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Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Big Island IV: Black Sand

So we checked out a black sand beach.
The people behind me seemed really interested in something.

It turned out to be a turtle.
I kept my distance because I had already wrestled one earlier.
Actually this was in a museum/aquarium place we poked our heads into.
It was interactive kinda. Here I am trying to work an underwater mechanical arm.
Wait a minute. These fish are fake!


803er said...

Cool pic of you and Foxy


Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'm liking your ET phone home fingers while you work the mechanical arm!

Unknown said...

I'm curious, how does an underwater mechanical arm work?

Malea said...

You have posted a ton today! And I have not folded one single piece of laundry, and it's all your fault;)

I love Hawaii. Even with the rats.

James Hernandez said...


Mmmm turtle soup! I hope that's politically correct, but that’s the first thought that came/resided in my head.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Punalu'u Beach (it means Sweet Water as a fresh water spring dribbles down the sand into the ocean. We also saw a couple of turtles there and it was so peaceful (early morning visit on the way back to the airport to fly back to O'ahu),

I have been laughing along with you (and cringing for Beth, too!) in your rat escapades. I am thankful the only critters we encountered in the house there in AMR (military housing) were geckos (loved those little guys), centipedes (spray outside each outside door each night to keep them from coming in under the door), and the one little grey mouse who startled me at 2 am coming from our cabinet airway access to the attic--of which I watched it come back and go up the space and promptly stuffed an SOS scubbing pad up the hole. The steel wool will shred their insides (sorry to be gross) when they eat into it to get through it--a local friend of ours told us this is how they managed their vermin population.

Love seeing you as you are and not in an acting position. :)

Irishcoda said...

Love the pictures. I so miss the beach. I think I need to live in Hawaii. Does Hawaii have scary beach erosion like New Jersey?

Shelley said...

I wish I could blow up your pics larger...must be my computer..well nice pics anyways..:-)

Goof said...

Makes me wish I can come to Hawaii some day. My hubby went last year during military TDY (work trip)

:p I stayed home and watched him (on the computer)wave to me from a webcam at Waikiki beach.

I WANNA GO TOO!!!!!!!!


Kaulana said...

D, Punalu'u means "spring dived for" Puna=spring, lu'u= to dive. "waimomona" would be "sweet water." There's an online Hawaiian language dictionary and many other Hawaiian resources at ulukau.org.

jennY said...

that pic of you and the turtle...priceless

Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi Jorge!!! I have something intersting here too!!!


Anonymous said...

Kauluna, Thank you for the correction. I should've looked it up but took it for face value by the person who was there on the beach who told us the name. :( It still is a very beautiful beach, and I only wish we had more than two days on the island. Still many memories were made there. :)