts, bitter chocolate, dulce de leche and Oreo (guess it's because the cookie is made with bitter chocolate). You give me any of those four, and you've bought me :p. Sadly we don't have those cakesters, but I think i'm going to the states in January, so i'm going to try them!!

that's enough :p
looking forward to season 4. Bye!

Lissi said...

HOLA Jorge!!!

Me encantan las OREOS... sobre todo mojarlas en la leche chocolatada mmmmmm jajaja

Acá en Argentina salieron las OREOS que vienen con la cubierta de vainilla y tambien las rellenas con dulce de leche...yo particularmete me quedo con las originales!!!!!!

El dulce de leche es lo mejor que existe en el universo entero... me alegra vivir en el pais lider dulce de leche jejeje...

pasame una direccion y te mando unos potes del mas rico dulce de leche argentino!!!!



scott said...

i am now hopelessly addicted to cakesters...

Anonymous said...

Soooooo true, man! Those cakesters are addictive and it IS hard to put down the box. Buy them only when on sale. ;)

Amy said...

so I'm at walmart last night & as I'm waiting in the check out line I see a 3 pack of oreo cakesters.....I remember you said they were good....so I bought them. I'm undecided. They were good, but they had kind of a chemical taste to them. I'm wondering if it's just cuz they were in the 3 pack & it's packaged differently (I think they pump nitrogen or something in the packages to keep them fresh). It's probably a good thing that I didn't love them! I'm already addicted to chocolate peanut butter Haagen Dazs (which walmart was out of).
I do think the mint oreos are addictive & the peanut butter ones are good in moderation.

My favorite cookies...Tim Tams (Australia). I've never seen them in the states, but I'm sure there are some stores that import them.

I think Nabisco should send you some oreo cakesters just for your free advertising :-)

Unknown said...

in brazil oreo caled "negresco". Is delicious too... :O)

Unknown said...

Good morning everyone... I was just reading about "dulce de leche", I am from Argentina, where the "dulce de leche" is from. Believe me, if you really ever taste a good pot of dulce de leche, you will never want to put anything else inside a cake!

vdayvickileigh said...


I love that you love Oreo Cakesters, because they have become a new obsession of mine.

Yovanna said...

Oy vey! Yes! Growing up, I remember pop tarts having loads of filling. I hadn't eaten them in many years when my husband brought home some...and I was horribly dismayed to find the darn things were all dough with this barely visible layer of something that might resemble filling, but it was more of a smudge between the dough than anything else. Now they've made a Mr. Happy shaped version with no filling?

Momof4 said...

Mmmmm, must try Oreo Cakesters. Thanks for the review. I like the *flavor* of Oreos, but the texture annoys me, so Cakesters would be right up my alley. (I don't like how Oreos stick in my teeth.)

Momof4 said...

Oh and unprotected s*x, done right, shouldn't be scary; it's the way it was meant to be: married & monogamous. Totally worth it. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA I have to laugh at your unprotected sex comment. I've totally had moments like those... OOOPS.. I probably shouldn't have said THAT!