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Monday, November 17, 2008

I am not on facebook.

Thank you for the heads up about:

This is not me. I do not have a facebook page nor do I have a MySpace.

So if you're friends with me on either of those sites. Then you are friends with somebody else. 

Just to give you a heads up. 

Also I couldn't help but notice that part of the confusion comes from this picture I had posted here on this blog. Which apparently is now a piece of "flair."
Seeing this does not make me eager to post more pictures of me and my friends. 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

those people who steal our pics and pretend to be you must not have anything better to do with their time. what sad beasts.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I don't get it -- did someone poach the photo and use it for a fake profile? That sucks.

Rosemary Bats said...

Aww, Jorge...that's just not cool, to have twits stealing your personal photos. D:

A little common decency, people! He's being cool enough to share his pics with us here, don't take advantage. Some fan this moron is...

Honeybell said...

How unfortunate. I've had photos of my kids stolen, and have found the only way to stop thieves from taking copyrighted photos is to watermark them with your real web address. Doesn't make for as pretty of a picture, but will prevent nonsense like that.

Jodi said...

You have alot of fans here that wouldn't do that to you and have great respect for you. You have only shown us kindness and allowed us to share in your life and we are very appreciative. Your true fans know that you have this blog & you participate in that one forum. If I ever came across a Facebook page, I would know it wasn't you.

Hopefully Facebook will take it down for you.

You should be able to enjoy having a blog just like the rest of us. Don't let some morons stop you. Besides, you are really good at blogging...you even can do it in your sleep ;)

Derek Brink said...

Wow...sorry someone's using your name like that, but I'm glad I was able to help! :)

Unknown said...

Sorry about that happening dude. Its gotta suck havin people out there steal your personal photos and pretend to be you. I enjoy the pictures you put up so I hope this person hasn't ruined seeing them for the rest of us. Hope facebook will remove it for you.

Derek Brink said...

Also, I hope it doesn't deter you from doing the blog-thing. Probably the high 90-percentile of us are appreciative of your time and effort and are basically normal people. The others...okay, sure, they're nuts...here's hoping they thought they were doing it "in tribute" or something.

Sorry again about stuff like that, man.

Nana Ribeiro said...

sorry, but should I warn u that u must have lots of fake pages? I can tell about the orkut ones, 'cus it's a very popular brasilian site.

I like ur blog. addicted to lost.



anonymous said...

hurley's on there too:


Mrs. D said...

put a watermark on your photos. :)

Crank said...

Yes, hopefully it was done in tribute. It doesn't seem to be much more. I knew it wasn't you mostly because the profile was created on the 8th (when you're friends were visiting-seems like you had better stuff to do), and Beth was not a friend.
We are here out of respect and admiration. I can keep that profile as a contact to keep an eye on it for you to whatever degree or dump it if you prefer. I am a new frequent visitor here and enjoy it. Hopefully this doesn't prevent you from keeping up up on your work and outlook on things. Thanks for doing this!


Crank said...

I went ahead and commented there that it's not you, Jorge. I doubt the posting will stay long, but it's there for now. Good luck with chess tonight.

Please Type Legibly said...

There's supposed to be some sort of html code you can use to prevent people from right clicking on your pics and saving them to their hard drives. Wish I knew it offhand, or I'd just give it to you, but it's worth Googling.....in any case, it really sucks that people did that to you. But the long and short of it is for me, that sure, I like seeing the pics, but I'd tune in for the blog anyway. I like your writing, and I'm here for the pumpkins... ;o) Thanks for the heads up, Jorge. Don't let a few asses bring you down too much.

maven said...

So sorry you have to go through this. Unfortunately, this is the danger of the net. But I sincerely, hope it doesn't sour you to keep sharing your life and humor with us. People reading and commenting on this blog are your true fans/friends!

Rachel Snyder said...

That photo was also used for a Josh Holloway socket account. I never get why people like to pretend to be somebody else on that site. Personally, I think I'm pretty darn interesting just being me :)

Aunt J-ha said...

I love, love, love the glimpse of your life you give us with this blog & especially your photos. I'd miss it, but totally understand how violated you must feel.

On a seperate note...Your Pumpkins rocked!

M@ said...

i'm sorry people use ur blog to make flair on facebook.. i like seeing ur pics! dont stop!

surr said...

the internet contains the same social and demographic breakdown as the humans that use it.

a lot of really awesome people contribute to the internet, but there are still jerks out there.

AllBlueZoo said...

:( Sorry about some a-hole stealing your picture! BTDT and the a-hole that did it to me actually busted into my photo sharing account...fabulous! I made everything private. I hope you continue to blog; I really enjoy your humor and photographic skills (or are those Bethany's!?)

Dave said...

That's just not cool, man. People can be lame.

sassa1971 said...

I m sorry to hear that buddy. There are are people that have no life of their own and live through other people's life.
This is really misserable! What you should do is how people said before watermark your pics to avoid such kind of behaviours.
Anyway the choice is yours but apart from this I would like to thank you for all those private moments you shared with us so far. :-) It was really cool!!!

Your Lost Fun from Greece,


Courtney said...

That stinks. I wonder if there is a way to post pictures that can't be swiped from your page.

the good news is that all of us who read your blog because we enjoy it and respect you are sending some seriously nasty vibes to the dimwits who swipe your stuff!

groovymom said...

So Sorry. Facebook and MySpace seem scary to me. An old friend got in touch with me through my business e-mail and said "HEY is this you on Facebook?" So - I went to look..... and somehow - sure enough - I had an "account" but I had not set it up myself. Totally blew me away.

But for me it was small potatoes. For you - another matter all together. Stupid prank - some people are just so wrong.

I hope you can contact FakeBook and get that page removed. BEST of luck.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Fake Josh Holloway is friends with the Fake You on Facebook. It's like a whole 'nother alternate reality! Sorry about that, sir.

Todd said...


I read your blog everyday but haven't posted much. There are always a few bad seeds out there. I hope you continue to share a part of you interesting life with your fans.

Miztification said...

Thanks for the heads up about Facebook. I knew MySpace was wacky, but I didn't have a clue about Facebook *but then, I only just started back in the Spring when I got a couple of e-vites.* I love your blog too, Jorge. I'll add mine to the group of voices advising you to watermark your photos. Facebook should also make whoever it was take their pages down and make stricter rules about what people can and can't do on it.

jen said...

Seriously, how obnoxious. Do these people have nothing better to do??

lostinphilly said...

Stupid asses that have no life! Hope this doesn't deter you from sharing your life, thoughts, humor, and great pics with us. We really appreciate what you do and always look forward to your blog. I know it always makes my day!

Bianca said...

sorry about that Jorge - especially when you are so gracious to make yourself so accessible to your fans. All it takes is one or two morons I guess.

Oli said...

I don't understand why people do that. I mean, what could they possibly gain from doing it? I hope the experience doesn't put you off blogging and such.

Your blog is entertaining and it's nice to get a little insight into your world besides Lost :)

Rhonda said...

is that the view from your window? NICE!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly this sort of thing is all too common! My cousins have found several fake myspace pages with their pictures! All I can tell you is to watermark! Sometimes even that doesn't stop it all, but I'm sure it would help. It is quite sad that people feel the need to impersonate someone else :-/ To make a tribute page is one thing, but to pretend that you are the person is pathetic

Kaileigh Blue said...

Oh man. I'm a no one and I'm pretty much terrified to post my pictures anywhere. Some people have no idea the amount of people out there that will steal pictures and repost them. Anything that touches the internet becomes fair game to people.

For those people that read this. Never EVER EVER post any pictures of yourself, a relative, or a friend, pregnant. You do not want to know where those end up.

rwnin said...

some guys i know did an information security talk on this issue at blackhat this year. i can't find the full video of their talk ("satan is on my friends list"), but here's an interview w/ them about it:


this type of thing allows for some social engineering attacks and information gathering too...

sry m8, sux!

WatsonCrick said...

Those jerks!!! And the number of idiots running around freely is increasing... Please don't be discouraged by those people. But I guess all of us that visit your blog in a good manner would understand if you change what you post from now on :-( Any chances that you can link a virus to your pictures that blows up the person's computer when using shanghaied pictures from here..grrr?

redelf said...

Thats a shame that people do that. Whats the point?

Crank said...

Ya-I commented on the wall there that it is not really him (you) two days ago. That got deleted today and the profile picture has changed. Still seems mostly harmless, but yes-pointless.

Gwen said...

I just checked and the link now goes to my own facebook page. There is a fan page however.

Karin said...

I just copy and pasted that address into facebook and it doesn't appear to be there anymore.... oh and as Beth may have told you, I have that piece of flair! I tried finding it again and couldn't so it may not be around anymore..they come and go quickly.

Crank said...

Still there. Slightly different link:


That's for the actual profile as I've been added as his friend.

lyly ford said...

We enjoy the photos you share with us, especially when it's your friend and i remember this picture you posted the last year, i'm big josh fan i remember daniel shared with us a photo with him and josh too.We LOVE to see lost's actors together it's true!BUT it's not cool to steal photos but it's inevitable unfortunately, don't be mad jorge and you've loyal fans who will never do that to you. Maybe on your pic you can put a tag with the name of your blog, like that people will know they belong to you, maybe it could help you to feel better, i dunno just an idea.
Kiss from france
take care of you *hug*

Crank said...

NOW it's gone.

Tasha Who? said...

Someone must have popped the bubble, because it's not there anymore. Whoops!

It's quite sad, yet not surprising, that the internet allows these things to go on. I'm not anyone special, and I've had my own pics snagged before... it's pretty pathetic.

Roberta said...

Dear Jorge

sorry to say but it seems that you're not the only one from Lost who has a fake profile on facebook, there are plenty of matthew foxes and josh holloways too!!!

Hugs from Italy
Keep up the good work :D

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