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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonight's Game

Is Chess.

Of course it's the Pirates of the Caribbean Chess. 

We have a lot of Pirates-themed board games. Battleship, Liar's Dice, and Chess. We had the Pirates game of Life, but it was too stupid to play more than once. 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

checkmate, scallywag

Jodi said...

Is it $5 chess?

Movie Star Wife said...

There's a Pirates of the Carribbean Chess game???? Cool. I wonder if my "Johnny crazy" friends know that.

This summer Universal Studios came to Wisconsin to film a movie starring Johnny Depp. And through that I met a bunch of friends that are enamored of JD. That is how I started blogging. That is also how I found your blog.

Did you know there are real-live pirates out there??? I just saw a article about a ship that was taken by pirates, near Kenya. Well, you learn something new everyday!

Unknown said...
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James Hernandez said...


Love chess. I guess if you were player pirates of the Caribbean style chess it was chest!

groovymom said...

LOVING the chess set. The picture is great to - fantastic angle!
Thanks for sharing - hope you won the game!!

groovymom said...

LOVING the chess set. The picture is great to - fantastic angle!
Thanks for sharing - hope you won the game!!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

OMG Pirate's Battleship? I must have.

Loca xq sí said...

oh, that piece of Davey Jones is awesome!!!

Larkin said...

Pirate's Life was lame but not nearly as bad as the Indiana Jones Game of Life. Blarghhh.

lostinphilly said...

Awesome Pirates chess game! I also have Pirates Battleship, play it with my kids all the time. I'm a POTC addict (and of course, a Lost addict)! That picture is shot from a great angle, looks great! Peace.

Bianca said...

Yeah I guess Pirates Game of Life would get a little lame when Captain Davy Jones gets married, pops out a couple of pink & blue baby pegs and goes to college. Or playing a game where Jack Sparrow applies for a mortgage and considers which retirement home he'll end up at...

Katie said...

Is that the liar's dice game with the brown cups? We have that too, but had to stop playing. The neighbors below didn't appreciate all the pounding of the cups on the coffee table.

redelf said...

We have a lot of those Pirate themed games too. We love the Pirates Life...see you just need a 12 yr old, s 15 yr old and a 17 yr old to play with,, we all have pirate names. My son Harri has the best one...RUMBEARD JOHN. But the kids make it far more interesting! Especially my 12 yr old Harri...our games usually deteriorate into him trying to sink everyones ship and steal everything they have by cheating in a wide variety of ways. Most games are more fun with cheating. lol

Kristen said...

I've got the Lord of the Rings version. Of that, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly... nope, I wasn't obsessed AT ALL. ;)

Cat said...

My dad taught me how to play chess when I was 4. My favorite set of my Dad's is made of marble. Gorgeous. We're more Star Wars themed games folks over here....(that sentence makes sense in my head).

Melissa Markham said...

We love our 2 pirates themed chess sets. Didn't know there was a battleship game. Will have to look for that!

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