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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween pumpkin closeout '08

We got back to the house yesterday at around 5:30 so we were scrambling to get ready for the trick or treating crowd. Beth still had three pumpkins to carve and it didn't look like they were going to get done. I started putting the pumpkins out and getting them ready for display. Beth started lighting the candles. 

I grabbed one of the uncarved pumpkins 
and did this: 
Then I helped her start her snake charmer. 
But the kids started showing up. And she took over the candy duties.  Not wanting to waste the pumpkins, because who's going put out a jack-o-lantern in November, I carved another one. 
Not my best.  But heck Halloween was happening without us. 
Earlier today I had carved my Star Wars pumpkins:
And the one in the middle here. 
It's a pumpkin version of "Saturn Devouring his Son."
Beth made this awesome lamp pumpkin. 
We might make a bunch of these next year. 

As for the night, my favorite costume was a kid I saw dressed as an old school Oompa Loompa. I was bummed at how many kids didn't even have bags to collect their candy in. They just held out their hands. 

A bunch of kids were dressed as "freedom fighters" (t-shirts wrapped around their heads and carrying toy machine guns). Luckily one of their mom's clarified the costume for me. Because I thought he was dressed as a terrorist. Tomato, tomahto. 


Lisa-Maladylis said...

terrorist, yeah that's what I would have thought too. I stayed home and felt sorry for myself since my son was with his father this year. Oh well, there is always next year !! your pumpkins are great !

Kristen said...

You guys have some serious pumpkin skills. How many were carved altogether?

"Freedom fighters"? *rolls eyes* There was a guy dressed up at work as 'Joe the plumber'. Oy.

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Love, love, LOVE the lamp pumpkin! It would be awesome having those line the walk on Halloween night. Great idea, Bethany. Thx. :)

Gwendolyn said...

My favorite was somebody that cut a hole in a laundry basket and put it around their waist, threw a bunch of towels in it and called themselves "laundry". LOL

Movie Star Wife said...

I saw a really great Harry Potter last night. He had a real wooden wand and the cool glasses. Looked sharp.

Other than that, they were mostly the same old, same old. Witches, princesses, zombies. Blah, blah, blah.

One time I won a costume contest. I was a cat from the Musical Cats. I did the whole make up thing and no one knew who I was. It was cool.

Orianna said...

I found out about your blog two days ago (through another Lost-related blog). I had NO CLUE you were so talented! LOVE the Goya pumpkin lamp, man! They're all awesome, but you went to the major leagues with Goya's Saturn!

Just Julie said...

I've been reading all week as I always do and your pumpkin carvings have been just AWESOME! I love all the creativity!

Jodi said...

Freedom fighter...sure. LOL. I would have said terrorist too.

OMG! The new ones all came out great. I loved the Star Wars ones. The lamp/lantern one Beth made looks awesome. You guys did a great job.

Can I put a personal request in for an Elvis pumpkin next year?

Gwen said...

Cool pumpkins. We didn't carve any this year. My 14 year old is too cool for that but I'm sure next year, when he's not so cool anymore, we'll "borrow" some of your ideas (I really mean we'll steal them!)

maven said...

Each pumpkin you show us outdoes the other one! You and Bethany are awesome carvers!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

moviestarwife, were you mr. mistoffelees?

thanks for the props on the pumps! we are already discussing what next year's will be!

redelf said...

you guys have the neatness pumpkins!!

Freedom Fighters??? What kids pick that as a costume?

Tejano said...

Hey Jorge,
Just left Oahu after being there for 10 days. Coming from S Texas I loved the scenery but the food did not agree with me. I had the loco moco and it did a number on my stomach. Did you have any troubles with the food when you first got there?

Good original work on the pumpkins.

Movie Star Wife said...

Bethany--I believe I was Mr. Mistoffeles! My memory isn't that great, I did it in 1989. It was black and white with really cool face make-up. Are you a fan of Cats? I saw it twice.

daughter of chaucer said...

Holy cow-- Love that skeleton on the horse!

Aunt J-ha said...

Kudos!!! Love the pumpkins. Hope you don't suffer to much from carving withdrawl in the next few weeks.

Laura Caçoeiro said...

I hope that you and Beth have fun! Now here comes the Christmas! Have already made your lists of gifts?

Kiss from Portugal

Stacy Disarrayed said...

LOVE the Yoda pumpkin!!!

They're all awesome!

2 por el mundo said...

Hey Jorge,
How r u? My name is Tamara, Im from Spain, and im really happy to found your blog.
Im going to read it every day!.

Bye, :).

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

jorge and i frequently break out into songs from cats. we love it.

he's a big fan of skimbleshanks.

AllBlueZoo said...

what can you carve for Christmas?! I think I may go through withdrawal from your artwork!

James Hernandez said...


My profound thanks for keeping the pumpkin industry in business!

Shari said...

I've loved all your pumpkins that you've carved!
My kids carved 3 really good ones this year but I haven't got them up on the blog yet.
Thanks for sharin'!!

Loca xq sí said...

men, you both are sooooooo good carving pumpkins!!!! I couldn't decide which one is my favourite... Freddie... Darth Vader... all!!!!

miss mary said...

I have been enjoying this blog for some time. You have a great sense of humor and I love you on Lost. I finally had to post a comment about the pumpkins. You guys have inspired me to go beyond the pitiful triangle-faced models when carving my pumpkins. This year I made a cool cat face and a pirate, but it's not anything near your level. I did find this power pumpkin carver, which was totally awesome. I also found this Amish farmer who was selling any size pumpkins for one dollar! I am hatching big plans for next year.
Be well.

Jen said...

I don't think I would have figured out "Freedom Fighters" either. Hmmm.

You guys are serious about your pumpkins! We ran out of time again, and our uncarved pumpkins are sitting out front, trumpeting our lack of time management skills to the world.

We saw a lot of pirates and clone troopers this year. I saw a pretty cute kid dressed as a 50s diner waitress. That was a lot of fun.

Melissa Markham said...

Your pumpkin carving skills are amazing! How many pumpkins did you and Beth carve anyway?

We trick-or-treated in a small town and there were some amazing costumes. It tickled me how many grown-ups were dressed up. That's not something I have seen in other places I have taken the kids. My son went as Jake from The Blues Brothers and my daughter went as a monster bride. You can see a photo on my blog.

One of our favorite costumes that we saw was a little dashund dressed up as a skunk:)

Unknown said...

Perhaps it's the Scottish cynic in me, but I was half waiting for you to end the story with the revelation that you just grabbed the pictures of the web.

That is truly excellent work! - Hats off, chief.

Lorena Castro said...

WOW those pumpkins are amazing!!! Do you like Goya? I'm Spanish, that one was a great surprise.

Nick said...

Jorge, my man. You and Beth are true pumpkin artists! Is this one of yours too?


Line said...

It´s amazing what you did with the pumpkins!
Last year I only carved a face in a pumpkin and it looked awful *lol*

Dr Mum said...

Jorge..I hope you get to have your own kids progamme after L O S T has finished...you would have to keep your pants on for that though!!
What would you call it?

Annemarie said...

Oh wow. You have taken one of the scariest works of art in all history and translated it into pumpkin form. That painting is why I love Goya, and I can't even look at it for more than 10 seconds at a time. I'm really floored.

Ralph-Sensei said...

My old sales manager was a douche for halloween last year. The costume was free.

nisapizza said...

I do believe that your pumpkins are the most kick ass and it looked like it took a long time to do. Very crafty there MR. You could do an infomercial on how to make your pumpkin pimpin.

Flá Romani... said...

Darth Vader rulez!!!!

Empire Forever

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Hi Jorge,!

That's one thing I really miss here in France-- HALLOWEEN!! Granted when I lived in the States, my pumpkins NEVER came out like yours... but still, I really miss carving pumpkins as the ones here are a different variety (more flat) and not really meant for carving... You're pumpkins are truly awesome, though!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your next year's designs... Take care and Happy Thanksgiving-- That we will INDEED be celebrating here in France!! That's my all-time FAV!! I brought the tradition here and it's here to stay!
See ya,

blue_eyes_too said...

I cannot wait to see what you do for Christmas. The pumpkins were awesome. Here we go with the icicle and snow theme, although we have not had a white Christmas in over 10 years.
You are very talented. You are a great actor also. I enjoyed you on Becker, however, Lost is my favorite. Hugo is an amazing character and you do a terrific job of portraying him. I cannot wait to see what happens in season 5.
I love the pictures of Hawaii you have posted. Hawaii is my dream vacation,and it is just that...a dream. However, your pictures make me feel like I have already been there. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Duff said...

Dude, those pumpkins are awesome. You and your friend Beth have serious talent. I think you should go into the pumpkin carvin' business.

Pooja said...

The Goya pumpkin is super! My art history class and I used the same piece in a cake decorating contest (and won a prize for "least appetizing").

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