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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 14-19

I broke this up into multiple posts even though I'm doing this all the same day.

Day 14: A Plant (Man eating)
I don't if the guy is bleeding or he's just covered in pollen which sometimes happens when you have a run in with a plant. But the redness around was necessary to make it look like he was really inside. I really love the app Sketch Club and the way it allows you to manipulate your drawing and add textures. 

Day 15: A Hover vehicle
Again with the Self Portrait. My favorite part of this is the dust that gets dispersed by this machine which basically stole from Pig Pen from the Peanuts comic strip. 

Day 16: A Paladin (Representing any religion except Christianity)
The functionality of the trunk on the helmet is clearly in question but that and the curly boots made me really fall in love with this picture. 

Day 17: A devil / demon (without lifting your pen)
Ok so I didn't technically use a pen but I didn't lift my stylus. I loved going through these on Instagram because they all looked like they belonged in a demon themed book of mazes.

Day 18: A Tank
Don't have much to say here. It just didn't look tough enough till I put it over the black background. 

Day 19: A President (As a zombie)
Ok. This is the picture that unseated The Paladin as my favorite picture of this challenge so far. He's just really into that horse head (or donkey head). 


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