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Friday, December 18, 2009

Nunu Advent Calendar of Stuff She Likes to Chew: December 18th

Oh yes. My pants.
What happened to those pants?


Beena said...

I would imagine you find all your clothes have tiny, tiny holes in them!

Unknown said...

Very Big Nunu!!!


Alisha Rene' said...

those are pants? I hope they're pajama pants...........

Shadow Thompson said...


Chew chew, Nunu Nunu,
Dad's an actor,
Nunu is his pet.

Nunu likes to chew,
While Dad spends a lot of time wet!!

Nunu is a cute little dog.
With ears bigger than her head.

While dad is at work,
He doesn't even have a Bed.

Chew Chew Nunu Nunu,
There's one thing I would bet.

Swallow that stuff your chewing on.
And Dad's gonna take you to the vet.

Unknown said...

Nunu ate them!

( *eyes the pattern* Those are pants? )

Paperbak Writer said...


Just saw a new promo for Season 6 with polar bears falling out the sky and leaving bloody streaks on the building that they hit on the way down. Interesting, to say the least. Can't wait until February!

Woodeene said...

I'm surprised you have anything left for her to chew on.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

What happened to those pants?

The alternatives are:

a. She ate it
b. Only chewed, chewed, chewed...
c. She dressed it
d. She peed on it (or something else)


yellowdoggranny said...

that's one ferocious little beast

James Hernandez said...


What a talented dog Nunu is, letting your pants out when you need them.

Mary said...

I am really enjoying your Nunu advent! hehehe :) The look on Nunu's face is always priceless...