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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Science World

Then we spent an afternoon at Science World.I'm not sure what day it was but it was full of kids. And it's hard to have fun when you're playing with something and there's a kid breathing over your shoulder to take a turn. Because the fact of the matter is this is THEIR playground. Not yours. 
Some kids even have no qualms about stepping right in front of us in line. 
By the way the parents don't stop them. They grunt or say there name quietly as if to pretend they care that their child is being inconsiderate. And then give a little smile as if to say, "What can you do? He's adorable." But then they just let them do whatever they were doing.

But I don't let these kids bother me. They'll get theirs. Later on the playground. Where the justice of their peers is harsh. 


Anonymous said...

You look really weird in the last pic...it doesnt really look like you at all. I know all about annoying kids.. Im a mum, but I dont let my kids step in front of someone standing in line - I just grap them at drag them back in line telling them not to do that(btw they hate me for doing that LOL).

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the time for my previous comment 12:59 PM... thats in three hours LOL.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Atlas and the geodesic world.

Jodi said...

You are SO right..the kids will get theirs eventually. LOL!

Edith said...

Please, please carve a pumpkin of yourself and post it on your blog.


Rachel Snyder said...

You think that's bad? You should try working in a store. Parents come in with toddlers and just let them run wild, don't even bother to pay attention to them. Apparently, they feel $8 an hour is too much to pay someone just to wait on them hand and foot, they also want me to be their temporary babysitter!

WatsonCrick said...

My younger sister was a wild kid when she was young. Didn't follow rules or instructions. Now she has two kids of her own. Just as bad as she was when she was a child. Justice is served.
Nice Master of the world pic...

Unknown said...
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James Hernandez said...


Yes the playground is the great leveler. Hey you've been working out look at you pumping the Globe all Mr. Olympiad like.

Jay said...

I love those trick mirror things. Nice picture. Can't wait to see more of you as Hurley on Lost!

Avinash said...

Those pesky children. At the Science Museum in London you can't walk five steps without bumping into a kid. It's like Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch.

Please Type Legibly said...

I don't get parents who do that. Ugh...

Bianca said...

I'm glad to hear someone else sharing my sentiments that parents just don't seem to be disciplining their kids anymore. After speaking tactfully to the neighbour teens three times about not shooting BBs at my car or pets, and screaming cuss words at each other standing in my front yard, I actually yelled out to them from my front porch (not unkindly) to go play down their own end of the street. Their father came charging down from three houses up like a bull with a firecracker up his bum screaming at me - how dare I reprimand HIS kids! He told me to go back to England where they don't like children (? I'm Australian- and as far as I know the UK is pretty kid-friendly?). Don't worry - I don't let the 2% of yanks like this influence my generally very positive opinion of yanks! (I married one).

Now his kids flip me off and dump wrappers & litter on my front yard. Oh well - I take delight knowing that they'll probably be wearing orange vests and picking up litter from the sides of highways in the next couple of years anyhoo...

Anyone want to form a new country with me? Only requirement is a willingness to discipline your kids and expect good manners from them...

nanner said...

yes...all too often parents drop the ball...love the pics :)

redelf said...

ROFL justice of their peers I love that.

I hate parents that do not control their kids. I have three kids myself, okay my oldest son will be 18 in December but he is still a kid, anyways, I was jumping on my kids about being polite. When my daughter was 4yrs old she got after a man of about 60 telling him that he wasnt polite. :grin:

Melissa Markham said...

Unfortunately, we live in a society where with both parents working, they often just seem too tired to deal with their kids misbehavior. Add to that that you have to be careful what discipline you mete out because kids learn in schools that they can threaten their parents with 'going to the police' or they just start screaming and hollering when you talk to them and then everyone is looking at you wondering what abusive thing you are doing. This is definitely a bad direction for our future.

On a lighter note, I love the pics:) I enjoy going to science museums and so forth with my children...they are so much cooler now than they were when I was growing up!

jhezika said...

That reason alone is why I try to go to Science World on a weekday during the school year. Sometimes then there is marginally less children.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome man! Thanks for leaving me a comment & sending me autograph!

You rock!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Chelsea said...

LMAO@ "They'll get theirs."

kimmyk said...

Shoulda stuck your foot out and tripped one (or six) of them. Then laughed when they fell to the ground.


Okay. Maybe not.

Just a suggestion.

Angel said...

That drives me crazy too! Kids nowadays dont have respect for others. I have 3 children and they know better then that. well except the baby but hes not mobile yet. Great pics! I have enjoyed reading about all your trips. Makes me jealous. All I do to get "away" is going grocery shopping! I need a vacation!!!! Going through Hurley withdrawl! luv ya!

Larkin said...

Welcome to my world. Come to Disney World and watch how many people cut, lie, and steal just to get something. Blargh....

Jen said...

Gah! It irks me when parents don't discipline their kids. Kids aren't going to be perfect, but I like to at least see the parents trying.

I have 4 of my own, and they're no angels. But I do consider it my job to civilize them, so I really work at it.

Those are great photos! That looks like a lot of fun :-)

Dave said...

To quote Will Smith "Parents just don't understand..."




Anonymous said...

Hahaha wow. So true! I have a two-year-old niece and she causes riots (not actually) and it's so hard to tame her, but i do because I know how it is with other children. They are only adorable to you and annoying to everyone else. i hope the kids get theirs too. :)

Gina Conroy said...

Found my way here via Nikowa. You totally made her day! Fun photo! I remember taking a photo in Italy like I was holding up the tower of Pisa! If you're there, you'll have to get that one!

anonymous said...

playground smackdown with the merry-go-round vigilantes and the monkey bar marauders. they'll get theirs.

john (not lennon) said...

The mirror image is just wrong man, it makes you look like a string puppet, and that's kinda scary


LadySolitaire said...

Ah, Science World.

In my six-and-a-half years in Vancouver, I had never been there. Well, it's far from where I actually live. But still.

Hope you liked Vancouver. And I hope to actually see you when you're here.

Koshka42 said...

I hate the parents who give their kids whatever they want when they have a meltdown in a store. I mean, what kind of behaviour do you think that reinforces?

I should point out that I don’t have kids, so maybe I’m not qualified to speak on the subject.

I LOVE the Atlas shot!

Anissa said...

I love going to museums like that but I hate that many people see them as a daycare and just let their kids run amuck (sp?). Yes it is geared as an educational venue for children but that doesn't mean that everything will be geared towards a grabby toddler. Nothing worse than setting up a cool experiement only to have some kid run up and press all the buttons or something, and then the parent to yell at you for not letting them do as they wish :P

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