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Saturday, September 15, 2007

No more My Space

As some of you may have noticed by now. I have cancelled my MySpace account. The reason: It's just not fun anymore.

Sorry for those of you who were my "friends." I appreciated the out-pouring of kindness from you all. It was just too much to keep up. I couldn't commit the time it took everyday to keep a handle on messages, friend requests, and comments. And I decided that I would rather end it for now rather than sacrifice it's integrity and delegate the work to someone standing in for me.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my life, however short it lasted. And I'm glad I got the chance to correspond with people all over the world.


Anonymous said...

eh, myspace is overrated (though I guess I'm not one to talk since I have one LOL!) It is a lot of work keeping up with everything on there and most of us cannot take all day to sort through all those bulletins and crap

kanahina said...

I thought you had deleted me... I'm happy that wasn't the case, but sad to see you go...I loved looking at your photos and getting a little glimpse of your life... Sorry it's not fun for you anymore, but I can't even imagine the quantity of messages, friend requests etc that you would get on a daily basis - overwhelming, I'm sure!

At least I can still hear about what's going on in your world through this blog!

take care!

Anonymous said...

hi Jorge,
I can understand you closed your myspace account! It is good to know about your kindness to communicate with fans all over the world, but finally you need your time for yourself and for going on to promote the fantastic Hurley and that is your real life we love to share .. again in 2008!!!!!
Nice you made this blog here, so you keep in touch.
Thanks for all and
best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,

it was nice to "read you" while it last (sorry for the English), but I was wondering how you could keep up with this, especially since you are busy with Lost filming again. I love Hugo-Hurley's character (which is not surprising, everybody does), and I am convinced that you are as sweet and lovable as Jorge too, in real life. Keep up the good work, even if it means sometimes sitting in cold and wet underwear, after the false rain scenes. Thanks for sharing some moments of your life with us !

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

yeah you can say that, it must be awesome to have greeting or gratulations from all over the world =) I think you deserve it, you do an excellent work!

I can understand you closed your myspace, we all need new things in life =)

Goodbye, see ya =)
Eva from France

Unknown said...

im from braziillllllll
and everybody here are in love with hurley in lost!!!
im excited for the news episodes!!!
many hugs for you!!!

~Karen~ said...

I personally want to thank you for your time and kindness! It was AWESOME that you shared so much with all of us. I feel bad that it wasn't fun for you anymore. But please know, that you made all of your fans on My Space (especially this fan!) feel very special! You know that I think the world of you!
I hope our paths cross again in the future! YOU ROCK!!
Love to all who are "LOST"

Diego M. Garau said...

Que pena el cierre de tu cuenta en myspaces. No la visité mucho. Mejor que te dediques a trabajar ahora y rodar esos nuevos capítulos. Madre Mía estoy deseando ver tus flashback en el psiquiátrico.

Un saludo de Diego desde Mallorca

Jen Andujar said...

Hey Jorge.

I want to thank you for the time you did spend with us on Myspace. It was a really fun time. I'll definitely miss seeing your pics and interesting backgrounds. Thanks for letting us know what was going on...I woke up this morning and you were gone. At least now I know why.

Well, have fun filming and see you in February!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge,
I'm from Brazil,and I just want to say that I love your caracther in Lost.Hurley is so kind,and i think that you are more than just kind.I hope you don't die in Lost. :D

see ya!

sawyerrules said...

As we say in Spain "Lo bueno dura poco"

I suposse you are very busy and you can't pay attention to this. I'm sad about it but I thank you for your Myspace the time it lasted.

Good luck in your life!

A friendly kiss from Elena :)

psdrummin said...

the only way to do that is create a new profile, make it private, and only include your real friends.
The idea of having virtual "friends" is really silly. Just a thought.

Lynn Faruque said...

Jorge, I'm so sorry to see you deleted your place in My Space. But I truly understand.

And you are right, when a photo of you and Josh was found all over the place, well, that really just wasn't cool. And as I've said, I know you get people coming at you from all directions and when something becomes a distraction from what you do and threatens that, even in some small way, you have to look out for YOU first, fans later.

I still consider you a friend and wonderful person, and I will love Hurley forever. Please pick up Nunu and give her a kiss from me, and if you do ever want to and have time, my contact info is still on my space. I did have something I wanted Nunu to have, but that is TOTALLY up to you.

Mucho love and blessings~~~ MsSherlock

maven said...

Totally understand you taking down your MySpace page, Jorge. I just got one during The Lost Experience last summer, and it is a good way to stay in touch with the TLE people. But I see how your page would overwhelm you! Keeping up this blog is much appreciated by all your friends and fans!

The Westerfield Family said...

I really don't care about myspace but I was really sad that your character just lost in the darkufo character cup. you got robbed.

christa said...

it was sure a grand idea in the beginning and it certainly brought a lot of us on oahu together in the social scene. i think like 80 percent of my friends here are people that i was friends with on there first.

but now, ya. it's like spamfest 2007.

i know i've deleted my account more than once ;)

dcantrell said...

Yawn....the social networking sites seem like huge timewasters anyway. Never got in to it.

Personal web sites where people have blogs or just their own content seems more real anyway. Less busy on the page, which makes it easier to read.

Course, I read this blog on occassion and your posts will have hundreds of comments, so I wonder if you ever even read them. I know I wouldn't if I had that many, but I only have about a dozen people that read my site and comment. Heh.

Infinitas letras dispersas said...

hola jorge
celebras las fiestas patrias de tu pais chile o nop?
aunque se que no eres completamen te chileno, alguna empanadita te comeras...
ojala me postees

Juan O. said...

Hi Jorge!!!

Feliz 18 de septiembre.

If you have chilean family, you should know what I mean.

Take care!

Fernando Espinoza said...

I didn't know that you have a myspace...:S, I understand so much your words, take care and keep going up...

Maisumcaféplease said...

Hi Jorge!
It's so good to read u!!
Kisses form Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Miss Parenteau said...

ah, no problems. myspace is quite boring anyways, the GOOD stuff these net days is facebook! haha. but thanks for myspace while it lasted!

JJB said...

I thought you deleted me from your friend list. I'm glad that you didn't.
And I totally understand, I just hope that you'll keep this blog up! :)

moncia_g said...

Hey Jorge I've just noticed that you delete your myspace :( so sad :( I was in Italy and I didn't read your message to me and now I cant do it so I don't know about post card

Greets from Poland

ROSA said...

Pues no sabía que tenías una cuenta en myspace... snif, snif...

Mr. Park said...

Myspace is dying... facebook's the way to go. It's kinda like a blogger, myspace, youtube all wrapped up in one, and the scrabulous application is quite addicting...

maven said...

Hey, Jorge: Please send our big congratulations to Terry! He gave a great speech!

Juliana Vielmond said...

You could make an "Orkut" account. Try it!


It is very funny. You have most of things you do in My Space, but with Orkut u can join communities an so on.

The Dharmalars said...

Where are we gonna leave our spam?


jb_dean said...

Aw man, and you didn't get me approved as friend before you quit. :( Oh well, no biggie ... you'd be gone now from my friend's list anyway. ;) But did you ever get a chance to see the wallpaper I sent you that I did for S04? Just curious.

Seriously, I'm sorry to see it go but glad that you made the move if it was getting to be too much for you. I hope you'll keep this one up and still visit us at the 'Lage.

Mahalo, brah!


maria elisa said...

Saudações de Portugal

Um beijo

Flávia Maia said...

another brazilian here!!!
like rodrigo said, you and all this lost people have a lot of fans here... i'm one of than by the way ;p hahahahhahaaa
come visit us! we are with the arms open for you :)

lausix said...

hey! this is the first time i saw the blog!!! and now you're gone, sh..!!! bad luck!!
love and the best wishes!! see you in my tv soon!!!

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

C'mon, tell the truth - Tom wouldn't stop harrassing you, would he?

~the very dorky Jennifer ^_^

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge, soy un joven abogado de 26 años de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. La verdad es que nunca deposito esperanza en series norteamericanas, la imagen de las producciones hollywoodense, como así también la de su gobierno no es muy buena por estas tierras. Pero un sobrino por casualidad me obligo a alquilar la serie y la verdad es que me gusto demasiado. Tu personaje es excelente, y tu actuación magnífica. Suerte con las grabaciones y esperaremos las próximas temporadas.

PD: ¡Espero que hables y leas español! Te mando un abrazo desde el sureste del continente americano.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge!
I'm sad cause you deleted your account...but I want to thank you for all the things you shared with us and for the time you dedicated to your fans on MySpace...you're so kind!
I liked your photos and funny backgrounds, it was awsome to be one of your virtual friends!

a big kiss from Italy!


Unknown said...

Hola Jorge!!
Te escribo de Chile, se que tienes familiares por aca, los cuales fueron muy entrevistados cuando la serie se puso de moda en nuestro pais... por cierto, los que estan muy orgullosos de ti..

Bueno esperando que pronto podamos observar la cuarta temporada y saber mas de ti e nuestro pais...
se despide atte.,

PD: trata de hacer algun comentario en ESPAÑOL!!! pliss

DanceWhore said...

i never saw the funny thing about myspace.
my profile is the same since the day i created it.


Captain Mustapha said...

I just know that someone at MySpace will make a clerical error and somewhere in the world, some kid named Jorge will turn on his computer and fall over backwards when he discovers that he suddenly has 60,000 friends!

Barbie Furtado said...

I really think you're absolutely cute!!! And yes, MySpace is absolutely overrated! And I bet, too, it's much easier to quit when you have no time for it. When you sit your butt by the puter way too long, it's just too hard to let go of it! :)

D S said...

As bizarre as it might sound, I really enjoyed the ability to shoot you questions about your work and the show. I think it promoted the show while the next season is in production.

Please repost your business management/public relations contact names on this blog because I did not write them down.

As always, keep up the good work and do what you need to do to continue to produce good work and if online behavior is getting you down then by all means eliminate that.

Unknown said...

oi meu anjo parabéns pelo seu mundo tão lindo ta. E aceite o selo da campanha contra violencia aos nossos animais, ajude nos acabar c/ a vilencia contra eles.

Lene Melo said...

Hello Jorge! How are you?
I can understand your words.
By the way, keep up the good work.
I love to read your blog :)

Have a great week :)

Kisses from Brazil,
Lene Melo

elainemarieg said...

Jorge, we all love you! I'm sorry it got to be such a chore, I know what you mean. You are a very special person, relax a little, enjoy yourself. I hope we hear from you a lot more!

Vincent Madison said...

Jorge - you rock! You still take the time to let fans know that you deleted it and why. Stay cool dude. That's why we all love you so much....


Janine said...

It's a shame that you had to delete your myspace but I totally understand. I enjoyed getting glimpses into your life so thank you for sharing with us.

Hope to meet you again sometime.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jorge,
I'm very sorry to see you have left MySpace. I don't go to it often enough, so I just found out today, October 1, 2007, that you were gone. You will be missed. I had you Just after William Shatner and George Takei, just before Daniel Day Kim on my Friends list. I will miss that pic of you each time I sign in, your blogs, your photos you posted so often to show us a little of your life and your page, which was fun in itself. Miss you.
Edna aka WVLostFan

Floyd said...

good riddance to myspace. My buds always hound me to update my page but I never do.

Anyway, nice to see you have a blog. I love your character on Lost and I look forward to more of Hugo's story via Flashbacks or Flashforwards.

I live in Japan and your character is very popular here too. Keep uo the superb work on the show. I am very excited to see where Lost will take us. It seems to get better and better.

Emerald said...

I feel ya. It's tough to keep up with MySpace stuff, and I'm not 1/1000th as interesting as you are. And a lot less pleasant. *nods* I still have to check anyone I approve as a friend. And I get to message every few weeks, if that.

I hope you might at least continue to blog here so we can hear about what's going on with you. I can speak for everyone, but I do care about what goes on with you.



J. Hawk D'Ville said...


I just noticed your MySpace missing (no Stalker Dude here...LOL). What you said about "not sacrificing integrity and delegating the work to someone standing in for me" speaks volumes about your character. We need more of this in the celebrity world!

Jonathan/LBoP (former myspace friend)

susief00 said...

I was sorry to see you leave myspace but I can definitely understand :)

I can't even imagine the number of friend request, messages and comments you would have to sort through everyday. Thank you for sticking with it for so long. It was really great getting to know you better.

Can't wait for S04 to start. Hope everything is going well for you.


chadanddeanscrazyworld said...

Believe me I understand, glad to be able to hear from ya though,
much love to you and yours.

Momof4 said...

You did the right thing if MySpace wasn't fun anymore. I think that a lot of us keep doing things in our life that we don't enjoy, simply out of inertia. It's a waste of time and energy.

Anonymous said...



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