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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second GJB Podcast is Up

Our second Geronimo Jack's Beard show is now up. Check it, and other interesting blogs, out here


Kurt Keyser said...

Met the rig pigs today on Oahu (location undisclosed - wink wink). Great place to shoot an episode, btw. We might drop by tomorrow afternoon (4pm, I think?) to say hi. Love the show, love the blog.

Kurt and Rachel

(blogger word verification word of the day: "chinness". Where do they come up with these things?)

Paul Spooner said...

CaN't listen yet - don't want the spoilers!

Andrea said...

Ehy dude!!!!!

we wanna know about your hair!!!!!
let we know!

a big huge from Italy

utf said...

Hey, Jorge, you´ve gotta read the hundred comment on your bread-baking post. As I told there, I´m amazed because besides we both look alike so much, I´ve also been baking some baguettes, and later posted it on my blog. I´ll be happy to send you a photo in order you can check it out. Luckily I was never on a mental institution, but I´d also built something for people to enjoy If I´d be stranded and bored, as your character did with that golf-course.

Awesome coincidences, dude.

So, if they need some sort of transdimensional twin of your character, tell the folks on ABC about me, hahahaha.

daughter of chaucer said...

For Last.FM users:

(If scrobbling the 'artist' as Geronimo Jack's Beard.)

drallabg said...

Thanks dude.....enjoy the playful banter!

Jules said...

Can't listen to the blog at work, but I'll definitely listen to it when I get home. Thanks for posting it!

Hey, you need to check out this image of a spoof of the LOST photo: http://www.neatorama.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/lols.jpg

It's my wallpaper at work since it makes me giggle so much.

Austin_Gurl said...

I'm sure you've seen this already?? soooo adorable!!


JPS said...

Hey Jorge
Just discovered the blog. Enjoying it very much!
Article in the wall st journal today about gardening and rare seed exchanges.. right up your alley --


Eugen Caitaz said...

Hi guy's!!! It's so bad that i nothing understand what you say there, because I cannot to understand on english!!!
Jorge! say me please- it's your blog??? and who is this GJB?????????

Anonymous said...

I think GJB might start giving Darlton's official podcast a run for it's money. You and Sidekick22 are great to listen to.

It must be super difficult to not give out spoilers. I would have been double and triple checking to make sure, and still been nervous!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

we definitely double, triple and even quadruple check it before it airs. i get kinda nervous when we post it like, "should I have listened to it ONE more time?"

i think i've heard the first two episodes about ten times each.

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

I've gotta check these out! This might actually make me get into listening to podcasts.

Have you seen the LOST Valentines Day Cards?? These are SO AWESOME!


SDS said...

Hey Jorge,

I have a project called the Lost Blogging Collective, which bring together around 6-12 of the best Lost Bloggers and asks them a question per episode.

It isn't too time consuming and I thought you might be interested in joining in. I appreciate you may be too busy, but I assure you it is literally one question a week :) and no commitment to taking part EVERY week.

Anyway, check out our first week:

A weekly round-up:


And our debut Q&A session:


And if you are interested you can get me at lostquestions23@gmail.com

Thanks for your time and keep up the great work :)

Trisha said...

Absolutely love your podcast guys. Beth, if you have listened to it so often, have you stopped laughing yet? BTW if you decide to do a Harry Potter podcast, I would definitely listen in. Keep up the good work.

Paul Spooner said...

We have to wait until Fridays to see it, which sucks in today's interconected world, because details and accidental spoilers are all over the tinterwebs in the three days after it airs in the US!

Jorge Garcia said...

Chris -

That's a great idea. I just don't think I can participate as I currently have more knowledge of what's happening than any of you do.

Dr Mum said...

just like to say. . . I love your retro logo design and particularly dig the obligatory elastoplast or whatever they call them in the USA!
has anyone ever erxplained their significance???

LaLa Brat said...

This is cute for Valentine's day.


marcia said...

Hello Jorge, just listened the podcast... It's great. And you two don't need to be any more hyper. The pace is just fine.
They pushed the ship across the island? LOL
But I agree that middle Widmore was a sexy mofo xD
I might get addicted to GJB as much as I am to Misfit's reviews!

SDS said...

Hey Jorge :)

That's cool, I understand your position. Thanks for responding though, hopefully you may find time to read our thoughts?

The first week is up and you can follow it at:


Hopefully updating every week between Monday-Thursday, depending on everyone's schedules.

Anyway, thanks for all you have been doing for the fans over the years - every autograph you've signed, picture you've posed for and your continually awesome blog. It means a lot to us all :) I hope Lost ends on a happy note for Hurley, and best of luck in all your future endeavours!!

Chris said...

I think your podcast is in my top five. I'm really liking it. I do a weekly podcast about tv. Would you ever have 5 minutes for a phone interview?


Thanks for all the hours of great tv and now a really cool podcast.