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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kudos Smarte Carte

On the new design.
Not only is the newer cart shorter in length, but it also doesn't have that raised lip at the end to hold luggage in, like the old one did.
Now it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to balance even two bags on it. 
So more people will be forced to get a second cart. 



Eugen Caitaz said...

Yes I understand you.
Seems to me they to eat at them (Good carts) but they prevent them to you.
But you what already not sleaping ?
It is still early at you.

Chelsea said...

Are you SERIOUS? What's next?? Smaller airplane seats with no arm rests?? This sucks. I'm bummed.

DarkJule said...


The Ferber Family said...

they don't call 'em smartecartes for nothin' you know! like every other business at the airport they know how to bleed you for all you're worth!

EdH said...

Why does everything in the US have to have a "clever" brandname. Over here it would be "trolley"

anagram of SmarteCarte = Ma Streetcar

Jana said...

Just another way to get the green out of your pocket. I see luggage with 4 wheels that can go in circles a better option. But that would be to easy.

Oz said...

Jorge, I hope you get this, but .... *sniffle* that's my Smart Carte picture you done did stole there.

Where's my credit?

Arcticroses said...

But I thought the airlines only allowed one bag anyway? Or did that change? How can you tell I do not fly....

redelf said...

Put a motor on it and its the next big thing in racing.

Unknown said...

Good Grief!

wharfrat said...

Does this cart mean you are leaving our fair isles for awhile?
Please return to us.

Paul Spooner said...

You're such a cynic! (I believe you though...)

ValMo said...

Wow. That's so...


OurWanderingAdventures said...

NO WAY?!?! Wow, they really are getting crazy now! I need to start carrying around my own giant trolley for luggage....hmmm..time to dump the kids out of hte double stroller and pack the bags on there!

Lori said...

What a pain in the rear - those leeches won't stop until they get every possible cent!

We took a family vacation in September with a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old, and on one SmartCarte, we managed to fit 2 suitcases, a big bag, a backpack, a full-size booster seat (with back), an infant carseat base and a diaper bag. No way we could fit even close to that on the new design. Way to go, guys.

Dreamybee said...

I guess since all you're allowed to check anymore is one bag anyway, this should be fine. Right? Riiiiiiight. I'm with Jana-get the 4-wheeled luggage. We have one of those suitcases, and it's awesome.

Wiccababe said...

oh so cynical :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny - I used to get irritated at the little lip up thingy!!


Jules said...

Yikes. I don't like the new cart either. Did you ride around the airport on it like a kid? I could see you doing something like that.

Queen Hallowdragon said...

And here are airlines hurting so bad, yet it seems every other month they add/take away some reason to make us throw up our hands and say,"Screw it,I'll ride a BICYCLE before I use your stupid planes again!"

Atlas Cerise said...

You ever flown to Italy? They come with a plumber to help you load your kart up!

Joey Polanski said...

You evr flown to France? They got Descartes -- whos pretty smart, I gathr.

Sonia DeHume said...

visita mi blog


Das Mutter said...

I wonder if the government was involved in that brainchild.

Kristianna said...

That's just wrong. I travel with small kids and we don't need to have aNOTHER thing to push, thanks.

Blake and Lucinda said...

Oooh have you seen the suitcases that have 4 independent turning wheels? They're all the rage here in Japan. I have one and it's great- you can push it around with just one finger. They're great, no need for "smart carts" :-P

Susanlee said...

Boo this is really shitty. As if we needed anything else to make travel more of a hassle. Remember when flying and being in the airport was actually fun?

seenitlovedit said...

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seenitlovedit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Atlas Cerise said...

Cancer? Someone on the island's got crabs?

Heather said...

Seriously? Nothing like ripping people off enough sometimes with the whole airlines and airport stuff but even the luggage carts now? I call shenanigans!

Joyce said...

Lay the bags down flat, then you can stack 2 or so.

Kaileigh Blue said...

Has the airport decided you were "questionable" and needed to be subjected to a special search yet? I got that in Las Vegas. they wouldn't let me on my connecting flight to California then I got last in the airport and had to go back through security again and they decided I looked suspicious (YES, I WAS CRYING YOU BASTARDS. YOU MADE ME MISS MY FLIGHT.)

I hate flying.

Oh and Awesome you have Chinese sex peddlers and someone trying to make people angry at you on your blog.

Let me take that back. I hate people.

Nena said...

I recently had the pleasure of using the new Smarte Carte (what is up with adding the "e" to two words that DO NOT have an "e"? It's not even clever. Like spelling cat with a "k" to make it match kitty - which isn't clever either, but at least I understand the reasoning).

I could not balance my bag and my daughter's bag on it. My daughter's bag is very small. It was ridiculous.

Lara said...

I always have to say Smarte Carte like the Swedish chef would. "Smahr-te cahr-te!"

I think my kids are big enough now that I can make them haul their own bags rather than get any Smarte Cartes.

::Nico_strike:: said...

hola jorgue!

soy de chile tu pais natal!

saludos, buen blog y eres muy buen actor.

Pepe said...

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Georgia Hardstark said...

I wonder if you've seen this. It's called Lost Babies:
It blew my mind a little. You're Fozzie Bear!

Georgia Hardstark said...

Oops! I meant Rowlf, not Fozzie! It's been a while since I've watched Saturday morning cartoons.

Paul Spooner said...

"He's worked out the quarters" Guess the film and win...well nothing, but guess anyway!

sfj3 said...

Aloha Jorge :)
Long time reader, first time commenter.
Any chance of a signed pic? Comment back if so, that would be awesome.
Keep up the great work :D

Cheap and Evil Girl said...

and so sad, we pay for them here and they are free in europe...

Cat said...

Why is it that some industries, such as air travel, put the screws to the very people they depend on? They just keep making it harder and harder for us to fly. Too bad we can't just boycott for better service. Next thing, we will have to bring our own toilet paper. (Oh, but it will have to go through a scanner! I would tell them they can scan it all they want AFTER I use it!)

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