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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vancouver Picture Closeout

At last our trip has come to an end.

And my material can finally catch up to the present, more or less.

Gassy Jack. (Too easy.)


Unknown said...

Haha, sweet! Never knew you were that strong :P

A bit sad though that your trip has come to end, but I am sure you have much more to share!

Jill said...

Jorge, I love your humor when posing for pictures. LOVE IT! And, I dig your acting style. You are so natural and chill. I so enjoy your blog, and the way you share snippets of your life with us. Jill :-)

Audra said...

looks like it was a great trip! I love all your fun photos!

Mark B. said...

Great blog man! So glad you enjoyed your time in BC, you'll have to visit the east coast of Canada someday. Maybe even visit Newfoundland... it's a whole other "island" experience... just don't expect any palm trees ;)

Keep the great posts coming,

Mark B.

Capcom said...

Thanks for always sharing your adventure stories with us! :-D

redelf said...

Okay those were the best pictures ever!!

Jodi said...

Love the pictures. Your are too funny Jorge! You must be SO fun to hang out with.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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James Hernandez said...


Look at you getting to run with the bulls of Pamplona!

ROSA said...

You know how to live... i envy you...

lostinphilly said...

Thanks for sharing your whole trip with us. It felt like we were there with you! Your pictures are awesome.

Koshka42 said...

Gastown is the greatest area, I love the atmosphere there. Really enjoyed your vacation pix, it was like I was on vacation too! Well, not really, but you know...

Maria's Space said...

Too funny. Love the picture with the bull. You are a gas.

Anonymous said...

We have the Wall Street bull.

You have the Buffalo.

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