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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorite gift so far

Now I still have friends to see and mail to go through when I get home (and P.S. it's not a contest guys) but so far my favorite gift of the season is this:
It's a book my sister gave me, about the size of a children's book, full of pictures of my dog. 
It's really nice and glossy, professionally printed and bound  by the people at Snapfish. I recommend this if you can get your hands on some jpgs ahead of time. 

In fact get the pics now while there is time for them to forget that they caught you on their computer going through their files. 


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Aw, Nunu is adorable!

Petra said...

I love scrapbooks and photo books. There really is nothing more personal. And when the subject is SO cute... I particularly like the photo of Nunu behind the red and white striped cushion!

Happy New Year!

: ) P

Lisa-Maladylis said...

that is a neat book. I did some of them like that when my son passed away and then got enough for his friends and family so we would all have his photos all in one book. Nunu looks great. Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. Happy New Years too.

Hoku said...

Awesome! What a thoughtful and personal treasure. And the star of the book is adorable, as always!

~Karen~ said...

That is the perfect gift!

Barracuda said...

Nunu is adorable
very sweet gift

Julie said...

Photobooks are awesome. I did a 104 page photobook portfolio or all my 2007-2008 photography for my parents and grandparents for xmas. They loved it. I used www.blurb.com. I have heard of the place your sister got yours done but have not tried them yet. Maybe I will give them a try next time! :)

Happy New Year!

Robbi said...

What a great Gift!!!!
Love it!!

Happy New Year!!!!

maven said...

These photo books are the greatest thing to come along! A Nunu photo books is an awesome gift. What a thoughtful sister!

Lynn Faruque said...

Awwwww~~~~you are right, that is the perfect gift.

New Yorker wannabes said...

Nunu is very very photogenic!

so cute :-)


Please Type Legibly said...

That gift showed some thought and imagination - no wonder you liked it so much! And that first one of Nunu by the pillows looks as though it was professionally taken.

Kelipso said...

Sweet! I gave a Snapfish photo book to my husband for Christmas this year - but they were pics of me doing pin-up hula girl shots LOL. Hey, he's a submariner... he'll need some way to remember me while he's deployed!!

soozenw said...

Awesome book. We got all of our relatives those for Christmas.

Moxie said...

Dear Jorge,
I just read your post: http://dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com/2008/05/dear-amanda-ruppe.html

I am Amanda Ruppe's mom and she will be over the moon when I tell her about this.

You are the man!

Capmaster said...

Nunu's ears look like air brakes on an F-14. It would be hard to sneak up on that dog!

Jodi said...

I got one of those through Kodak Gallery. I loved it too.

There is nothing better than pictures of animals to make the perfect gift. I'm the same way with my cat. If I get a gift with him involved in it, it becomes an instant favorite.

Jodi said...

By the way, Nunu just keeps getting cuter! Forgot to say that.

Unknown said...

wow great idea for a gift, now i know i won't be lasting my time in the mall to find a mother's day gift!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge and Beth and of course, drum roll, Nunu.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is so precious but is Beth turning green?
Pen 2

Ramon Mineiro said...




Julie Phillips said...

I use snapfish for all of these books. I even made one for when I in Hawaii in 2006. They do a great job......Happy New Year!!!!


redelf said...

That is really cool!!!! I would love to have one of my kids! I will have to drop some major hints at my husband for my 40th next year!!

Cloudia said...

Good NuNu!!

Shadow Thompson said...

LMAO, I am sitting here getting caught up on Lost. We do it every year. When the previous year comes out on dvd we sit down and watch the whole series from episode one and time it just right so the last episode we watch is just before the new season starts. I just love your character. You just tackled Sawyer and pulling him back under the tarp as he is trying to escape. Now your licking peanut butter off of a leaf. And there is Dave. You are priceless dude. PRICELESS......

Tasha Who? said...

Okay... Snapfish has bumped back up a few notches in my book! That looks fantastic!

I need to find a way to remember this for gift time for the family... of course, I'll have to try to keep this in mind for at least 5 months!

Anonymous said...

THat is a way good idea! But I guess you need some quality pics to start with hey? I always chop heads off and have wonky shots!

Laura CaƧoeiro said...

Your sister has good taste in gifts. My favorite this year was the DVD of Lost 4.

I hope that this year you go well and you have much love, health, friends, jobs and money.

I wish the same for all, who are reading this post.

P.S: Caution on drink the champagne! If you drink not drive.

Kiss from Portugal

Sergio N.N said...

nice dog!
this Chrismas my parents gave me "lost" season 4 on DVD :D
I'm so happy for that!
And for me, the best audio coment was "the beginning of the end" because you and Evangeline were so funny on the coment! jajajja

Capcom said...

Wow, that really is special! :-o

Ali said...

I gave a similar gift to my mom for Christmas, only I used Apple's iPhoto, and I love how it came out!

Roberta said...

That's really great! And Nunu is soooo cute!!!

Wish you a great 2009 :D

elainemarieg said...


NamesnotAnnie said...

Happy new year, Jorge!

Looking forward to a great new season of Lost and more blog posts to make me smile. (:

I'll keep the photobook idea in mind...

Daniel Fahl said...

Greetings from Sweden.
And a Happy new year! :)
What a great present.
I'm looking forward to a Great Season of lost with alot Jorge/Hurley Moments ;). I hope your character wont be killed by those evil Writers who killed Charlie :/.

kathy said...

Happy New Year Jorge!
Such a sweet thing your sistah did for you, making you the picture book of Nunu. My daughter also received one for Christmas from her best friend, filled with pictures of their times together.
It's something she'll treasure forever, as I'm sure you'll do with yours too. :D

Anonymous said...

Nunu is absolutely precious! My sister did calendars for Christmas 2007 with pics of my 3 year old nephew (he'll be 5 this coming March. He's adorable. I told him the other day, "Cole, I can't believe you're 4 and you'll be 5 in March." And he says, "no Aunt Lilly, I'm 4 and three quarters!" God forbid I forget the three quarters, and how I went from Aunt Lisa to Aunt Lilly, I have no idea!

Unknown said...

I made one of these on Snapfish for my husband when he was serving in Iraq, and filled it with pictures of the kids and me. It was a big hit.

Mokona said...

How adorable!! The book looks like it turned out fantastic... what a great gift. Nunu takes the cutest pictures too.

Martin said...

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Unknown said...

You're the best:)
Kisses from Spain ,
I hope your character in LOST will survive this season ,

Lots of love!