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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge Update Days 10-13

(Before we get into the drawings I just wanted to add a technical note that I believe I fixed the comment moderation so you should be able to leave comments should you like.)

Day 10 : Something Evolving.

So I new I wanted to do an man/ape with baby arms essentially. And I used the pictures of the Tarzan animated movie as a model for the split toes. I wasn't sure about the genitals but he clearly needed something in the middle and i wasn't about to draw him in a pair of dolphin shorts. (Not the brand, actually made of dolphin.) But my favorite part of this picture is his right baby arm is just "hangin' out" resting on his thigh like "see, I'm cool." Which is why this picture makes me smile. 

Day 11: Your favorite food (As a gift from the gods)
Picking a favorite food is impossible. But this week I found myself with a hankering for Mac & Cheese. It was the week of the hurricane threat and I was in the supermarket looking for food items that had a long shelf life. I really like the idea that it's just sitting in his hand. And really if these are the hands of a god then these noodles must be HUGE!

Day 12: A Super Hero
This gave me an idea of trying to do a 30 Day Drawing Challenge which regardless of category it has to be some kind of a self portrait. (Maybe it's the actor in me. )

Day 13: A Super Villain
Man I threw everything at this guy. Robot hand, belly eye, and magic double headed pitchfork. I started with the super hero and started modifying it into another dude. 


Mel said...

If you are ever in Virginia Beach, you need to eat the macaroni and cheese with truffle oil at the Vintage Kitchen. It's life-changing. I am so sad that I moved away and don't get it any more.

Faith said...

OK, the superhero with the cake is preeeetty much my favorite drawing ever.

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vee 9 said...

I just found your drawings using Sketch Club and they are great! Giant mac and cheese noodles! Yeesss.

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