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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Attn Hawaii: There's a New Burger in Town

The Counter has opened next to Whole Foods in the Kahala Mall.

And it has immediately become one of my favorite burgers on the island. 

And I'm not just saying that because my friend Daniel Dae Kim is a partner there.

Those of you familiar with the L.A. restaurant can attest, these guys know how to make a burger. 

And you get to tell them EXACTLY how you like it.


Jen said...

A bunch of my friends rave about this place, and I have yet to try the one near me. What's your burger of choice?

Tara said...

ahhh i just found out there is one near me in salt lake city! i'm going to go as soon as i can. looks delicious.

Nick said...

Can I get one with blue cheese and bacon? That's my absolute favorite.

Liz said...

Never heard of them so I had to dig em up- Looks pretty kick ass and the burgers look huge..... Now to get one on the East Coast

Tennor said...

My favorite burger is the BACON CHEESEBURGER at Cheesebuger in Paradise.

Jorge, PLEASE tell me you've had it.

Matt Allen Photography said...

oh I used to live only a couple miles from one in Palo Alto. Delicious burgers to be sure.

Jules said...

Oooh! There's one near me! I must try it! Thanks for the endorsement.

electrictree said...

Ooh...*insert lewd comment here where I tell the burger people how I like it..." hehe

Holly said...

Ooooo, they have fried pickles! I love fried pickles...

Unknown said...

...but I want one. Us east coast folk have no "The Counter" or "In and Out Burger." We have Five Guys though... that counts for something...right?

Tasha Who? said...

...And now I'm hungry again...

Sharon Rose said...

Mmmm burgers! Now I have a whole 'nother reason to visit Hawaii!

Please Type Legibly said...

Nice!!! It should do well!

Kristin said...

they have one in Irvine, CA too!

konberg said...

Having just left Santa Monica, I really miss The Counter. I used to work a block away, and had one every week. Daniel is smart to own some of that restaurant.

Kristin said...

RecoveringActor - we have Five Guys out here too now - in Orange County and LA.

konberg said...

@Liz their website shows they're planning to open some on the east coast: http://www.thecounterburger.com/comingsoon/ -- but wha? how could one open in Ireland first?? Damn.

Tammy said...

Ill trade you-I love a good burger-especially one made with real burger :)

Nick said...

Hey Jorge, if you're not on Yelp you should check it out!


Anonymous said...

Better than Father's Office??

Ryan K said...

There is a counter in my town now too. And just when I'm trying to lose weight.

Steve said...

25 degrees in LA is AMAZING.....hmmmmmmm. shame i got my wallet stolen in Hollywood. thinkin about it...Pink's Hotdogs were great too

Kethryvis said...

i heart the counter. i'm lucky enough to have two w/in driving range of me (one here in San Jose, and one just up the way in Palo Alto). Hugely nomable burgers. i haven't been since my boyfriend dumped me. i need to go... i miss those burgers (almost more than i miss the boy).

Stacy said...

If you have a chance, do you think you could write a post with the names of your fave restaurants/stores/things to do on Oahu? We're visiting the island in May and I'd love to get some ideas from someone who lives there! Thank you!

Nick said...

Watch out for Stacy! She sounds like a potential stalker! :P

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy !

Unknown said...

I'll be sure to stop by...next time I'm in Kahala.

Barracuda said...

nice!! ^_^

Miztification said...

Ooh! Thanks for the heads up! I travel occasionally, but nowhere near as often as I like, so I'm glad to hear that they're planning to open Counters locations on the east coast too.

Alec said...

They have one of those in Palo Alto, CA. It's me and my sister's burger joint of choice. Delish.

Nicole said...

Awesome! Me and my Hubby are headed to Oahu on Monday. We will have to check it out while we are there. He loves a good burger!

Unknown said...

Jorge, I've been reading your blog for a while without commenting. but I have to agree with you -- Counter is AMAZING! & I didn't realize that Daniel was a partner; that's awesome. I hope it continues to do well, because it's such a great concept & really well-executed. & their beer selection is fantastic!

& while I'm commenting, let me just say that I absolutely love your work on Lost (shocking to hear, I'm sure) & your writing style generally. even if you didn't play one of my favorite characters on my favorite show, I'd still enjoy reading your blog. :)

christa said...

been meaning to get over there - ddk came to my anniversary thing and told me there was like a 45 min wait to eat that night. good but bad. badgood.

burger in a bowl sound mean tho.

Melinda B. said...

I just took the Kualoa Ranch tour and got to snap a picture with your Hurley's Golf Course sign.
Now it looks like I have to go eat a burger at Daniel's burger joint...

Etyark said...

Cat's don't like tomatoes.
Birds don't like cats.
Cats like birds.
Get a cat, problem solved, you may have to train nunu though, could be an interesting experience though.

redelf said...

I need a good burger.

Kristen said...

I went to the one in Palo Alto, CA, when I lived out there. A bit pricey, but it was really yummy. The sweet potato fries were awesome.

Jodi said...

OK...almost burnt with american cheese and crispy bacon.

Oh, you meant tell them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge

Thought I would add a video I found about the opening of The Counter with DDK included.


Ritch in Love said...

The Counter simply Rocks.

Moosho said...

Tried to get in to have a burger, the line was out the door! At least 20 people in line...Must be good

pasapdub said...

Hi, Jorge! I've enjoyed looking through your blog--a lot!

Thought you might want to know that many keepers at LA Zoo are BIG fans of LOST, and so, we have animals named after the following characters:

Jack, Kate, Juliette, Sawyer, Dharma, Smokey, Desmond, Jacob, Dave, Ben and.....(ta dahhhh) Hurley! He's the newest and best-looking Guinea pig in our Education programs.

If you're ever in town, please come by and meet them/us.

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