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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Back in March when "Foxy and I shut down the ranch" a tradition started completely under my nose.

This tradition was feeding random stray animals and naming them "Dummy." (Although now we've been using the word Dummy for everything and everybody, especially each other.)

Kauai was full of Dummies this trip. First we saw this bird at breakfast drinking from the creamer cup. It was cute. We'd never seen a bird with a milk mustache. And then another flew to the table and started eating the syrup that was stuck to the outside of the pitcher. (Which is why we had eggs and no coffee.) I tried to snap a picture with my phone. It didn't come out very clear. He blends in well, look on top of the syrup.

But I saw there were a lot of mouths to feed so I left them a little of my breakfast. 

Then we had a nice dinner at Tidepools. And they had this Koi pond full of Dummies. 
They went nuts. Sometimes you'd see one koi jump out of the water further away. It looked like he was trying to distract the other fish and disperse the crowd. The best part was when we threw in a scoop of mashed potatoes.

We liked this hotel so much we went back for breakfast. At breakfast the Dummies actually helped bus the tables. 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

you forgot to mention the fact that we threw half our meals to the koi!

"they did it again! you better watch out or you'll get your hand bitten off!"


Hoku said...

"Shut down the ranch" LMAO I wonder if all those hotel employees got nervous when they saw you! My favorite neighbor island getaway is the Fairmont Orchid on the big island. Great spa and quiet there, not so many kids.

kanahina said...

The same thing happened when i went to the big island. When we went to eat breakfast at the open-air buffet, there were birds all over the place, just kinda helping themselves. Especially disturbing were the birds in the open bowl of granola (luckily i don't eat that!) People would leave the bowls uncovered and the birds would be right in there!

James Hernandez said...


In Florida you just can't leave food out as the bugs are incessant. However, I congratulate you on your generosity.

Jodi said...

Awww that is so cute! Very nice of you to share with the 'dummies'. I do that too all the time.

Topanga said...

Ewww... about the birds drinking milk and syrup. We had lunch at A&W today and a lady wanted her root beer poured from the glass mug into a paper cup so that she could take it with her. The girl behind the counter grasped the lady's straw right at the sipping end, poured the drink into the paper cup, continued to hold the sipping end of the straw in her sweaty little money-handling hand while she put a lid on the cup. Then she jammed the straw in through the hole in the lid and handed it back to the lady. I thought for sure the lady would get a new straw but she didn't.

Once I bought a nice home-made baguette at a bakery. The bread was so long half of it stuck outside the bag it was in. The cashier held onto my bread like she was hanging onto a it for support. All I could focus on was her sweaty palm touching the thing I had been planning on eating.

I have a low tolerance for germy things.

Anonymous said...

Hi all
One time I was visiting Oahu I had a great hotel room facing Kuhio beach. Each morning I enjoyed having a muffin and tea on the lani. After a couple of days the local tiny birds found me out and I after that I had to share my muffin with them each morning. I have pet birds here at home and missed them so these little visitors kept me company in their place. :-)
Prefer the birds to the little crawlies in your recent post. YUCK


Whittaker Woman said...

You are becoming a true blogger... Catching moments like this! Good Job my friend. Good job! H

Avinash said...

Sneaky idea, Garcia, sneaky idea. Next time I go out for a meal and make a mess, I'll tell the waiters "I was just feeding the Dummies". I'm sure that'll go down well...

Ali said...

I went to Tidepools in the summer of 2007. The waiter gave us cat food for the koi so that we didn't have to sacrifice our meals!

Anonymous said...

HELP! What is happening?

Dolphin Boy said...

I like the dummies on Bethany's blog the best! too funny you guys!!

Julie said...

On my honeymoon in the Mayan Rivera the birds would fly in through the open windows at breakfast time and help themselves to the leftovers :)

Stacy Disarrayed said...

I love it...dummies

Tasha Who? said...

I remember staying at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, and feeding a school of Koi who were literally jumping out of the man-made stream just to grab pieces of cracker out of my hands... "Dummy" would have been the perfect name.

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