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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Big Island III: Petroglyphs

The first thing we did when we got to the Big Island was check out the petroglyphs.
It was Thanksgiving so the options were obviously limited.
Beth wasn't too impressed.
I think this one's a picture of a naked lady.

And the ancient symbol for have a nice day.

Wait a second. Really?

Okay I'd like to think this is an ancient petroglyph of a man.
But who really knows? I bet "KAL" does.

When we left I saw these petroglyphs were dated as early 1800 so
I'm pretty sure the smiley face was one of the later ones.

By the way this place had the sweetest smelling public toilets I've ever been in.


Unknown said...

: )

Joan Crawford said...

I'm pretty sure that first one is the fabled Man-Of-Two-Wieners.

How lucky are you to have seen it!

yellowdoggranny said...

I'l say one thing.....
Beth has the sweetest greatest laugh ever...

lost-815 said...

Would you to know what i think about those Petroglyphs?
I think that this is the real island of Lost! :-)

WittyNickname said...

Jorge, some advice: you're supposed to go ON public toilets, not IN them. Saves on the shoes.

Unknown said...

I found your blog on Metafilter, gotta say, I love it :)

By the way, there's another internet community that would love to hear from you if you're willing. reddit.com has a section called IAmA (http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA) where people with interesting life stories can be 'interviewed'. I'm pretty sure people would go insane (in a good way) if you posted an AMA :O

If you want to do that and need help, you can message me on reddit, my username is Tafty (reddit.com/user/tafty).

James Hernandez said...


Death Valley has the worst smelling public toilets - I can only imagine them in July. Nice petroglyphs - looks like someone is doing the 'Egyptian' in one of them.

jennY said...

hey glad to see you in video jorge! actually the videos have been quite exciting and hope this is a new trend! wink wink..

Eugen Caitaz said...

I really liked this naked lady, It's a pity that she is very old for me! :)
I think that smiley was writen, by the one old blogger! ;)

Tinkerghthoughts said...

Next time you go to the Big Island and want to see petroglyphs, check out Kona Village Resort.

Amy said...

I've been to those petroglyphs twice (4 years apart). The 2nd time there was a lot more of the smiley face type things that are obviously the handiwork of idiots - it's really too bad that people think it's ok to carve stuff into the rocks like that & mess up what's been there for 600 years.

Paul Burrows said...

"I bet "KAL" does."

Thats a Superman/Smallville reference!