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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whew! They didn't need me.

Man. I got off work at about 5:30.
I thought the polls were going to be open until seven.
So I knew I'd make it just in time to cast my vote and be counted. 
I get there at 6:20 spot on. I go inside and...
The polls closed at six. 
Damn. Imagine my disappointment. 
I drove home, bummed about being left out of doing my part. 
It lasted about five minutes. 
Because as I was pulling into the garage McCain was giving his concession speech. 
It was over. 
Obama didn't need my vote. 

No time to be sad. 
Only time to celebrate change.
And history.


Unknown said...

Well at least you can say you tried your hardest to get there!

Here's to the next four years...no matter who you voted for. GBA!

Honeybell said...


That is all.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I can't tell, really, who you were implying you would've voted for -- McCain, maybe?

Anyway, all I'll say is that Obama's win was one of the most moving, memorable experiences of my life. :)

Nick said...
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Nick said...

If only Obama were promising some real change. Unfortunately I want him to *break* all of his promises... like continuing the war in Iraq, escalating the war in Afghanistan, increasing the size of the military and its budget, threatening to bomb Iran and Pakistan, opposing single-payer health care, giving away more money to crooked banksters, supporting the Patriot Act and war on terror, supporting more wiretapping and immunity for illegal wiretappers... Where's that hope everyone's been talking about?

Jorge Garcia said...

I edited my blog to make it less confusing.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

thank god. because i was beginning to think i lived with a mccain supporting beast!


Jorge Garcia said...
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Jorge Garcia said...

Wow! I didn't realize it was that confusing.

Erin said...

I've never really thought I wanted to be an American... until now. Wow. How exciting to be alive at a time when history is unfolding!

TheUnity (Siv) said...

Incredible, my favorite Lost character supports my favorite political figure.

Could I ask for more?

November 5th marked the day of the turning of a new Chapter. As Obama said, Change has come to America.

However, my respect goes out to McCain too who bowed out graciously. It's a shame, he's a good candidate, but he's facing the wrong guy and at the wrong time.


Stacy Disarrayed said...

I can't wait to see what he's going to do!!!!!!

jenna said...


I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog.

And also that I am so happy that Americans voted for Obama! Yay!! It's the first time ever that I reply to anyones blog but I am just really relieved with what has happened in the US.

Jenna from Belgium

Kaileigh Blue said...

He probably didn't need mine either. In my flaming red state.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Right on, Jorge. ;)

Torigurl said...

Yeah, living in Illinois, it kind of felt like my vote for McCain was pretty pointless since I knew that the state would go to Obama. But I did anyways, since this was my first election where I was elligible to vote, I did anyway.

sunny said...

Yeah! You rock. Isnt that an awesome feeling to know that we are witnessing such an awesome change in American history? Well, I suppose you should say world history. Rock on for democracy!

Crank said...

OK. I know I've probably missed an opportunity here. As I mentioned in my comments on your 'Starting Wet' blog, I'm fairly new here. As such, I've read back through probably 1/4 of your past blogs here and there with interesting titles, etc. I've noticed that although people occasionally throw questions at you in their comments, before today, I've never seen you respond or follow up.
Now, I don't expect you to list any e-mail address for you and I see you were once on myspace and had to delete the account. Totally understand that. But can you let us know if you do read through the comments? Do you check back on posts (Like the one from Sept., /07 about Fan Art. I see comment on there from as recent as this June and I found some AWESOME drawings online yesterday that I don't think is listed there.
Anyway, maybe I shoulda posted this on your 'Butt" blog (ha ha) for the total lack of significance, but I figured you're more likely to check back on this one. Thanks!

James Hernandez said...
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James Hernandez said...


No worries I didn't vote either. Of course I'm Canadian so I can't, but it’s the thought that counts. Since I live in Florida maybe it doesn't (e.g. 2000 Bush/Gore election). No matter the next Canadian election I'll do my part!....What they had an election in October????? Darn the next one for sure!!!

Kara said...

Wow Jorge you must have some commute! If you just missed voting and then heard the concession speech in the car - and you still weren't home (i am not really familiar with Hawaii though so I have no idea how the roads are) - o well you will get to vote the next time!

groovymom said...

So glad you're happy about Obama too. The last 8 years have been like a bad dream.

I welcome this change with open arms & an open heart. I hope our image in the world will soon be on the mend.

Thanks so much America - we are finally heading toward the light!!!!!

Ty said...

Least we were all witness to history! It was a beautiful moment.


txvoodoo said...

I early-voted down here in Texas, and cried as I did it. Then cried again Tuesday night, and again when I went to my dentist on Wed.

Because, you see, I live in a very red state. I had my Obama buttons on my messanger bag strap, and all the dental workers kept coming up to me, and giving me thumb's up. One whispered "we all voted for him." Yes, in some areas of Texas, folks think you have to whisper. But my county went blue! We voted for him, by 54%!

Most of Texas is still red - but this is how change happens.

redelf said...

Sorry you missed your chance, thats a real bummer.
My husband, my mother and myself got to the polls at 5:55 am so that our Obama votes could cancel out my exhusband and my current husband's sister and her husband's vote. What sucked is that my oldest son Zack will be 18yrs old on Dec. 15th...if I had only had him a few weeks earlier we would have been one Obama vote over!!! lol
We are all very excited about Obama's win, especially my husband who is himself Mulatto.
A great new day.

Please Type Legibly said...

I want a change, so badly....I had a brother in Iraq whose best friend died in his arms, who was very nearly killed himself a couple of times. Who was a hero, on CNN, and wasn't even allowed to talk about the people who died - only those he saved. And even he can't say why. I want to believe that one man can make a difference. If anyone has ever been in that position, it's Obama. The next four years are going to be defining for us. I've been pretty much an atheist when it comes to big politics, but I find myself hoping. Make me a believer, Obama - please.

anonymous said...


irksome1 said...

Well, I suppose there's some merit in looking at this issue from the other side of the aisle. Here in Florida, I cast my vote for McCain. Since Obama won Florida, it appears he didn't need my vote either.

In any event, Obama is my president now and I hope he does a good job.

D S said...

You posted your first political commentary after the election? Why did you wait until after instead of doing it before?

Miztification said...

I didn't think your post was confusing. I think probably because I tend to confuse people in the same way. LOL Don't feel bad about not making it to the polls on time, at least you made an effort.

Tasha Who? said...

Your polls closed at 6? I think Hawaii just basically told everyone, "don't worry man- we got this!" :-)

The land definitely went in favor of Obama. I personally didn't get emotional until I saw McCain's concession speech (and I'll note that his speech was GREAT, and he sounded like the year 2000 McCain, who I really liked); it made me realize that things were definitely going to be alright!

Avinash said...

In the last 8 years, I believed that America had gone from an amazing place to one of the most hated, embarrassing countries in the world.

I honestly think that with Obama, the US can return to it's former glory.

Topanga said...

I'm Canadian and I sure wish I could have voted for Obama. It isn't every day a politician with a real positive vision for the good of all people comes along so it's a wonderful feeling to be a part of that vision. You at least can take credit for being part of a movement for change in your country which will result in positive change around the world. Me... I'm stuck with Stephen Harper. baaahh

Newscoma said...

I'm feeling the hope myself.
Sorry you didn't get to vote.
I had it covered for you.
Let's hope Obama does well these next four years. God knows we need it.

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