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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still 9 Days Away!

But we continue to carve early.Here's Beth's other one with my alien (minus the green light)
And I have yet to be inspired to make a costume.


Movie Star Wife said...

Do you want to come and carve our pumpkins???

Petra said...

Wow, those are some pretty seriously awesome jack-o-lanterns! Not like the hack job my kids and I do! LOL

: ) P

Rachel Snyder said...

Did you really do those?? They're really impressive!

Hoku said...

Hi! You did one of Beth, why don't you do one of Nunu! These are amazing!

redelf said...

Grim Reaper...cool.

Ugh my ex husband has the eye of Ra on his arm!!!

Jodi said...

Those are wicked! Cool

anonymous said...

oooooh! jorge! do a pumpkin with a day of the dead skull on it! i think that's what i'm gonna do with my pumpkin this year...

do it! do it! do it! i wanna see!

Tejano said...

Aloha from Texas. Actually, we are in Hawaii. We got into Lost due to the SciFi channel showing all the episodes and instead of waiting for the weekly shows we watched them all online or rented the dvd. Good show. Here, we have visited some of the locations used in your show, especially the one on the pier at the Macademia store. Cool place. Look forward to seeing your next season.

Jennifer said...

Those are awesome! I don't have that much patience. I'm still trying to decide on my costume too. At this point I'm thinking I'm going to get a t-shirt and a sharpie and write "The Economy" or "Your 401k" on it. That's got to be scarier than anything else I could come up with! ;)

~Karen~ said...

AMAZING Pumpkin work, you two!
What are you going to be for halloween? Any ideas yet?
I can't even figure out a costume for myself, although I know it will have to be a homemade creation. I guess I can always be a good old fashioned HOBO. Complete with bandana on a stick to hold all my worldly possessions. lol!!
Have a good one!

emmasholi said...

Haha those are so cool!!!

Please Type Legibly said...

You two should start up a side business!

Tasha Who? said...

This pumpkin work is fantastic! I have to give Beth double kudos for the egpytian eye!

Ralph- said...

i have been suggesting to everyone that they should be Whitecula: the white Blacula, but i haven't gotten any takers.

Whosit5Casie said...

way cool. i love pumpkin carving! good luck picking a costume :)

Laura CaƧoeiro said...

Stupid question:

Why pumpkins? Why is that Americans carve pumpkins on Halloween, where the tradition come?

WatsonCrick said...

Awesome pumpkins!! As for a costume: I made once a costume of the Oggie Boogie man (know it only from nightmare before Christmas) out of old coffee sacs for my boyfriend. Hell lot of work but it looked really cool on him, he had the right figure for it... I myself went as table...glued a plate, glass, silver ware and food on a square piece of cardboard that was covered with a table cloth. Then cut a hole into the plate to stick my head through. When I sat down it looked as if my head is presented on the plate. I wore it all evening while drinking. Now I think I was crazy to do it, could have slipped and broken my neck while stuck in that cardboard...

James Hernandez said...


Nice Jack-'o-lanterns. As for a costume for Halloween I suggest going as the grim reaper (like the pumpkin).

Crank said...

Laura, You can find an outline on wikipedia:


Under North American Tradition, it says "In America, the carved pumpkin was first associated with the harvest season in general, long before it became an emblem of Halloween."

Makes sense. as does the explanation of where the name comes from under Folklore.

Only justifying 'cause wikipedia, anyone can edit, so it could all be crap.

Amy said...

I can't believe no one has suggested you dress up as Hurley.
(sorry, but it had to be said)
Great jack-o-lanterns though - carving one is enough for me, especially when they're fairly intricate like yours & not just the triangle eyes & nose & a mouth with 3 teeth.

Crank said...

...Oh, yeah. And Jorge, as for a costume idea-my wife and I are going to a costume party Saturday night. It's mostly couples dressing as famous couples. We are going as Shrek and (Ogre) Fiona. Shrek might work for you too. I know-a couple years outta date, but we're trying to keep the cost down by kinda throwing something together. Went to a costume store Tuesday night. Costumes are freakin' expensive, man. Anyway, that's my input. Cheers!

Ramon Mineiro said...


anonymous said...



Laura CaƧoeiro said...


Jorge, you can dress like the Spike of Buffy!

Kiss, Beijos.

Bud McKenzie said...

Nice work! Nice blog.


Callebe Garcia said...

Since you guys are early carvers, take a look on this website and get some more inspiration:


There's even a Predator over there. That can't be a pumpkin...

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