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Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Hey remember when I started telling you guys about my trip to Ireland. Seems like forever but here's some more.

After Waterford our next stop was CORK. The two greatest things about cork are:

Cork has a BUTTER MUSEUM. 
That's right. A museum dedicated to butter. 

Right next to The Firkin Crane
 (which I said over and over again - Move yer FIRKIN CRANE!)

Like the Moloka'i Museum 
the Butter museum also starts with a video. Let's just say it was no Iron Man.
But the walls are made of real butter. 
By the way you can get more gold if you use a bigger pan. (little tip)
The second greatest thing about Cork was this dog we saw wandering the streets. 
So cute we almost put him in that green bag and took him with us.


New Yorker wannabes said...


So what if someone decided to eat off of that wall...aren't they afraid that it might...collapse!!

you must...keep...blogging cause we...can't...do...without this blog!

Love and take care!!

DrDegroot said...

Jorge, Your visit to Cork just melts my heart!

ly said...

the dog is really cute, burt a butter museum, must be great!
i love Cork, i mean, idon't know, never benn there, but so much that i read about that i'm already in love with this city, i'llget there one day!!
keep bloging!

Topanga said...

Awww... I had a little dog very much like that when I was little only my dog was Scottish, not Irish. He was Mr. MacKenzie.... Max for short.

jen said...

OMG. I've seen a few heads of butter in my time, but never a museum! I'm officially PO'd at my Irish friend for not informing me of this must-see attraction..

Also, that dog is adorable and it breaks my heart to think of it just wandering the streets! (Maybe the butter museum can adopt it?)

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

God !

I just missed you, I was at Cork too! ='(

But I haven't seen such a cute dog ;D

Hope next time I travel, I won't miss you =)

Big kisses from France, Eva

Betsy said...

Butter + Cute Puppy = post filled with awesome.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

cute, but my hand smelled like a wet petting zoo for after that. and even still for about an hour AFTER i had washed my hands.

cute little stinky beast.

Unknown said...

blogging - shouldn't you be running lines like "....it's the NUMBERS!!! or Sayid, duck!!" kidding...and glad you can find time to show us glimpses of "life beyond LOST" - congrats on the ALMA award as well...tnx jorge --- oooh almost forgot, Netflixed the "goodhumor man" - crazy role - nice work.

Melissa Markham said...

That puppy is cute, cute, cute...

I like butter, but a whole museum of it...whoa!

Jodi said...

A butter museum...that's the next best thing to Hershey PA.

That doggie was adorable!

Nikki said...

yes. you. must. keep. blogging.
I love reading your blog! I have sent the link to friends who will appreciate your sense of humor.
And that little doggie was adorable. Stinky, tho huh? My sons dachsunds always manage to find something stinky to roll in. Stinky dog is something to behold,lol.

Betsy said...

Okay, I guess I'd better edit my comment, after hearing the WHOLE story (Thank you, Bethany).

Butter + Stinky Cute Puppy = Post filled with Stinky Buttery Awesome. Which has got to be better than just regular stinkiness.

3goodrats said...

The butter museum sounds even more interesting than the pencil sharpener museum in Ohio. Tastier, at least...

Koshka42 said...

Aw, he's so cute! I don't blame you...

(and damnit, I must blog more too...)

IslandLaurel said...

Firkin crane... lol

James Hernandez said...


That dog looks as tall as Dominic Monaghan, and twice as intelligent. Ah those Irish!

redelf said...

MMMMmmmm Buuuutttteeerrrr!

OoOO Cute doggy!!!

Ali said...

oooh when I get a house, I think I will get butter walls too. "in case of emergency, eat living quarters"

Lynn Faruque said...

I wanna say that!! Hey you, move your firkin crane, buddy~~git it outta here!!


Fabio Hofnik said...

Hey Jorge,

We, here in Brazil are gonna make the first Lost convention here, and we'll be more than happy if you can give us some words to brazilian Lost fans.

our mail is dharmadaysp@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

Please Type Legibly said...

LOL - I like that you guys find these off the wall places to visit (no pun intended). But the puppy - really melted my heart! (THAT pun was! Sorry....)

iceman said...

Hello Jorge, I'm from Argentina!, big fan of lost!
I love that you have created a blog!
I've just created main so I can post a comment, i know sounds freak, but I just wanted to say hey and wish you luck for the next season! :D
sorry if my english sucks :S

chefmom said...

You are a Firkin riot!!!

Nicole said...

Ahhh Jorge! You were in Cork???

Did you pay a visit to the Michael Collins memorial park? Or any other landmarks?

Ya should have dropped me a line, I would have taken ya to all the deadly pubs.

Hope ya had a great time. Come visit us again soon!


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