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Sunday, August 10, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 7-9

Day 7: A historical / modern icon you admire satirized using the reason you admire them most. (eg. Carl Sagan as a mad scientist)

This one was a tough one. The high concept was hard to figure out. Eventually I settled on Shakespeare as a coffee shop screenwriter.

Day 8: Close eyes. Draw a Batman

This was a blast. I kept doing it over and over. I discovered that with Sketch Club wasn't the best choice for this challenge because whenever my stylus would linger too long it would change the color I was drawing in to the white of the blank page. So I switched to Sketch Time (bottom two) of course this time I accidentally increased the size of my line when I got too close to the bottom of the screen.

9. A dinosaur, real or made up

"Made up" really gets your imagination going. So I thought, "what if ankylosaurus had his head on the opposite side of his body, with eyes on his 'club' end?" And this is how it turned out.


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