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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fan art

Okay. So I google myself sometimes. What's the big deal? I do it for scrapbook material. I want to save all of this stuff about me so I can look at it when I'm old and forgotten. And show my grandchildren that I was once, the shit. Now I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but my sister is. She is hardcore about it. So I get the best of both worlds. I send her my stuff and she makes great looking scrapbooks for me. Because if I was scrapboking myself it wouldn't have as much "flair." And "flair" is the scrabook... thing. (Yeah there should be a better word there.)

My favorite thing to find online is FAN ART. I have found paintings, sketches, even models of me/Hurley all over the internet. You have no idea how huge that is for me. That's going to be the best thing to look back on. It's the tribute. How freaking flattering is that?! I can't believe I've made such an impression. I've even contacted some of the artists and they've sent me their pieces. Just think, if I get enough I can open up a bar & grill and use them to decorate.

These are links to some I've found, let me know if you come across any. And if you're an artist who does this kind of stuff, thanks for the tribute. It means a lot.






ROSA said...

So you google yourself sometimes.... Interesting...
I do the same sometimes, too... ;)

Jeff Paiva said...

Me too, Rosa. But odds are thar Jorge will get a lot more results than us ;-)

Way to go, Jorge. Nice to have the chance to read your thoughts, just like a regular guy.

Keep up the good work and cheers from brazil (huge following here, by the way)

Honeybell said...

How cool is that? I've seen some amazing fan art, and always wondered what their celebrity subjects would think!
I've also been hard at work, converting friends and family to the "LOST" side . . . gearing up for January!

Rachel P. said...

Hey Jorge!

If you haven't checked on http://www.deviantart.com there are THOUSANDS of pieces of fan art about you on there. You've even been turned into a plushie doll:

Capcom said...
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Capcom said...

Jorge, you'd better believe that you have made an impression on us! And you may get old, but you won't ever be forgotten.

The art of you is great! We even made a South park character of Hurley, on the website where you can do that.


We love you and Hurley. :-)

AB said...

I'll write about you. So the next time o google yourself, you will find my blog. You won't understand a word 'cause I'm brazilian. But that's the best part. Don't you think? Knowing that people talk about you all over the world? See Ya'.

moc815 said...

Great post Jorge!

I really hope you do get a bar & grill going someday. That would be a lot of fun to do on the side, I bet.

And being a "mommy"... yes MOC815 is a soccer mom... I *love* hearing about your scrapbooks. I'm not so good at the scrapbooks... but I'm going to make one of those premade online photo books I think.

maven said...

It must be so much fun to see fan art of you as Hurley! By having this blog, you sure come across as such a "real" person. I'm sure you're cherishing every moment of being on such a great show such as LOST. I'm sure your sister is doing a great job for you scrapbooking. That's one hobby I never got into!

Unknown said...

Hey cool! Thanks for posting my piece Jorge! I trust you recieved your signed copy. Keep up the awesome job on the show, we love you!

Adam Modiano said...

i hope this rally cry brings out a lot of interesting talent, as apposed to a bunch of really creepy people. becuase i see a lot of potential for this to turn creepy.

anyone remember that garage full of fan art in the movie 'Trekkies'?


Oli said...

Those are pretty amazing pictures :)

david alandí said...

el mejor es ese vídeo que alguien te dibuja a mano en un segundo y quedas perfecto!

Nose si lo has visto

Federico said...

If you google yorself, You have a BIG ego, man... ;)

Thanks for sharing!


M.D.G. said...

jorge te paso un link de youtube donde alguien te dibuja!!


JJB said...

There are some talented people out there. I'm sure they're ecstatic to know that you're noticing their work, just as their noticing yours.

[Oh, and I don't know anyone who hasn't ever googled themselves. :D]

Kaela said...

how about...flair is a scrapbooking essential, perhaps? great blog, by the way.

Miguel said...

hi! I did one of those once :) its here: http://apoise.deviantart.com/art/The-numbers-are-bad-49913294

2costa said...

jorge i whipped up a southpark inspired version of you click blog to see bigger version, unlike the maker of contra, i made mine from scratch, you know i'm just messing with ya cappy...

Mayra Menezes said...

must be nice to have your own fan art around the world...

every time I google my first name the only thing it shows are women much prettier than me and a funny little dog...or rabbitt...
i'm not sure. ¬¬

anyway, i think i'll provide my own fan art rsrsrs(lol)

o/ just ignore this...*laughing*

Avinash said...

My brother, Nihal, made this video of you on YouTube:


I know it's a bit random but if you watch it a couple times you'll start loving it, I know. Contact him if you can!!!

Avinash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
oh pook said...


Reading your blog makes you that much more endearing!!!

You brought a smile to my face!

cpennylane said...

I wish I had a flair for scrap booking, but I lack creativity. My scrapbooks look like photo albums with pictures in them, and an occasional flyer or newspaper article mashed in.

I'm sure your scrapbooks would be more interesting anyway!


Hola hurley!

Te hablo en español porque se que tu hablas español y tienes sangre chilena, yo soy fan tuyo por lo de lost y espero que algun dia visites nuestro pais CHILE para una entrevista aca en chile me gustaria hacerte una entrevista, yo tengo 15 años y seria mas que engullecerme si tu vienes a chile!

Saludos Hurley!

Atte. Luis Perez Ch.

Leito said...

Hugo, whats up man...I´m Leo, from Argentina, near the end of the world, right on the south...
Do you like Fan Art?
Enjoy this one...
See you man...

Leito said...

Me again...damn!! the adress is to long.
Try this:
(remember copy the 2nd line near the end of the 1st one)



40something said...

Ok, this isn't you - but it's probably the most awesome thing I've seen with regards to Lost Fan Artwork. Speed-painting of Terry O'Quin as John Locke... took my breath away...


ELI said...

Hello Jorge!

I am from Argentina!

I like the fan art too...


This is a video that I created about Lost... see you how I created you...



Sorry for my english!!

Do you understand spanish?

--thefox-- said...

You know, if you really want a laugh! You should head over to the Jater boards on Lost Forum. Hurley is referred to as 'The Jate Master' ;) Youre somewhat of a big hit!


Pablo said...

Hi Jorge, what a amazing actor you are!!, congratulations for your job.

Saludos desde Chile!

maria said...

man! we reaaaaaly love you!!
Kisses from argentina!!

Unknown said...

check out this speed painting of you man, its wicked


Luli said...

Hi, Jorge, I'm Silvana from Argentina. After reading your blog i began looking for fan art and I found this in google images(there are lots) http://bolasdac.webcindario.com/imges/camisetas/hurley.gif

juandavid said...

soy juan david de colombia soy un fan de LOST y tambien de Jorge Garcia el q me quiera agregar a mi msn q sea latino o colombiano o de medellin pa q hablemos de LOST y nos hagamos amigos es juandahr@hotmail.com
saludos jorge desde colombia

Bad Twin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bad Twin said...

Im thinkin of drawing you/Hurley somtime soon

if you wandering what type of drawings, heres on i just finished of dom


Mark�ta Glatzov� said...

Wish for an autograph

Dear Jorge Garcia,

I'm a great fan of you and therefore I would be very happy if you could send me one or two hand signed pictures of you. I would be very pleased if you could fulfil my wishes. Many thanks in advance for your kindness. Success may always be at your side.

Yours sincerely, Markéta Glatzová


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Mark�ta Glatzov� said...

This is for you!!!

Please have a look at this picture.
Your sincerely Markéta

Kaileigh Blue said...

Oh wow.. this is still. I was googling myself and found myself linked here. I'm not famoust I'm just extremely bored. I did the plushy.

And this little guy http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v698/Kaileighblue/gaia.gif who's an edit of the Avatars from gaiaonline.com

This one I did for a friend who got it made into a shirt for his girlfriend. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v698/Kaileighblue/hurley2.jpg

This one got showcased on the site back when I posted it. http://kaileighblue.deviantart.com/art/Duuuuude-23614755

And tons more.. I'm crazy. But enough me pimping. I've also found some Hurley art on deviant art:

denis said...

Hello, Jorge!
Thanks you for good game in a film.
Here some pics:





With the best regards from Russia! Denis (Vincent)

al_bat said...

here's new animations of you that i found on the internet... saludos!



Peppermint Twist said...

Jorge, you will never be "old and forgotten". Old yes, but forgotten, no. LOST is to television shows what the Beatles are to rock music. And while they (the Beatles) are now getting along towards "old" (or dead, in some cases), they just keep finding new audiences with every new generation (what are we up to now, "Gen Y"? I can't keep up) and they are just as enjoyed and appreciated as ever...although they can now walk down the street without mobs of young girls screaming and throwing themselves at them. My point is, your work on LOST will go on touching and moving people right up until global climate change wipes us all out. When Lucille Ball got old, she once said to an audience, "My name is Lucy. I used to be on television." Like we could ever forget.

Will Von Wizzlepig said...

Dude, you are the most human and real character on the show.

And you appear to be so in real life, too.

That's very cool.

Eclectica said...

I have some fan art I did for you, once I heard you liked it...unfortunately I don't have a scanner and my camera is awol. Is there an address to send you the original? Thanks! You are the coolest man on television today!

rubbercement said...

i made a mii of you on my wii. =)

Arrigorri said...

Hi Jorge:

You can check this one:


As you understand Spanish, I guess you'll have some fun!

You're genuine!!

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Crank said...

Hey-not sure if you still check this or get notifications when comments are added...I saw these on digg.com


They're probably old.

I know you're shooting the LOST final episode now. I'm sure you will, but let us know what other projects you have coming up.



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