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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heat wave


I get it. I live in Hawaii. It's suppposed to be hot here. So what's the big deal?

Frankly I don't mind the heat of Hawaii so much. Some work days are a little hard right now, got a sun burn on my part the other day. That's my hair part, I call my other part my "area." But what I'm really tired of is the heat wave in California.

Complaining about how hot it is in California is the number one topic of conversation for the last two weeks among anyone I've talked to on the phone. "Ugh! It's so hot! Three digits." Enough. Go to a movie. Go to the mall. If you don't have air conditioning, get a bucket of ice and put it in front of a fan. Drink a lot of water. In fact if you hold a glass of ice water against your wrist it's supposed to cool you off on the inside.

Just quit your bitchin'.


Xannie said...

Living in Michigan, it irritates me to hear people complaining about cold temperatures and snow in the winter. If someone is in a circumstance where they cannot move to a warmer location, they should at least make the best of the situation by keeping negative comments and gripes to themselves.

Of course, they could just as easily tell me that I shouldn't complain about people complaining. ;-)

Bring on the snow! My snowshoes are getting dusty!

pichuneke said...

In Spain, it never rains in the plain.

You can be sure.

Altereu.S said...

Just tell your phone pals to move to Brazil, along with Rodrigo... kkkk I'm sure they will finally understand what heat truely is! Nice blog, by the way! See you on TV.

oh pook said...

Ha ha! Yes,the much hated "part burn"... and then it peels and looks like really bad dandruff...

I don't like that either...

cpennylane said...

I live in Michigan, and everyone complains about the weather -- it's either too hot, too cold, too snowy, or too rainy. (is rainy a word? I'm not entirely sure) either way, it's annoying. I think it's because there is nothing else to talk about.

So I complain about people complaining.

I've tried the cold object/ice cube on the wrist. It works - but sometimes a little too well.

Locke said...

¡Hola Jorge! Hace pocos días colgué en mi blog un "Speed Painting" tuyo, está muy bien hecho. Pongo el enlace por si no lo has visto:


Saludos desde España ;)

sawyerrules said...

May I ask you something? What is the story of that nice photograph in Media Mention, Darkufo, in which you and Josh are so nice, smiling and hugging.

It is adorable :)

Erik said...


Its the same everywhere ... when its warm/hot people complain about it. When its cold they complain ... when it rains they complain.

Why not just accept it ... even enjoy it when you can. Of course it is easier to enjoy it on Hawaii the in the wind and rain of The Netherlands, but I will not complain ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi, I only want say you, if you can see this fan art... A friend did it...


my English it's no so extended =(

Cheers from Argentina

Unknown said...

oh, forgets
if you can sign my fotolog =)


Unknown said...
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Leslies_a_Bitchin_Name said...

I'm with ya, man.

I moved to San Diego (which generally has one of the best climates in the world) from the rainy-then-balmy-then-frigid Northeast coast. Biggest upgrade ever, right? - and you'd think I'd be content. Yet during the 3 days a year its NOT 75 degrees and sunny, you can hear me whining from a mile away. This Monday happened to be one of those 3 days.

I think I was bitchin mostly because it was a much-needed American holiday but I spent most of the day indoors, sweating 2 feet from a fan so big it might as well be a turbine engine. ;)

People are never satisfied. For better or for worse.

Leslies_a_Bitchin_Name (~LBN)

maven said...

Southern California rarely has any weather to talk about! So during this last heat wave we had a lot to say! LOL I love when the weather people on the local news issue a "STORM WATCH" for a little drizzle.

BTW, Jorge, there's a cute pic of you and Josh up at Media Mentions on Dark UFO!

Amy said...

The worst is when I hear people in CA complaining about the RAIN.....are you kidding me?
Extreme heat or extreme cold, maybe if it's REALLY extreme, but not the rain (unless it's causing flooding).

btw, I think it's great you have a blog, & unless there are thousands of lurkers (aka blog stalkers) out there that don't comment, I have to say way to go on keeping your blog fairly intimate.

psdrummin said...

J-Dog...In Nashville, that's right I said Nashville, we've had three straight weeks of 100 plus. It's some new record we've set. I understand it's freakin' hot but I think you'd expect that in Cali/Hawaii, but not smack dab in the middle of the country. Anyway, all the more reason to drink an ice cold beer!! Drink up and carpe diem!!

RFisher33 said...

How can people complain its too hot. They should try living in England. We have had the worse summer this year but i'm not gonna complain about it. Thats exactly what Jorge is getting at in his post. Just accept the weather.

Loving the blog Jorge. Keep it up.

Leslies_a_Bitchin_Name said...

Maven said:

"Southern California rarely has any weather to talk about! So during this last heat wave we had a lot to say! LOL I love when the weather people on the local news issue a "STORM WATCH" for a little drizzle."

Yes, that's hysterical! In, say...Buffalo it could snow 3 feet and your boss expects you to take a bobsled to work. In SoCal, if a menacing cloud forms, hey, you might be able to work from home!

Gotta love it.


Unknown said...

Hey Jorge!!
just came by to say hi. I don't live in the US, I live in Argentina so no complains here about the weather, although we are having almost 86 degrees in Winter. But it happens every year, it's like a mini summer that ends with a huge thunderstorm.

Love your blog. Keep it up.
My friends and I are looking forward to see you and the rest of the cast back on the screen with season 4, so..see ya!

Capcom said...

Jorge you are so funny!

I hear you, in the NY Hudson Valley people complain that it's so cold and snowy in the winter, and then it's so hot and humid in the summer. I just picked one season to complain about, so then I would at least be a consistant complainy-pants! :o)

zequi said...

hola...mi nombre es Ezequiel, soy de Argentina, soy un gran fan tuyo y de la serie LOST, siempre me junto con mis amigos a ver los capitulos de la serie. te escribia para que sepas que latinoamerica te apoya! jaja, suerte.besos a evangeline :). bye/chau.

(I write in Spanish, my english is so bad)

Honeybell said...

LOL! I am relieved to hear that you do NOT have a sunburn on "your area"!

Just wait a little while, and everyone will have something new to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

HA! I am so with you on this. I live in (gag) Kansas, and we spent two weeks in the triple digits. My wonderful brother(who begs his agent to get him a part on Lost), lives in North Hollywood. While I was melting, he was rubbing it in that he had to wear a jacket, and now that it's been in the triple digits for a few days out in LA, he is "dying".

Миљан Давид Танић said...

Oh... we have standardly hot summers here on the Balcans, but this one was WAY out of league - we had a heat wave from Africa, and a few days a month and a half ago it was over 45 degrees Celsius (113 F)...
And two days ago it was somewhere around 25 or so and you could go to work in a t-shirt and now, suddenly, since yesterday it's autumn with 9 degrees (48.2 F). LOL!

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

Kiddo, get yourself a sunblock stick - they usually have them for kids - and use it on your hair part. It helps, trust me.

Jennifer ^_^

Alicia said...

eres el mejor jorge!

Fernando Espinoza said...

Hi Jorge, I hope you're right, im one of the fan of this awesome tv show, please give greetings to Emily and Evangeline, those two woman are my kind of woman...Read you

JL said...

Hi Jorge!!. How is it going??.

I hope you have a nice work there with all your friends.

Estaría bien que pudieras contestar a algún post en castellano.

Relax... take it easyy...!!!

Saludos desde Murcia, España!!.

Unknown said...

What can we say? The heat makes us cranky. Best regards to you and your burnt part and your area!

Lukas said...

Hi Jorge,
I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm the biggest fan of Lost in the world (that's what I think at least :) ).
I watched all the episodes twice (some of them three times) and I couldn't wait to see the Season 4. How does the filming continue? How many episodes of Season 4 did you already make?
You play very well and Hurley is one of my most favourites characters ;)

Your blog is great. There is very rainy and cold in the Czech in these days. There are floods on some places... Now I don't know what is worse, hot weather or cold and rainy weather... :)

If you like, please give me a message on luhala@centrum.cz
I would be very honoured to get message from you. But I know it is not in your power to write to all your fans... But you would make me very happy ;) ;) And even if you have photo with your autograph... ;)

I hope to see you in new episodes soon.

Your faithful fan.

lyly ford said...

Dear Jorge,

I come here everyday, I love to see your new message. Let me introduce myself, I’m Lyly, I live in France and I’m a hardcore Lost fan :) .
Do you know what I think about you?
First, you’re the most popular man who is so sweet with his fans.
Sometimes I talked with you on the fuselage but I think it’s not a very good place, ‘cause you can’t express all the feelings that you want…well it doesn’t really matter but it was the first time that I shared some words with you and I couldn’t forget it…
Then, I wanted and I want to hug you more and more ‘cause I’d never imagined that you would post a comment in Dark’s blog (this guy is wonderful, it’s one of my friends and I’m very proud of his work :) ) plus, you created your blog to share some time with fans.
Thank you so much for that. I don’t care that you can’t share some news about Lost, I understand too and I was very sad that you thought about closing your blog but I’m happy that you didn’t do it :)
You’re very simple and natural even if you’re so popular and I appreciate that.
Your character is very cute, for me Hurley is special, I love your work in Lost, your friendship with Charlie (god I miss him :’() ) and now with Sawyer. In the last episode of the season 3, you were soooooooo wonderful! Go Hurley and the van!!
But it’s not just your character that I love but you too Jorge, You’re not proud, you show that you’ve a BIG heart ‘cause you take time to talk with your fans.
My dream is to meet you and others Lost’s actors like Josh, Evie, Terry… ^^ maybe you’ll be with HIC in the lockdown convention in England in April 2008; I hope so, ‘cause I will be there ;)
I give you my email, not because I want to talk to you in private, I know how busy you are and how many people would like you to contact them, but I just want you to know that if you want to know more about France in general or just the way LOST is seen there for example, I'd be glad to help you. My English is bad sometimes but I'll be glad to make you share my universe, just the way you do it through your blog.
You know I’m very shy ^^” and it’s very difficult for me to ask something like that but I'm really sincere.

See you soon Jorge and thanks for reading my post,



JJB said...

I totally agree. Enough already. :P

Anonymous said...

but bitching can be fun when it is 106 out! I'm in central cali and when someone complains about the heat I tell them it could be hot and humid like texas so shut up LOL

Jenny said...

Ugh. I was one of those people complaining about the triple digit heat wave is so cal. I am now hanging my head in shame. ;)

D S said...

Jorge, I agree that nothing confuses me more than Los Angelenos complaining about the heat- they live in the southland, it's hot, there's desert there.

On the east coast we don't have the quiet winds that Hawaii does, but what we DO have are swamps. When it's 105 here it's hell.

MICHO said...

saludos desde chile jorgue eres grande te deseo lo mejor en esta 4 temporada de lost, cuidate , saludos desde chile, un abrazo grande

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