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Friday, August 1, 2008

Ireland: Kastles [sic]

The first two castles we saw on our trip through Ireland were Kilkea and Kilkenny.
Kilkea was sweet and had a creepy legend about a wizard turning into a raven and now he returns every seven years. 
We had tea there. (Oooooo scary!)
Kilkenny was a pretty cool castle but we got there too late for the tour. 
No biggie (literally) wasn't as huge as it looks. 
But apparently the mice are huge. Check out that hole


Rachel Snyder said...

Once again, thanks for sharing your fantastic vacation pics. God I need to travel again...

Roman said...

I've actually been to that second castle, but when we were there, everything was boarded up. I guess for repair.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Forget the mouse hole. Can a human actually fit on those stairs?!

elainemarieg said...

I was wondering about the stairs too.

Anonymous said...

The stairs and door are the main entrance for the mice, the hole is the emergency exit, LOL.

Kelipso said...

"Oh my god! You Kilkenny! You bastard!"


DrDegroot said...

Checkmate!!! Please submit an application to The Evil League of Evil! Muhahahaha...

listening said...

You are a real daytripper, man. I was last year in Galway and the Moher cliffs; nice irish people, amazing places... I hope be there again soon.

redelf said...

COOL!!!! I love castles! Especially when you can squish them with your foot!

Ack said...

Ireland is the best place I've ever been, I hope you enjoy it! if you get a chance to see the Cliffs of Moher, DO IT! It's amazing!

Unknown said...

^ the cliffs of moher are amazing alright Ack, i'm blessed i live only 30 minutes away from them, never tire of going to see them !! did you go Jorge, they are in Clare, about an hour from Dromoland where you were when you were here

Unknown said...


Yes Irish tea would be scary! Unless the water is drawn from the river Boyne, which is where I think Guinness got their water from.

P.S. Dude! Don't you wipe your feet before you invade a castle?

Rachel Snyder said...

Oh my god Kelipso, you almost made me spit out my soda when I read your post! LOL

lostinphilly said...

Great pics of those awesome castles, but are you sure that the wizard from Kilkea castle didn't turn into a hurleybird instead of a raven, and might still be on the lookout for you?????

IslandLaurel said...

Is that Dave having tea with you?

(Sorry I couldn't resist... I'm a nerd, I know...)

Nicole said...

I love Kilkenny castle!

You should've popped down to Cahir and taken a stroll out to the Swiss Cottage.

I've been living in Ireland 20 years and I got to see it for the first time last weekend. It's fabulous!

Jez In Dallas said...

Speaking of Ireland... I saw this right after I read this post, thought you might get a kick out of it.


Thomas said...

thans for sharing these pics with us. i like the one with the chair. soo cool :)


Stacy Disarrayed said...

Dude...check it out!


These are really funny

BTW - I love your blog, you make me laugh with every post. And I'm totally jealous of all your travels!

Julia said...

Oh, I live there! :D
Not in the castle though, it's not for sale. I think. But if it was I would buy it and then you could come and visit me in my new, but really old, home!
I do live in Kilkenny though. So yes, I've been standing right there where you are standing in that picture! Yay me ^^
I wish I'd known that you were thre though, but since I couldn't have come anyways (I was visiting England) it wouldn't have mattered really. Thanks for sharing pictures with us, your fellow fans!
Hugs, Julia.

roulette said...

Great! Now I do want to visit the same castles!

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