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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh that explains it

I'm not making this up. This was my horoscope in the Kauai newspaper last time I was there. 


Konpasontzi said...

I am taurus too...
And i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel very identificated with that sentence...!

chunky_lover68 said...

woot Taurus Powah!!!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

weird. my horoscope when we were in kauai was...

"your bladder will endure fierce pain. your creative side will shine when you make homemade toilet paper in the van on the way to the hospital."

kauai really is spot on, huh?

Laura Caçoeiro said...


Maybe you might think, that other characters of Lost are more dear to the fans and with it, receive more attention. But in reality, Hurley is capable of being the only character in Lost that all of us (fans) love.
Turning this affection we have for the character for you.

And it's not good being more famous than what you think?

Kiss from Portugal

Jessy said...

Great, I'm Taurus too x)

Unknown said...

Hi George

You may not believe this but you've got a bunch of "lost" lovers in Iran (yes, Ahmadinejad's land !!!!).
We are impatient to watch the new series dude.
Everyone loves you here (except, ofcourse, Ahmadinejad himself ! kidding) ...

Daniel Fahl said...

Greetings from Cold Sweden!.
That gotta be awsome! I remember once that I got
"You will get shocked by the end of the day"
or something like that, and later that day I watched the season 3 Finale and Charlie died :/. Coincidence? Maybe, Maybe not.

redelf said...

lol that explains my son Harri.

Please Type Legibly said...

LOL.....what did it say for Sagittarius?

Lynn Faruque said...

Well no wonder I like you!! Gemini here, and I have never seen a Taurus I didn't like.

I have a small feeling that your horoscope may be true in the sense that you really may not know how much you are liked and loved.

And it's not just Hurley that people adore, either. We do, we love him. But we love you too. Without a doubt.

New Yorker wannabes said...

Another taurus here as well!! When is your birthday? Mine 05/18.

For what is worth...us tauruses...best characters...ever!

No wonder why people love you so much Jorge!


Kelley said...

cosmic divas, i swear...


lostinphilly said...

Horoscopes can be so right on sometimes, but other times they can just suck. Like a bad fortune cookie. You are popular and loved no matter where you go! Peace.

Venus said...


Aunt_B said...

I knew there was a reason I liked ya!! It was almost like that horoscope was talking directly about me. Well, with the exception of the popular, center of attention thing...

anomalies` said...

I'm a Taurus, too, Jorge. Hope your holidays were terrific.

Unknown said...

You're popular here in the small town of Great Barrington, MA! Love to see you in Lost and of course have checked out all your other work. BTW - my 11 year old son and I both think you're the best actor on Lost : )

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