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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy Crap!

I thought the storm was bad the last time.

But Wednesday night was a doozy.

At first the wind was kind of funny.
Then it started to get scary later that night...
and into the morning.
It blew out the screens in the cottage.
Then the rain came.
And the flooding.
You said it.


Petra said...

Holy crap is right! Hey at least you didn't have to WORK in it, right? But seriously, that gives "starting wet" an entirely new meaning.

Hope you've recovered.

: ) P

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sucks. Hope things get back to normal for you guys soon.

mMm said...

That's some crazy weather. I hope that it passes quickly! (It sort of made me homesick for Florida, since i live in NY now, and it never storms like that here.)

Der Merzmensch said...

Oh my, take care there!

You have to be lucky, you aren't filming in Russia, where I come from. In this time it's pretty - ehm - snowy there :-)

nomad said...

Here in nj we just went though 2 days of rain. some areas got flooded and some got some bad ass ice storm. build some boats out of paper and sail them. or get a RC boat,that would be cool speeding around the back yard there,lol. hope your dig's didn't get flooded. should find the source of a clog in the sewers maybe,lol.

nomad said...

p.s. did your tomatoes wash away? they got enough water know,lol. ;)

Anonymous said...

Be careful with noon. This is an ocean for her :D

Roberta said...

Hi all!
It doesn't stop raining and snowing in Italy too... I'm really fed up!
Sorry for the screens... are you sure Smokey wasn't around?!?! :o)

IslandPearl said...

Hope you didn't have much damage inside the house proper. Garages recover. Carpets not so much.

Fortunately we escaped the brunt of it this time around.

Movie Star Wife said...

I'm not sure which island you're on, but I have a friend that just moved to Maui a few weeks ago. I wonder if she had this storm. She is there to teach in a grade school.

Poche' said...

Man that's bad, and England is known for its bad weather. It's raining right now too luckily it isn't as bad as you've had it. Hope you sort it out soon, and if you get and ducks in your garage don't feed them or they'll stay:p

Angel said...

Holy Cow Jorge! I was waiting for the big smoke monster to come out of the bushes/trees! LOL! I hope theres not any bad damage and that your garden is doing ok. Have a dry Weekend!

Chas said...

Oh my, that's one of the things I don't miss about living in Hawaii.........the crazy storms. They don't happen all that often, but when they do, they're nuts!

M@ said...

O man! thats crazy
have fun draining that... does that happen often when it rains so hard?

Ali said...

i thought this was going to be another poo blog, based on the title.

But the rain is far more interesting. Was your dog freaking out?

Please Type Legibly said...

I thought I'd seen some good storms in the South and Midwest, but this ranks right up there with them. Glad you guys are okay though.

Rosemary Bats said...

We just had a pretty crazy storm up here in New England, too. A huge portion of New Hampshire lost power, and some of Massachusetts (where I live). Sadly, it was manageable in my town--which means I had to commute to my college for finals!

Cat said...

It was -12 here last night in MN with the windchill. I can't decide if I want that or the rain. Hmmm....

Nayeem92 said...

noting like this in ny

AlliE said...

wow u r so rite HOLY CRAP! it wuz a big storm, but at least they canceled school!!! YAY!!!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Oh, man! I can't believe it blew out the screens.

Here in MA, we had terrible storms last night, too. Some towns were so damaged, that the National Guard has been called in.

The flooding sucks. We live near the beach, and we've had to replace our furnace in the past after a bad storm has flooded the cellar.

redelf said...

First off, that is soooo cool that you can put videos up on your blog!!!

Second..I live in Illinois and we have flooding EVERY year. We live a handful of miles from the Mississippi river plus a dozen or more smaller rivers. Luckily we have never had out house flood though I know a lot of people who have been flooded.

Hope you guys dont float away!!!

Tasha Who? said...

As much rain as we need here, that type of weather still scares me... glad to see that you all were safe, but I can certainly understand the headache.

Jodi said...

Holy Crap! I hope you didn't get any water damage inside your house! I feel bad when I see flooding like that. My hubby lost his car last April due to flooding from a Noreaster. I don't know what it is, but the weather has been so horrendous in different parts of the country for the past couple of days.

A friend of mine lives in Massachusetts and there & New Hampshire both declared states of emergency due to ice storms.

Julie Phillips said...

GADS!!!! Yes our friend Lynn told me it was raining alot when I talked to her. She works at the Disney Store at Ala Moana......She mentioned that parts of the freeways were flooded as well. Hope all is better soon....


Unknown said...

Just saw you at Lucy's!!! We had dinner at Baci Bistro, Have you ever been. That's our favorite place

lostinphilly said...

"Holy Crap" is what I said about two weeks ago here in Philly we had a storm and my tree that was on my little lawn decided to fall down completely on top of my daughter's and my neighbor's cars!! That was fun. Hope you're recovered from your storm. Peace!

Dolphin Boy said...

That first clip of the curtain slappin' your face is freakin hilarious!!!
but certainly hope you guys made it out of the storm okay.
We got snow on big island!!!

dcantrell said...

Sorry to see the flooding and damage. This storm was horrible. The wind woke me up early in the morning. In our condo in Waikiki we have makai side jalousie windows which really did nothing to keep the rain from coming in. Those windows are not weather tight.

A screen did blow off and one bedroom got a fair amount of water in it near the window itself.

Really sucks.

anomalies said...

You're a moviemaker!

Liked it!

Hoku said...

OMG! Like I said on Bethany's blog, I got 9 inches of rain Thursday morning in Makakilo. Last night (Friday) I got 4 more inches in one hour during a thunderstorm! Lightning hit the ground near my place and my cats dove under the bed! That is the problem I have here all the time during crazy storms, lightning! Last February my car got hit twice and it shorted the window motor. And funnel clouds...

This storm isn't over yet, but hope Oahu stays dry.


Melissa Markham said...

I hope your weather is drier today...have to say, it looks like perfect LOST weather though;)

~Karen~ said...

Hey Jorge,
Thanks a million for giving me a FLASHBACK to the lovely Florida Hurricanes of 2004. Since having to ride out those twin hurricanes, when we hear news of an impending tropical storm or hurricane, I just refill my clonozepam, and I feel much better. lol!!
The crappy part of the storm...The clean up!

Stay dry, my friend. I truly hope all is well!!

myanrellick said...

Yikes. That's a storm.

BTW...I cannot wait until next season. Hurry up 2008!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hernandez said...


The backyard looks like a koi pond. If only it were snow! You could have a backyard rink and play shinny on it!

Highdicesugar said...

Hope you at least got a couple days off.

Sue Wacvet said...

Hey, at least you're in Hawaii.

Howard Shum said...

The island is angry! :)

Topanga said...

And that's why they don't grow good citrus in Hawaii.

groovymom said...

SO very SORRY to read this blog & have an idea of what you're going through!!

I'm also in Illinois (Hi redelf!), and in our older home - we have to deal with a flooded basement from time to time. Even knowing it - we are NEVER really ready!

I hope the inside of your house is dry!

BUT - when the water subsides a little - a big push broom should help you get most of the water out of the garage. Hopefully the slope of your yard won't work against you! (We have to use a shop vac - in conjunction with the big broom, but you can probably get away with just the broom in the garage.) Then - if possilble - rent one of those big blowers that are shaped like a snail (they are usually blue plastic in our area.) OR - borrow a WIND fan from the set!! Once most of the water is out - get a respirator (the OSHA type - from the hardware store) & some rubber gloves. Make a spray bottle full of about 3/4 water and 1/4 bleach. Spray this along your floor & the edges of the walls that got soaked. You might be able to avoid mold damage this way. Keep Nunu away & please wear the respirator. Then let the place air out for several hours, with fans blowing. Then- if possible, get a decent dehumidifier - but run a hose into the back of it and out into your yard, so it can run constantly & you don't have to dump the bucket every few hours. You might put it up on a table - so the hose can drain down. Oh - and shut your garage, so you have an enclosed space it's trying to dry. You can keep your fans blowing. ( It will be several hours - to a few days, until you'll get completely dry.)

Take a couple of Alieve or Motrin for your back pain & make a nice warm drink, after you shower the YUCK off.

Having gone through the - DRY OUT THE BLANKIDY BASEMENT routine SO many times, I thought it was worth sharing these tips!

Everything will be OK! We are all sending you POSITIVE and DRY thoughts!!!!!

Brian said...

Hi Jorge,

Don't know if you read these or not, but I was going through our elementary class pics and was remembering our Huey Louis days! Hope you're doing well. Congratulations on all of your sucess. Say hi to the family.

jen said...

Criminy! Hope the weather clears for you guys and the clean-up goes smoothly!

Honeybell said...

That almost makes me appreciative of the six gazillion feet of snow outside my door right now.

Ok, not really.

Stay safe!

New Yorker wannabes said...

oh can you send us some rain here in Greece! I don't know what it is but it hasn't rained a bit and the weather is a bit warm (which is bad concidering that we usually have some pretty cold winters here!).

I do not know...is it global warming?!

Take care of you and kisses from Greece!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge, I hope you don't have any serious damage there in the garage. My house is built on top of my garage and I rode out Hurricane Ike there. I'm in Houston about 60 miles off the water from Galveston and I still was without power for 19 days!! I sure hope y'all don't have to go through somethin' like that!

Paperbak Writer said...

i'd get matthew fox on those repairs ASAP

Dr. B. said...

A lot of these comments are trying to be funny, but since you're crying io the last vid, I'm sorry dude

Craig C said...

Wow man, you better call in a good cleaning service that specializes in water damage. They will dry and treat everything as necessary. The wood can dry rot if not treated, and it will smell nasty as well. Let the "pro's" handle that job, it will be worth it! Hey but the storm was awesome, a nice adventure until something goes wrong. Oh yeah, and get a contractor over there to prep the place before the next storm. Your loosing light!

Unknown said...

It's been raining again recently. Not as much though. This time there was a lot of lightning.

Bostan said...

I have only been in one huge flood in Hilo Hawaii, and that was really bad.

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