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Monday, August 4, 2008

Ireland: Random Shots

Now offering patio seating. (Or should I say Paddy O' Seating)

Guinness Storehouse: I knew hiding here was a bad idea.

Why do Irish children look like this? Maybe it's time to think twice about the whole give Guinness to babies thing.


Petra said...

Oh Mylanta! Paddy O'Seating!? LOL

Thank you for the giggle!

: ) P

Papper Papp said...

You wrote:
"Why do Irish children look like this? Maybe it's time to think twice about the whole give Guinness to babies thing."

I am laughing, thank you dude!


jcnemecek said...

You in that barrel? Hilarious.

Jodi said...

Paddy O'Seating. LOLOLOLOL!
The barrel pic, the expression on your face. Too funny!

redelf said...

hehehe I want a barrel too!

Red said...

OMG! you really look like youa re in that barrell! Lovin it!

lostinphilly said...

The pic with the Paddy-O seating: funny. The one with the Malformed Irish children: even funnier. The one with you in the barrel" PRICELESS!!!

Miss Scarlett said...

Paddy O'Seating! Groan....

It looks like that little girl is being walked to school by her drunken uncle - and his greasy chips just kicked in.
If ya know what I mean...

elainemarieg said...

Your view of things is so funny!
Scarlett, that made me chuckle.

Please Type Legibly said...

"Paddy O'Seating"??! LOL and groaning at the same time....loved the crosswalk shot. Very cute post.

chefmom said...

Those are the creepiest children I've ever seen. Note to self: lay of the Guinness, before the next kid.
I LOVE the seating! Do you think they'd work in my living room?

Unknown said...


"Oil thigh na Banrighinn a'banrighinn gu brath." That is the first stanza of the the Queen's University (one of my alma mater's) fight song. Unfortunately I didn't see the words so I was singing it by ear, and I thought it was "oil her thighs and bang her again huh rah huh rah" Geez some of the girls gave me funny looks. Honest mistake though!!! :-)

Tuk said...

Wow!!.. que sitios mas preciosos!!... si que aprovhecha su tiempo libre!! jeje..
Sigua así!.. es único

Dolphin Boy said...

is that the new smoking paddy 'o section outside?

To finalize your new outfit you should add some suspenders!!

Leprechaun crossing to the Guinness brewery?

Unknown said...

Am I the only one who thought the said ZOOM and not 200m?


Erica said...

You're hilarious! Thank you so much for writing this blog. I needed a laugh tonight.

Gevalher said...

At the first sight of the word Ireland my mind remind me of the Guinness beer. I wish I could taste it!

I would kill for a shot like the one with the cross!

Bye Jorge...

Betsy said...

I keep looking at that sign with the children and thinking it says "Zoom" when in fact, I do understand that they would probably prefer one not zoom toward the children.

Anonymous said...

DUDE! You like Hurley from Lost! Do you know that?

I like you stories they are really funny!

Keep it up and thanks for making me laugh


Anonymous said...

I just googled it you are it! WOW!

Melissa Markham said...

LOL! I knew there was a reason to keep Guiness out of the hands of the wee ones!

A F said...

They aren't deformed. They are Seussian. That's Sally and her brother walking home to play with the Cat in the Hat!

ly said...

A barrel of Guinness, oh god that's my dream hehe

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