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Thursday, December 4, 2008

All of my Pants have Holes in the Pockets

Well my wardrobe pants do anyway.
See it's all for sound.
I usually wear a microphone when I'm shooting a scene. The wire for this microphone is run under my clothes. 

Here let me show you with this diagram of what it looks like under my shirt. 
Okay now sometimes they tape the mic to my chest. 
This is never a good idea in my opinion. See, I'm a sweater. As in, I sweat. And whether you work indoors (where you can't have the air conditioning on because of the noise) or in the jungle (where the humidity never stops) sweat will pour. I've said it before, but I often start shooting a scene with fake sweat sprayed on my forehead but by the end of it, it's all real. So if you stick a piece of tape on my chest, it will come off. However the tape down by my belly button will not. In fact I'll be scrubbing the sticky goop stuck to my gut for days.

Another option is to "put a bug in my hair" which takes a team to do. 
First the hair department will clip it into the hair over my ear with wig clips. Then wardrobe will help me anchor the wire with some slack to the top of my shirt so the wire doesn't pull my hair when I turn my head in the scene. Finally sound will run the wire down my back and around to the pocket. 

Oh yes the pocket. (This blog IS about my pockets.)
So you can't just run the wire under your shirt and stick it in your pocket because the wire will tend to poke out the bottom. So instead you shove the wire down your pants and then run it into your pocket from the inside. Thanks to a little hole cut in the pocket by sound. 
So all of my pants have holes in the pockets. 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

well, at least we know that if the FBI ever needs to bug you for some sting operation, you'll know how to hide your mic well.

Breuil said...

¡That's funny! jajjajajaj

Lisa-Maladylis said...

and that's... the rest of the story ! Now we all know what goes on in your pants while filming the show lol

Anonymous said...


It'd be worst if you had a hole in another places... :P


Jodi said...

Very interesting...very James Bond-ish. Your poor wardrobe..holes in your pockets. I think awhile back to the time you blogged about losing your whole outfit in one day - when you dropped Krazy Glue on it. Your poor wardrobe.

Love the diagrams!

Sproggie said...

A fascinating insight into how things are done but those drawings have made my day! I'll be chuckling about those for hours I reckon ;)

Oli said...

Thanks for sharing this fascinating info :) I love the diagrams you did - very arty. Goes to show there are no limits to your talents! :)

Believe it still said...

Whatever happened to boom microphones? At least they aren't shoving one of those up your....shirt.

Hoku said...

What about your "commando" days when you "start wet"? I hope those wires and packs are waterproof! Love your behind the scenes tales... shows how unglamorous acting can be!

Steve K. said...

I'd wouldn't have guessed you were cut like that...can't let my wife watch LOST anymore :)

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes insight on body micing.

As to the sticky goop, If the make-up department dosent get it all try acetone nailpolish remover (may irritate the skin) or a commercial product called "Goo-Gone" (in most automotive or houshold big box stores) It smells citrus-y and disolves most adhesives...I've never had it irritate my skin, but your mileage may vary.

Konpasontzi said...

You are my favorite actor.
I like not only your work but your acttitude too. You are different of all that celebrities only worried about what to wear for the awards and spending million of dollars in vain things, diamonds, absurde shoes, etc. I love to see you acting and after come to your blog and see you being just a normal man with his plants, friends, pumpkings of halloween and talking about his family and their culture. Talking this way about your work, this is simply beautiful. You are a human being and you know it. Thanks for being that way and thanks for sharing this blog with all of us and let us to be close to you.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Humm... cool! Interesting but the body in diagram isn't yours! Hahaha... confesses, this is of another actor! =P

Sucess always dude!

Todd said...

You ripped Jorge. :) Let me know your workout routine. Have a great weekend man.

Lianne said...

Baby oil is a champ for removing sticky stuff from your body.

That just sounded wrong.

(We use it to get band-aid sticky goop off the kids' boo boos. It's great.)

Is that a microphone in your...Oh, nevermind.

Please Type Legibly said...

Wow, the things you guys go through to make the magic happen....That would have been a cute extra for the DVD, btw....complete with the drawings done on a white board and you with a pointer.

Anonymous said...

LOL great diagrams!

Petra said...

Thanks for the morning chuckle! Yeah, there is not much worse than a goopy belly button. *bg*

Love the diagrams, too!

: ) P

Cat said...

I wonder if you get to put it on yourself or if the mic people get to find out for themselves that you're not wearing any boxers? (You seem like a boxers guy....)

hromaki said...

Interesting stuff. So I'm guessing that when Tanya Raymonde had a little thing come out of her hair during the scene where Karl and Rousseau were shot, it was just a blooper and not some sort of easter egg or fancy hair embellishment. Am I right?

FXguy said...

You've mentioned that you sweat a lot. Here's a question:

On a television show, does wardrobe wash the clothes and make them appear dirty, or do they just keep them as-is, for continuity reasons?

I know that on film, every piece of wardrobe I'd worn was smelly, but as it was only a month-shoot, it did not matter. I can't imagine working for months and months in the same outfit.

Apex Zombie said...

Wow, very interesting. I always assumed they used booms on Lost, but this makes way more sense. Any idea what sort of mics they use?

Laura Caçoeiro said...

The work which put a simple microphone! And they say that being an actor is easy! ;)

Kiss from Portugal

Julie said...

Last season the scene where Carl and Rousseau get shot I swear I saw a microphone hanging from Alex's ear, I think right before they got attacked. My husband told me it was probably a "girly hair doodad". but after your diagrams I think I was right! lol

Lisa said...

The diagrams make it all so real! Great job.

Lynn Faruque said...

Jorge, you are just too cute. Missed you, glad you guys had a great holiday too.

Erin said...

That's really interesting - are there specific scenes where they're more likely to mic the actors? Are they shooting with a boom as well, and then using the mic pickup like ADR when the boom doesn't catch it clearly? Or are they skipping the boom altogether? I've never seen actors mic'd on set, and I'd be curious to know what the benefits or usage would be.

Love the drawings by the way. You're such a stud - Bethany's a lucky gal! Hehe

groovymom said...


OK - I'll admit I never gave that much thought - I guess I assumed there were microphones hanging from the trees or stuck in the coffee mugs or in the flower vase....

HOKU's question cracked me up...

BUT - what do you do when you shoot a scene in the water? - Do you have one of those big fuzzy mikes hanging above your head? Or do you dub in your voice later?

James Hernandez said...


I see your planning to go buff for your New Years resolution!

Derek Brink said...

I have holes in all my pants, too...but I just need new pants.

claudiagpesce said...

Heey Duuude!
Just wanted to let u know that we love u on the show. We can't wait til season 5,we don't want u to die! By the way, have u ever seen the Lost parodies on youtube where Hurley always dies??

Well, see ya on the island dude!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Wow, that's really interesting! I never realized that you guys had to wear mics. That must be kind of uncomfortable.

PinkFlamingo said...

So what dothey do for Josh? since his hair probably doesn't cover as well as your does and half the time he isn't wearing a shirt so they couldn't tape it to his chest?

Thanks for the insite... I love your blog

john (not lennon) said...

Wow! I wish I had that good a self image :)

you always did come across as a sound man.

...j (",)

Crank said...

Ya-there would be no hiding on any mic or anything in my hair.

Highdicesugar said...

Good to know. Love the drawings, I think you missed your calling as an artist

Sue Wacvet said...

What a great body you have! And all this time I thought, well, nevermind.

niRty w. said...

Wow, I always wondered that, because... there are scenes and even sequences where you just see that's virtually impossible to hang or stick the boom anywhere near :P thanks for the tip ;) I'll be using it, if I find enough funds for the equipment! lol
Thanks a bunch for your blog, man :D Uruguay loves you and Hurley! ;)

New Yorker wannabes said...

I think I have seen the "microphone in the hair" once...the camera cought it (by mistake) in a scene with...Alex I think (before she was killed :-(

Thanks for the info and great drawings!!

redelf said...

My husband has holes in his pants, usually in the crotch...but I dont think he has been bugged.

Dolphin Boy said...

That is sooooo funny....
But looks like those training days with Bryan are paying off!!

Roman said...

This should be a featurette on the DVD for lost next season.

nomad said...

duck tap it man or gorilla glue. and if that won't work nail gun the dam thing to your chest. ok here do this. have them sew a little pocket on the front of your collor so you can clip the mic on the inside of that pcket that was sewen on. let me know if it works.;)

nomad said...

p.s i'm a seater too. i sweat at the drop of a hat,lol.

nomad said...

p.p.s. sew that little pocket on the inside of collar and then clip the mic on the little pocket. me typ to fast before,heheh. good luck. :)

nomad said...

Hey also have them sew a pocket on the inside of the back of your shirt on the bottom to hold the transmitter with some velcro to hold the transmitter in the pocket. hehe. :)

Columbus Cheap Chick said...

Thanks for explaining - that was reallyh interesting!

Dr. B. said...

nice abs...

Ramon Mineiro said...

nice muscles!

mccn said...

Huh, that's a neat thought. I don't wear a mic, but I do wear an insulin pump, and the tubing is always sticking out especially when I'm in a business meeting. I might try this! Thanks!

Sophie_Singer_0793 said...

How funny. I do the same for my MP3 player...to make it look like I have one of those nifty blutooth headsets!

Do all the cast of LOST wear a mic for some scenes, or is it just you? And if so, why...?

Sophie_Singer_0793 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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