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Friday, December 26, 2008

Nobody Warned Me

I'm at my parent's house, watching movies on cable. It's good. I'm clearing stuff out of my netflix cue here. So far I've enjoyed both Fracture and The Negotiator

But nobody warned me about Eastern Promises. Nobody told that Viggo would be showing full area. I mean it was a naked beat down complete with high kicks and somersaults. I for one, was caught off guard. 

So in case you haven't seen it. Be advised, you WILL see under carriage. 


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Are you kidding me? Viggo's nakedness is the sole reason my mom bought that DVD!

Debra said...


I wonder if I can find a video store around here that is open all night?


Red said...

Gotta rent that one!

When my ex was overseas I sent him "Crying Game" and didn't forewarn him. He was so mad!

jessehardesty said...

Yeah, I was quite surprised myself when the whole sausage fight went down.

My sister(who I went with) was quite excited about it though.

Jodi said...

You were probably like "I didn't need to be a party to that" LOL!

Anonymous said...

O.K - thanks for the warning! And if you happen to see any Bruce WIllis with undercarriage action then I think you had better warn me about that too please!

elainemarieg said...

The ladies here made me laugh!
Poor Jorge!

Highdicesugar said...

Just be glad it was Viggo naked that you were seeing, unlike me who got caught off guard with the nakedness in "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story". It was enough to make me want to hurl. Be forwarned (the movie wasn't even funny).

chunky_lover68 said...

uhhh it's just a wang, pretty sure you got one too, hopefully.
i think i found the whole sex with a minor thing to be ten times more shocking. Either way that film was top notch, chronenberg has always been daring. tell him to give you a role, i see a naked knife fight in your future!

poggy said...

This is funny, because I just rewatched it yesterday. And totally looking foward to that scene, but then, I'm a woman, lol.

Tasha Who? said...

*jots down "under carriage"*

Aside from that, I still want to see it... I heard it was a good movie, from both women and straight men... so I'm assuming there wasn't any bias.

Please Type Legibly said...

No kidding??! Writing....down.....title..... ROFL. Sorry Jorge, but it's about time the men had to take it all off, too, don't you think?

Kara said...

Best naked fight ever!

Hoku said...

It is about time! We have put up with nekked ladies in films forever! Now it is our chance to enjoy! Why do men have to complain about it?

Hey you missed our island wide power outage! The entire island went dark all night after lightning hit something near Kahe power plant. They are still getting the power on slowly, 17 hours later!!! 8( Hope Blockbuster has power cuz I am heading there for that movie now... hehehe. Thanks for telling me ;)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

miss you

VJ said...

As a fan of yours, I have been following your blog for quite awhile but never felt that I had any interesting comments to contribute.

But I just finished watching you on the Game Show Network in a re-run of Russian Roulette! You were introduced as a newsstand operator, so I assume this is before you became wildly famous!

redelf said...

OOOkkkaaayy there are things in this life that do not need to be seen...that might be one.

Capcom said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendation...er...warning! :-D

Honeybell said...

Being a dirty old woman and all, I consider this a promise, not a warning. :D

Jennifer said...

I knew that many women would be delighted with this information, and I wasn't wrong.

Viggo just might be one of my favorite actors, and that movie just might have made it on to my "too be watched" list. Can't believe I've missed it this far... I'm pretty sure I've seen everything else! There was full frontal in another one, but can't think of which one at the moment.

Merry Karma said...

Nobody warned me either. Darn.

Kris said...

I actually didn't think it was as 'woah omg there's his nakedness!' as everyone had been on and on about. And the awesomeness of the movie toally outweighed the shock factor IMHO.

Nick said...

I thought it was a good movie but enjoyed "A History of Violence" more (although it's another Cronenburg, so its extra gross).

Laura CaƧoeiro said...

And that is a reason not to see the movie or is it the opposite? ;)

Lynn Faruque said...

Jorge, I just love you guys. You have always been honest to your fans and shared with us. And you are a genuinely good guy.

Because of your openness here, I got to know Nunu a long time ago and more recently Beth. I read your post and her simple and heartfelt "miss you" here. Makes me feel somehow that I know you guys in a way.

Thank you for allowing a glimpse into your world. And here is hoping the new year will be all you and yours can dream of.

Oh, and I just did a marathon Lost viewing~~~~the whole 4th season on DVD. I am ready for season 5!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the warning! I don't really care to see Viggo's downstairs! :D

Derek Brink said...

Yeah, I saw that. He gave a really balls-out performance.

...sorry. :)

ValMo said...

Wasn't he nakie in another film, too? One that took place in the Sixties? Anyone?

Dr Mum said...

Yes Great movie! filmed in London too!

BUT....My favourite movie this year was Silent Light directed by Carlos Reyedes and is also one of my all time top arty weepies. Giant emotional clout with awesome cinematography.
I recommend it to you.

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