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Monday, August 4, 2008

Ireland: Dolmen I

This was the first Dolmen of the trip. 
The Brownshill Dolmen. Not the most popular Dolmen. But these rocks are freakin' huge.
A dolmen is supposed to be some kind of portal tomb.
Woah. Did you feel something?


Anonymous said...

That is one huge rock... werent you scared that it would fall down on you ?

bertas said...

One would think you'd have enough of portals, donkey wheels and other whatnots from your day job to last you a lifetime :P :)

Ireland is lovely isnt it?

Sue Wacvet said...

I really admire your ability to come up with things like patio - Paddy O'. Maybe some day I'll be that clever. Or not.

redelf said...

I told my kids I wanted a tomb like that or to be mummifed and set up in the livingroom with a 360 controller in my hand.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

noooooooo! not the dolmens!!!!

make sure you mention my hatred for them in "dolmen II".

Yavanna said...

Where did you stay in Ireland ?
I'm going there in two weeks, I can't wait! I heard it's a wonderful country.

Please Type Legibly said...

Step away from the dolmens, Jorge....Bertas had it right... LOL

Unknown said...


Indeed the celts were a spiritual/superstitious lot. But the upkeep on the tomb is just too much.

Amélie said...

Ouaw is that the Carlow Dolmen, isn't it ? I have nearly the same pic !
I spend nine month in this town, i also went to waterford, kilkenny dublin, and few week ago i was in paris.
It's nice to see your blog, it always remind me great "souvenir"

Mazzolator said...

By seeing you close to these stones, I am surprised that "Obelix" was not mention neither in the post, nor in the comments :-)