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Saturday, September 8, 2007

M. Night revisited

There is a slight misunderstanding here.

M. Night is crazy. But crazy is good.

You have to keep trying to trump yourself or else you're running in place.

You think the guy who orders the chocolate milk is a "dick" because you DIDN'T think to do it yourself.

I look forward to all of his movies.

You can't argue with how much you jumped when you saw the birthday party video in "Signs."
Or the moment in "Unbreakable" when Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson finally touch.


kanahina said...

I'll admit I haven't seen too many of his movies, but I loved The Sixth Sense! I love movies with a surprise twist at the end...

stormko said...

I think "Unbreakable" is brilliant. There has never been a film that has tackled a superhero's life like that film does. The story is actually quite simple, but wrapped in complexity. It's what "Heroes" tries to be, but can't accomplish.

And, yeah, that birthday video was great.

Nanya said...

I love M. Night's movies, especially Signs and The Village. I have to say I was disappointed in Lady in the Water tho.

david alandí said...

yo tambien salté con el video del cumpleaños en señales! ajajaj

pero unbreakeable me parece una peli muy mala!!

Mayra Menezes said...

as i said before...i really liked all his movies so far..
still i can't understand the 'lady in the water'story. @.@

my opinion is:
i had high expectations with this movie because all his past movies was so brilliant that i expected the same from "lady and the water". But when it didn't happended it felt like i was sort of "cheated" by my own hopes.

Capcom said...

I definitely enjoy some of his movies and they all have their moments. He's pushed the envelope of flim making in a few different directions.

But an artist has to be careful not to be weirder just for the sake of being weirder. Or else you'll just end up like Madonna changing your act/image every five minutes, and then your art becomes contrived and very boring.

Cool_Freeze said...

Samuel L. Jackson is awesome. AWESOME!!!!

and I love the movie UNBREAKABLE.

I agree stormko that it IS what Heroes is trying to be, but purely isn't. UNBREAKABLE was genius.


Unknown said...

Sorry darlin', but I can argue your point about Signs. Like most of M. Night's movies, I found that really forgettable. So forgettable that I can't even recall the scene you're talking about.
His movies can be good during the viewing, but for me personally, I forget them the minute they're over because they just don't make an impression.

Unknown said...

I think Signs is my favorite M. Night movie. There was just something really poignant about these characters, and their human frailties being the things that save everyone.

Spoilers if you haven't seen it, but we all have, right?

For the little boy, his asthma saved him. Because the little girl wouldn't drink more than a sip of water from her glass or twice out of the same glass, they found a way to fight back. Because Merrill was always compelled to swing at any pitch, he was well aware when the time came what "swing away" meant. While this flaw set him up for public ridicule, it turned out not to be such a weakness after all. And finally, it was Graham's loss of faith that made him desperate to "see" the purpose in his wife's death and her seemingly nonsensical last words. While he had turned his back on God, he couldn't excise God from his life. Everyone still saw him as their pastor. In the end, his faith was stronger than his resolve not to practice it anymore. It was a part of him, like everyone else's weaknesses were a part of them.

There were just a lot of strong elements to the story, aside from the "scary." The birthday party scene must have struck a chord with more than just a few people, though. It's on Bravo's list of 100 Scariest Movie Moments. I do remember a particularly sharp intake of breath when it happened. I thought up until that moment it would all turn out to be some kind of hoax.

veebre said...

agreed. M. Night kicks butt.

His movies are excellent based on the artistry alone. I don't think Lady in the Water was his strongest work, but what a cool concept! There are creatures from another world hiding in your pool, your lawn, and the trees behind your house. Freaky cool.

Plus every M. Night movie automatically means a beautiful and hauting soundtrack.

Diego M. Garau said...

¿Te gustaría salir en una película de M. Night?, dude.


Cuando me responderás, porque me haría mucha ilusión ya que es imposible que pueda verte.
Me encanta la serie. Por cierto ¿Es verdad que te presentaste para el papel de Sawyer?

Tanya said...

Signs was one of the most brilliant movies ever and we all knw abt Sixth Sense. However from ur post I may just pick up Lady In the Water even tho heard horrid stuff abt it.

Grt Blog and we all love you :)
Tanya from India

D S said...

M. Night's films all have real flaws. I have always compared his work with Javi's, no I'm not joking and this predates you posting this.

I think the ending of The Village was inexcusable writing. I just don't see the attraction to his complete work. I think all his films have great concepts and "first hours" but...

radnac said...

m night is a genius. i can't wait for "the green effect" / "the happening"

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Bigmouth said...

Lady in the Water is on my DVR. Of the others, however, I believe that Unbreakable is Night's true masterpiece and will ultimately be remembered as such. It's so beautifully shot...

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I really liked The Village, even though everyone else I knows thought it was hokey. I liked Signs, too. The Sixth Sense was ruined for me before I saw it, so I never got to experience it the way I should've.

Koshka42 said...

Thank you!

I know too many people who actually hated Lady In The Water. I loved it.

Shelly said...

I loved Lady in the Water all of M. Night's movies. I am totally looking forward to Avatar: The Last Airbender. That's going to be sweet.

Unbreakable is completely underrated. Great movie.

Kathy N said...

"Signs" is great. My favorite by far. Then there is "The Village" - plays with your mind. I haven't seen "The Happening" yet - opinions?

Liz Stemm said...

This is an incredibly late response, but I just started watching Lost through Sci-fi and then stumbled upon your blog. Had to comment on the Signs post - I accidently watched Signs in the theater because my original movie plans fell through. I knew nothing of the plot, but was not only scared to death, but also incredibly moved. It's one of my favorite movies - and that birthday scene brings tears to my eyes it was so creepy! Reminds me of some of the great Twilight Zone episodes I used to see!