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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Costa Rican Hotel Explorer

As I've mentioned before you don't even have to leave your hotel to see something exotic.
Take this Basilisk trotting along poolside.


Goof said...

:D Woo Hoo first post again!!!!

And great pic of a cool looking lizard!!


Beena said...

A very cool looking lizard, dude!

Unknown said...

good!!! very beautifull :D

yellowdoggranny said...

did he try and sell you insurance?

martukis said...

did you see the lizard running across the water? it has to be amazing!

Hyla said...


Joan Crawford said...

Look how fancy he is in the book - what a glamor shot. I am pretty sure he is even doing "jazz hands".

Topanga said...

Jazz hands!! Joan Crawford is funny!!

AlYaGotADo said...

Ohhh Nice pic of the lizard! Hope lost filming is going well for you! Stay safe!

Marla Mayhem said...

It doesn't look like the Harry Potter's one XD

Sue Wacvet said...

This lizard was an important player in the book "Jurassic Park" (but not the movie).

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

That basilisk should be ashamed of itself. It's nowhere near as cool as Harry Potter's...

Tae said...

My guess is that it's called a Jesus Christ lizard less because it can run across water and more because that is what people scream out when they see that thing coming towards them. Now I feel all crawly.

Christina Bauer said...

Wow, that looks nothing like the Basilisk from Harry Potter.... :-)

Cool lizard!

Wednes said...

I'm not sure why, but that Jesus Lizard looks like he should be wearing a top hat.

nortagemdar said...

Hmm... I've never commented and don't know why I am now. Oh. Right. Whisk(e)y. Well, I just hope you didn't look this bastard in the eyes. I guess we'll hear about it in the news if you did.

Javier said...

That look like an iguana

Eugen Caitaz said...

This guest!!! has paid for Jacuzzi!??

Alisha Rene' said...

He's so vibrant looking, that guide does not do justice. Thanks again for sharing dude!

King J, Queen M, Princess E and Princess M said...

That is 1 cool looking lizard.

Nadia Soledad said...

nice picture!

Lynn Faruque said...

You are so cool~~~you don't just show us the photos, you show us something educational too.

If you ever decide to quit acting (please don't!!) you could be a great teacher.

mabochda said...

it's ok as long as it's not a snake!

Staci said...

Anyone who wants to see the basilisk lizard in action should go over to National Geographic's site and watch their video. It's hilarious to watch them run on the water. Thanks for providing the fodder for an afternoon of fun for me and the kids, Jorge!

Erin said...

A basilisk a day keeps the spiders away!

James Hernandez said...


Has to be a female lizard - nice tail! :-P

Lisa Melanie Martinez. said...

The Jesus Christ lizard, I was thinking about Hugo seeing one running on the water then yelling out, "Jesus Christ" while pointing at the lizard. And finally Hurley's mom saying in a serious tone, "Hugo, don't say the Lord's name in vain."

nollyposh said...


Jennifer said...

I care for Jesus Lizards a great deal. I mean, not biblically...you know what I mean.

runswithtrimmer said...

OK that is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen this week. I was gonna say coolest thing I have ever seen but hey I've given birth twice and I am 36 there's alot I've seen LOL but dude that's right up there.I would of been giddy with excitement if I was there :D

J.D. said...


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Anonymous said...

you've been to costa rica????????? i'm so sad right now, i've missed you. could have lived here in my house in cartago...

well next time! hope you enjoyed it. pura vida