A blog by Jorge Garcia.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

That was weird!

What was up with that blog? 
I know I wanted to write a blog last night.
I remember I was trying to come up with a title.
And then I remember waking up on the couch at 2am with my laptop on my chest, battery dead.
This morning I find out that I posted a blog called "Thank you" labeled "m."

So I did a little detective work. Because I thought the chances that someone hacked my blog was a little unlikely, or if anything a waste of that person's skill. 

I think I tried to write something that started with a T.
And my Autofill suggested "Thank You," which I had used in a previous blog. 
And at some point in my sleep I labeled it "m" and posted it before the power drained completely. 

Weird. (I guess I shouldn't have deleted it now. Because people aren't going to know what I'm talking about.) 


Joey B said...

It was all a dream...

Honeybell said...

You are the only blogger I 'know' that can generate that many comments with a post written in your sleep.

Look out Dooce!

Crank said...

That's funny, but at least ya got some props for it.

Crank said...

And what was it you wanted to post last night?

Please Type Legibly said...

Sounds like the blogging equivalent of drinking and dialing, Jorge....but it was good for a laugh.

Unknown said...

I got it in my RSS reader. I was thinking, "what in the world is this?" I've done something similar before. Once, I was working on things on the computer, and suddenly I woke up, and it was the next morning, and I was up in my room. I went downstairs and turned the monitor on, and all of my chat windows were flashing with messages like "where did you go?"

James Hernandez said...


It's the "Ghost in the Machine."

poggy said...

Heh, nevermind! At least the autofill made you post some kind words... go figure if the automated result was "F*** off and DIAF" or something XD

2 por el mundo said...

That "dream" was weird...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,
more weird was that your blog was listed as non exsistent anymore for a while!
Possible a bad dream too!

balhisay said...

Hi Jorge, I saw that at my feeds reader (bloglines, by the way) so I know what you mean.

Unknown said...

Just dropping in to say that I saw it on my feeds, so I believe you!

Robbi said...

That is Hilarious!!!!

Maybe LOST Monster has gotten into your Computer!LOL~~~~

Well you kept us on our toes!heehee!

Avinash said...

Your blog predicts what words you type? I didn't know computers did that.

I can only get my phone to do that when I'm sending text messages. It can get me in trouble though; like the time I texted my mum saying I'd just paid for an amazing duck.

Scott said...

That "Thank you" post is like Jacob's cabin...there one minute, gone the next.

maven said...

Well, that "post" seemed pretty legitimate knowing your sense of humor!

surr said...

i have been blogging and using message boards and im late at night for years. i have fallen asleep in the middle of im conversations countless times, and i have never managed to sleep post.

this is a pretty amazing thing to do, and i must say i am strangely impressed.

Apex Zombie said...

Some people sleep walk, some people sleep talk. Apparently Jorge Garcia sleep blogs. I think you've just discovered a new niche!

Topanga said...

Maybe you were having a 'flash forward'? ;-)

kaidy said...


Surr (from the Fuse) posted a comment about her bad habits of yore...she and I were infamous in the early days of the Fuselage and such for falling asleep "at the wheel"...so much so, that anyone in the fandom that falls asleep whilst mid-online is noted as "pulling a SurrKaidy"! lmao!

Welcome to the club! ;)

Movie Star Wife said...

Darn, I missed it.
That is too funny.

Radnor said...

You're welcome.

Jodi said...

I normally say weird stuff when I'm exhausted. You blog. Multi-tasking.

redelf said...

LOL thats great. The strangest thing I have done in my sleep was when my husband and oldest son were talking quietly while I was sleeping and I suddenly sat up and said "The monkeys are hypernating."

I have no idea why I said that, but my husband and son take great joy in bringing this up to my CONSTANTLY!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

You should've left it! There was something profound about a bodyless post titled, simply, "Thank you."

:P :P :P

M@ said...

hahah so funny! i'm really glad i saw that before you deleted it lol

Laura Caçoeiro said...

LoL!The dream was crazy! At least was not a bad dream . LoL

D S said...

I make up jokes in my sleep all the time. They are usually horrible. Last week I had a dream where I wrote an entire magazine piece on the show 30 Rock calling it "30 Rock From the Sun." I find that level of humor that the subconscious finds funny or creative to be really bizarre. Seinfeld did an episode on that, where he woke up to read a joke he wrote and it made no sense. That's what happens to me, my jokes make no sense.

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