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Monday, November 24, 2008

So Ono

Last time we were in Kauai we stopped here for a burger and we knew we'd be back. Plus they had dummies to feed. 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

hahaha, that cock with the tamaytah just cracks me up

kanahina said...

I think I've been there as well. Do they serve teri-burgers with a pineapple slice between the burger and bun? "so ono" is right!

Audra said...


Ali said...

awwww what a cute kitty!

Anonymous said...
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The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Aw, look at those cute Dummies.

Whittaker Woman said...

By any chance would you like to do a review on things to do on Oahu...We are going there and would love to know where to eat/ or things to do from a local vs the tourist things. H

Avinash said...

Would that second photo be the first time you've played with someone's cock while at a restaurant?

Jodi said...

Awww how cute! That rooster has such nice colors. OMG! The one of you feeding that cat! How sweet!

shar said...

Ono Char is the best. It's always my first stop in Kauai after getting the rental car. Did you try Tropical Taco!! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Feeding "dummies" is how we ended up having 11 cats at one time when I was a kid.

Georgia Hardstark said...

I must say that you guys calling random animals "dummies" is possibly the cutest thing ever. I use that word a lot, and my friends make fun of me because I am so serious when I use it. Like, it takes the place of my other favorite (although more derrogitory) word, which starts with a "c" and ends with an "unt".

Julie said...

What did the kittie get to eat?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I used to live very near that restaurant.

Anonymous said...

awe...those cute lil' dummies!

nomad said...

WOW i see your really into animals. check out my cats Blog,lol. since i have been battleing with this cancer,doctors,drugs and not feeling good i have not updated in a while. will update soon,just got to get more pic's. check it out. http://dustysworldspoiledkitty.blogspot.com/

nomad said...

Cool! just went to sci-fi channel and lost is on now,lol. and the (Dave) episode is on,awsum!

Julian said...

jhuuumm... plus dummies to eat :P... yummicrazy chicken and fried cat!... oh i hope my dog never read this because she will never love me and barking againg.

Ok this go for all: This is really the blog of jorge garcia?

Sorry for my english im from argentina :/ (we speak spanish)

redelf said...


Okay the rooster is weird but my dog eats chilli peppers so I cant really say anything.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Hahaha nice! Dude u is great! =)

Boyhowdy said...

Lotsa dummies out at Bellows (Waimamalo side) this past weekend...those brazen birds would walk right into our cabin! Then again, could've been my fault for feeding them soda crackers & Doritos....

James Hernandez said...


The sexual overtones in this blog are obvious even to my pedantic mind. A cock and a pussy...Hee Hee!

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