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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello my name is KUBRICK

Yes! My Kubricks are here.

This Bearbrick is pretty sweet. 
He's among friends.

I'm pretty excited about these toys.

Now we're in the annals along with Planet of the Apes and the Sex Pistols.
And they make a nice display. 

I just have one question about the packaging:
Why is the Hurley silhouette holding hands with the Sayid silhouette?


Captain Billy said...

I'm fairly sure my mind has been blown by this post.

Tony Killen said...

I wish I knew what Kubricks were. They look like cool Lego's.. Not that Lego's aren't cool..
At least we know why Hurley and Sayid's island romances REALLY broke up..

Ali said...

i was going to buy the set, but they're very expensive. i guess i'll just have to pick the best one ;)

also that silhouette photo made me laugh out loud

Apex Zombie said...


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Des doll. Its hair is fabulous.

Der Merzmensch said...

I was in Japan last weeks, and I saw in a huge supermarket "Loft" big Kubrick "Dharma"-signed white bear. And I regret, I haven't bought it. :-)

There were also these little LOST figures, but oddly enough, there was only Desmond available. (I'd better buy Hurley, hehe).

dibtych said...

packaging told you to make a photo-love-story with the Hurley and the Sayid-Kubricks :-D

whiterabbita said...

Sayid-Hurley hand by hand! It could be a very interesting plot! Don't think to the obvious thing! :P

Anonymous said...

Those are so neat!

& yeah what's up with that????

Crank said...

That is very cool.
What is it yours is holding in the first pic? I'm sure I should know this. It is very early and my brain has not fully woken up.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

and now we know the story as it will unfold in season 5 and Sayid and Hurley find their true love for each other. lolol

Miztification said...

I ordered mine back in the Spring and still haven't gotten them. :( I ordered a Hurley, a Sawyer, and the third was a Sayid. LOL I wouldn't have caught the silhouette thing if you hadn't pointed it out.

Kara said...

LOL @ the silhouettes

Julie said...

No! Sayid and Hurley can't be together. Everyone Sayid loves seems to get killed, a fate I do not want Hurley to have. He's too awesome to die!

Also those figures are awesome!

Honeybell said...

Welcome to your new storyline. :D

Shanathalas said...

Congrats Dude! Now you're an action figure.

nomad said...

Are you passing him a crab roll? And if you look real close you can see the end of the crab roll,yum!

FETTS said...

I picked up Hurley and Desmond a few weeks ago. I had to open up a bunch of the boxes at Urban Outfitters until I found them!

Tasha Who? said...

I was just watching the little video via the Dharma email I got the other day. I'm thinking about adding them to my Xmas/birthday wishlist, but it's gonna have to battle with my 32" flat screen.

Cool Dad said...

that is so stinking cool!

Anonymous said...

Every other show as a gay love story line, why not LOST?!?! :-) Stranded on a mysterious island, all conventions thrown to the wind....you just never know.

Love the Kubricks BTW....guess what my kidlets want for Christmas??

Aunt J-ha said...

Happy Thanksgiving! This little cartoon reminded me of your awesome Pumpkin Carving!

Ramon Mineiro said...



Amie R. said...

I totally bought one of these when I went to Epcot and I got Hurley. :) The Hurley Kubrick looks kinda sad, though. Later, I found Charlie and he looks angry. So, it totally looks like Charlie yelled at Hurley and now Hurley is sad, LOL. Desmond and Ben are apparently super rare in the individual packaging.

DORAda said...

jajaja me haz hecho reir... esoty contando los dias para ver la nueva temporada... yupiiiiiiiiii

Nikki Stafford said...

LOL... I can already see the shippers getting themselves organized. Surley? Hayid?

Those characters look awesome!

Voltaire said...

Did anyone else notice that the Sayid Kubrick has a huge rack? Maybe that's why Hurley's holding his hand!
And that's just the worst Charlie ever! And there would be a Desmond Kubrick, but no Sun or Jin? Inconceivable!

Please Type Legibly said...

I foresee a whole new set of "Brokeback Island" videos popping up on YouTube now, starring Hurley and Sayid.....too funny....

Lady-in-Gray said...

Ummm....shouldn't the polar bear have a Hydra logo on his chest....?

Sergio said...

Good question... perhaps this is the way Hurley and Sawyer are going to leave the island in the end, maybe because Sawyer gets blinded somehow.... ahahahahaha.
Greetings from Colombia, good Jorge.

queeniefox said...

He can't quit you baby...

(Is it just me or is Naveen the king of inappropriate blooper reel moments? :D)

Your Kubrick looks very sad. But at least he has his CD player to cheer him up. I think yours and Desmond/Ian's are the best actually...

James Hernandez said...


Love the DHARMA polar bears.

Jo said...

Sayid's Kubrick has more of a chest than Kate's. Hmmm.

I ordered a few of the LOST Be@rbrick figures, and await the arrival of a Hurley Kubrick in my Xmas stocking.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jorge!

Peanut128 said...

I love the Kubrick peaple. I like the Hurley,Desmond,Charlie, and Sayer ones. Their hair looks cool.

Alice said...

I loved this post, I loved this post, I loved this post!!!!!!


maven said...

My Kubrick Bear is on it's way!

Spoiler Alert: New "ship" spotted on packaging! LOL

Anonymous said...

Cool Jorge! Good to see those...and look at that Kate right next to Sawyer! Now why does that make me happy!!

Rosemary Bats said...

I'm so torn...on one hand, I REALLY want the Hurley one. On the other hand, I don't give a damn about any of the other figures, and I don't want to waste money on blind boxes and end up with them! D:

Rosemary Bats said...

Oh...and should I hope for a Libby one to be released in the future? Because if I get one of these little Hurley figures, I'm gonna want a Libby one to put next to it on the shelf. x3

lyly ford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lyly ford said...

i told you i just wake up and made mistake in my own post lol...

you made me laugh lol
very nice, now you gave me envy to buy it too lol
and for your question, i guess sayid was unlucky with women in all his life, seem he found the perfect way to have some love anyway ^^ and plus everybody wants to hug Hurley you know :) (just kidding) not easy to see who are who in the silhouette pictures...hé you didn't put you with your buddy charlie but between ben and locke, i remember the last season now ^^ ok i'll stop it, i just wake up and my mind shouldn't very good lol
thank you for your post it was funny and the kubricks are cool :)

Howard Shum said...

HA! Take a picture of the Hurley and Sayid toys kissing. :)

Roberta said...

I want them all!!!!
They're soooooooo cool!!!

Hey Jorge, is there something we gotta know?!?! I mean, Hurley & Sayd holding hands here and closed in a room in S5 promo... :D

That would be a surprise!!!

Estefanía said...

what do you feel when you see your toy?

(i've got your cut)


Francesca said...

ahah,those toys are amazing!

..and apparently Hurley&Sayid are the new OTP of LOST..lol

dustysworld said...

who's that standing on the other side of hurley picking his ass? lol!

Flá Romani... said...

Eu quero todossssssssssssssssss

redelf said...

OOO those are cool!! Too bad I'm poor!

All the guys but you look angry..yours looks upset.

~Karen~ said...

I have officially asked Santa for these. Now I have to wait until the holiday to see if they magically appear under the tree. Well, I've asked for a "ticket" to the island too. I wonder what the odds really are on getting one or the other. I've been a good girl this year!

I'm wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Much love,

Unknown said...

happy turkey jorge - if you're coming back to WI in 09...lemme and the wife take you out for some fun...sgmac in madtowne

The Chig said...

That is an awesome collection. You even have the fan inspired unofficial series one prototypes of Juliet and Daniel!

Argh!!! I am either a huge fan of the show or such a nerd for knowing that.


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jorge and Bethany!

Cat said...

that is frakking awesome. is it fraking? who knows. probably the bsg writers. not the point. i think it's just b/c they're both comfortable with their manliness and friendship to support each other when times are tough.

is that the cd player???

jen said...

I love those Kubricks.. I got a pair of the blind boxes and wound up with Hurley and Charlie, so I was pretty pleased! XD I have to say though, I'm immensely envious of the Dharma Bearbrick...

Anonymous said...

Hello Jorge, launching the Kubricks with all the producers/writers was an awesome time and wished you were able to join us for the celebration. We have a special gift for you and the cast members which were forever immortalized as a Kubrick. You can get in contact with me via admin (at) meltcomics.com.

Francisco said...

I just purchased all the limited LOST figures from Meltdown Comics. I didn't know they were doing this but they're packing all of the toys with a special limited Dharma Initiative card with event info and an Oceanic Boarding instruction booklet. Sooo cool. I'll put up a link to the images of them once i take them. I hear there are only 1k of limited LOST Bearbrick and they have the only Jack Real Action Hero left in the world, sold out everywhere else. Well that's my Christmas present.
Check them out at www.meltcomics.com/shop look for the LOST banner. Their blog has cool stuff too.

Benjamin. said...

Why Is Charlie There! All of those people are th ones that are supposodly left, except him...

hollesdottir said...

Is it foreshadowing? :)

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